How to Install a New Speedometer Cable into a Corvair


If you drive your car and the speedometer does not reflect the speed you are going, acts erratically, makes a loud noise, becomes stuck at various speeds, odds are you need to replace it. Many times the cable begins to unravel due age and when you remove it from behind the dash, you will see why. The actual procedure is easy but getting your hand behind the gauge and unscrewing the nut is difficult. Steps 1-4 are for it only the cable needs to be replaced. Steps 3-7 are for when both the cable and housing need to be removed. Installation is the same procedures .

1. Reach under the dash and unscrew thumbnut that holds the cable into the speedometer.

2. Go to left front wheel, remove hubcap .

3. Remove clip on center of dust cap holding the square piece.

Cable can now be pulled out from there.


Repeat Steps 1,2 above, then:

3. Go behind left front wheel and remove bolt holding bracket and cable.

4. Go under dash and tie strong string or cord to cable housing.

5. Follow cable housing to firewall and pry rubber grommet out from it.

6. Go to front of car and pull assembly out slowly.

7. Tie cord to new housing and pull back to dash.

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