Lightweight Bicycles

World's Lightest Road Bike at 7.6 lbs. (3,451 grams)

World's Lightest Full Suspension MTB at 14.9 lbs (6,760 grams)

Lightweight Bicycles

Test data indicates that the combined weight of the cyclist and the bicycle greatly impacts the speed during climbs (

I use the following sources for information on lightweight bicycles, parts and components:

I would welcome comments and additional information regarding lightweight bicycles and lightweight bicycle parts.

If anyone is interested in getting details on the world record bike please leave me a comment.

Cranks, chainwheels and pedals

Rear hub, Ti spokes, Bolt-on skewer

39 gram saddle, 52 gram seatpost, 8 gram clamp

95 gram tires, 226 gram fork, 195 gram rim


livelonger profile image

livelonger 10 years ago from San Francisco

Which brands today make the lightest/best components? I'd imagine BTP for hubs?

vic profile image

vic 10 years ago Author

BTP from Germany makes a line of light hubs, seatpost clamps, bottle cages and wheels. THM, another firm from Germany makes super light forks and cranks. Easton makes a very light fork and handle bar. Reynolds composites makes the lightest bicycle rims and wheels. Zero Gravity makes the lightest brakes. M2Racer, which is no longer in business, made the lightest saddle, seatpost, pedals, quick release skewers, seatpost clamps and bottle cages.

Nacho 10 years ago

Is that thing rideable?

vic profile image

vic 10 years ago Author

Yes, it is a road worthy bike. The super light wheels at around 800 grams for the pair and the tires at 95 grams each make downhills a bit tentative. So, I go downhill pretty slow. But, climbing is a dream!!

michael mcGettigan 9 years ago

FYI -- in LIGHTEN UP! "three days to investigate the ultralight bicycle" is set for next weekend in Philadelphia, april 13-14-15. It's FREE. More info at www.trophybikes.comthanksmcget

Veloguy 9 years ago

I would imagine that no matter how ridable you think it is that shifting hard on a carbon chainring will shred it. Certainly the few who make them say so. Also, ridability? I am a gram counter myself and the lighter things get, the harder they take abuse. How many real miles are on that thing?

vic 9 years ago

Thanks for your comments. The carbon chainrings aren't for everyday riding and have a relatively short life. Also, shifting under load really reduces the life of the chainrings.

Fitter profile image

Fitter 9 years ago

Aslo their price is huge - that's the most disadvantage as for me.

Dan 9 years ago

Interested in the details on the super light weight bike - especially companies where the parts are available. Thanks.

amazombi 7 years ago

these bikes are light, the claim that they are the world's lightest bikes is a tad optimistic though. for the lightest roadbike check

vic profile image

vic 7 years ago Author

The German bike is impressive. Thank you for sharing with me.

Niels 7 years ago

Great weenie work!!

Dont want to know the price tag;)

Jellyrug profile image

Jellyrug 7 years ago from AR USA

When it comes to weight, UCI in competition has a weight limit of 15lbs. For a rider of say a 165lbs, total weight of 180lbs, as opposed to 185lbs (20lb bike) the main disadvantage will be in a sprint for the finish line. In theory we could debate that this is a 5/180 = 2,8% disadvantage, but there are many other factors coming into play, such as flexing of the frame and the weight of the wheels, which are rotating mass.

The stronger riders prefer stiffer frames for climbing and sprinting. During time trials, weight is not that important.

Personally I prefer something in the 20lb range, just gives me more confidence in those 40mph bumpy corners when going down the switch backs.

Light wheels, which are durable, are much more important than the frame and components.

zakir Mollah 7 years ago

I want to buy this light weight bike, How and where I can buy it .

vic profile image

vic 7 years ago Author

How much are you willing to pay?

sudipta pramanik 6 years ago

I want to know about the materials used for making the components of the light weight bicycle

jose lopez 6 years ago

Question, please help ... i have a 8 speed road bike , i just got lighter wheels and i want to add a light weight cassette and chain 8 speed . can u tell me which 8 speed road cassette is very light and also 8 speed chain? Thankyou,very much e-mail -

Freddy Eriksson 6 years ago

I built a 11.3 pound aero frame S3 Cervelo bike for everday training. That's the lighest you will every see on a 50-60 mile training ride. Back in 2004 I had a 14.0 pound bike and everyone thought it was to light to be strong. I never had any problems with both bikes. Without custom parts the lighest you can go with normal tires is 10.8 pounds with the 700 gram cervelo frame.

DCNOS 6 years ago


matt 6 years ago


what is the brand and model of the brakes???

and nice bike by the way


Rickm 6 years ago

i used to love to race my litespeed sewanee. but it was always a very nervous bike. headtube angle was a little too steep.

Png Soo wah 4 years ago

Can I know what are the component , where to get it and how much it cost?

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