Scion - The New Dimension

Scion FUSE
Scion FUSE
Scion iQ
Scion iQ
Scion xB Truck
Scion xB Truck
Scion Hako Coupe
Scion Hako Coupe

Scion - The New Dimension

Which car would you like to see in the New Scion Dimension?

  • FUSE
  • iQ
  • Hako Coupe
  • New tC
  • xB Truck
  • 2011 xB
  • Something We've Never Seen Before!
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The New Scion Dimension

The time has finally come for Scion to start a "New Dimension"!! is a website that is counting down the seconds until the young auto maker releases something new! The New Dimension stars on March 31, 2010, and there is a lot of theories about what it could be.


A New tC. Rumor has it that Scion is partnering with Subaru to make a new Scion tC for 2011. If this is true, the new tC could possibly have a 200 HP Subaru engine and be RWD - a first for Scion. And of course, being Scion, the new tC would have innovative and young styling to complete the package.

The Scion iQ. A few years ago, Scion introduced a new small 2 door car to compete in the hybrid market called the iQ. Apparently, the iQ was originally a Toyota design in Japan, and when brought to America it got a Scion logo on the front and back, along with some high-tech factory upgrades.

An xB Pickup Truck. The Toyota Tundra has gotten so large, that the Taco had to bulk up and fill the gap in between the two. Well, now Toyota has no small truck to compete with the Ford Ranger or Chevy Colorado. Now Toyota is looking to Scion to produce a small truck based on the xB. This will be very interesting if it's true.

The Scion FUSE. Scion fans have been waiting a long time for this to be released. FUSE stands for something to do with Functional, Utility, Sport, and Entertainment. It is a 2 door with many very cool feature that I've never seen on any other car.

The Scion Hako Coupe. I don't know a lot about this concept, and I'm not sure many people do, but this design has been a part of Scion's concept arsenal for a few years. It's a very interesting shape, and it seems like it's always painted the same bright orange color in pictures. Whatever the Hako ends up being, it'll end up being a legend in the auto industry.

The 2011 xB. Well, Scion already released the new 2011 xB, so this is an unlikely candidate for the New Dimension, unless the New Dimension features more than 1 new model.

Something Unexpected. With Scion, suprises are common, so the New Dimension could be something no one has ever seen before!

After March 31, 2010, I will do a follow up hub to this one and tell ya'll what the New Scion Dimension is!

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