The next (2012, 2013) BMW M3, M5 and M6: Engine Specs

I have reason to believe that the next BMW M3, M5 and M6 will be turbocharged. And while some BMW purists now might be lamenting the slow death of the naturally-aspirated BMW, realize that turbocharging is not only the wave of the future, but with turbochargers, you get more power out of less weight, thus leading to better handling characteristics. Now that is true BMW.

The X5M and X6M have been announced, and both of them have a juicy twin-turbo V8. The hopped up version of the X6 XDrive48i's engine throws down 555 horsepower and 501 lb-feet of torque. Both of those numbers are FAR ahead of the 500 horsepower and (seemingly paltry in comparison) 383 lb-feet of torque from the current M5's naturally-aspirated V10.

Which is why I have reason to believe that this exact same engine, is destined for the next BMW M5 and M6. It's far less expensive to pump up and turbocharge their oft-used 4.4-liter V8 than to put together a special V10 specifically for the M5 and M6. Turbochargers allow for both high power, MUCH higher torque, and better MPG than the alternative. Not to mention, take a look at the 0-60 times - the BMW M5 throws it down in a claimed 4.7 seconds. The X5M and X6M, porkers both, throw it down in 4.5 seconds, despite being almost 1,000 pounds heavier each than the M5 and M6.

Not to mention, the Cadillac CTS-V threw it down on the M5 for this generation, showing BMW up in a BIG BIG way, and BMW does not want to let the Corvette ZR1-engined monster-Lac have the last laugh.

As for the next BMW M3? Compare the current M3's 420 horsepower to the M5's 500. Or the old M3's 340 horsepower to the previous M5's 400. Drop two cylinders, put it together, and it's reasonable to estimate that BMW will hike up the twin-turboed 3.0 I-6 from 300 horsepower to at least 430 (possibly over 450) horsepower and around 400 torque, thus putting BMW in a position to throw down against the Nissan GT-R performance-wise.

Are you against the idea of turbo M's? If so, then realize what BMW already has: Higher performance, better handling, better weight distribution, better MPG. And without having to spend millions on M-specific engine designs, BMW is free to throw its money towards other aspects of the M cars (suspension, brakes, etc), or to other BMW models.

Well, not that you care where BMW throws its money, but I personally enjoy keeping up with what they're doing next. You just want a kickass new M3, M5 and M6. And with turbos, that's exactly what you will get.

So to recap the estimated engine specs:

BMW M5 (and M6): 555 horsepower, 501 foot-lbs torque

BMW M3: 430-450 horsepower, 400-420 foot-lbs torque

Drool at the prospects and enjoy.

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Daniel 6 years ago

I think the new M3 should have a V8 and a little more horsepower and torque before and try to make the MPG better if possible

Phillyfreeze69 profile image

Phillyfreeze69 6 years ago

The new BMW M3 Coupe continues the tradition with a completely new V8 engine and drivetrain, a lightweight body that is also extremely stiff and a carbon roof. And of course, everythng has been tried and tested on the toughest proving ground in the world, the Nurburging Nordschleife.

Silver2010 6 years ago

The next generation will be insanely quick with that kind of power, like they weren't fast enough already!

Englewood used car 6 years ago

I also want to use such advance engines.

If BMW will use such advance technique then I must sell my used car and buy one new BMW model.

Thanks for this quality post.

pharmd 6 years ago

By BMW's own definition an M car is: naturally aspired and high revving. If you add a turbo, you can no longer rav as high and will loose the M driving experience.

ted 6 years ago

i think the new m3 should have a new high reving v6 engine with a turbocharger or 2, to make it lighter and therefore faster...

clint 6 years ago

look at the bmw F1 engines that they used back in the day, it was the most powerful F1 engine ever. It was turbo and high reving- same thing they will do with the M cars im sure off....

Joe 6 years ago

@ted If there is ever a bmw with a v6, It will be the last day I ever drive one, long live the straight 6.

Eng Dy 5 years ago

The M3 should go with the Turbo in the first place. Horse power Freak put it on the E46 M3. I don't know why they use the 4.4L V8. I have the 02 E46 M3. If I have the money I would put the turbo on.

I would love to see it.

Rory w 5 years ago

Very nice but competition for a gtr I don't think so 0-60mph in2.7s new gtr, even old gtr is 3.5s

matt tackett 5 years ago

they need 2 lower the price id buy 1

BMtexspert 5 years ago

Phillyfreeze69 actually they are taking the S54 engine (e46 m3 engine) and turbo charging it, along with adjusting the valve size, timing, etc etc. it may not be the 2012 edition but the NEXT gen m3 is a force-fed s54 do i know? lets just say bmw like keeping their technicians up to date with what's going on...

David 5 years ago

The E90/92 M3 is simply a sweet sounding and looking car. I love the mechanical noises. Drove a 335i, while its fun, it's not the same. Hope BMW doesn't remove the fun factor.

Pam 4 years ago

I have a 2008 335i and like it but just ordered a 2012 M3. Can't wait to get it! 10 weeks!

GTR 4 years ago

I think BM should try an inline 6 with a turbo, bearing in mind their inline 6 engines have proven to be very fast and with just a turbo could speed it in the super car range, just a thought.

GTR 4 years ago

Reading other comments, yes if BM make a V6 engine they are deffinately dropping their standards, you can't mess with their straight 6 its just raw power. keep the straight 6 and add a juicy turbo. Also I think they should maybe if they have'nt thought of it try a straight 8 for the M6, supercharged, again just a thought.

Albert 4 years ago

I hope BMW keeps the V8 in the ///M3. I wouldn't buy it with a six, I don't care if it has 1,000hp. The six is a big step backwards and a win for Audi and Benz.

M3 4 years ago

The M3 has to have a V8 !!!!!!!!!

M3 4 years ago

lazm v8 lazm ma ynf3 t76onha v6 ?

abo 8a6an 4 years ago

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abo 8a6an 4 years ago

abk 7abten wal 7ib ba3dain

abo 6lms 4 years ago

hala hala mseek bl 5eer ya 6weel l3mr

abo 6lms 4 years ago

abk wra ma n4b7 hal amrekan ale da5len al mog3

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Ziyad SRT8 4 years ago

hala2 waaaala a8ool bas srt8 a7san shai 500 79aan

Adam 4 years ago

The new M3 will most likely use 3.3 liter V6 with 450HP. Rev limit will be around 7200RPM. Car will be quicker with higher top sreed potential to compete (good luck) with Nissan GRR

Bhanu 4 years ago


prodigy Z 3 years ago

This M6 is the best from the bm's nothing can beat it

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