What are the Top Used Cars for Gas Mileage?

Face it. If you commute to work daily anywhere between 20-60 minutes (and many do) not only are miles adding up on your car, but you are spending anywhere from $35-55+ a week just to get to work. This cost may be one way even, which is worse! Your distance may only be 40 miles round trip or one way, but the bottom line is you want better MPG.

There are many cars from the 90s to 2005 that make decent commute cars. What you want is a car that gets anywhere from 27MPG or more on the highway. Many new cars do not even have this MPG. A car that has a MPG of only 23 on the highway is like a gas guzzler with the price of gas between $3.75-4 a gallon. Of course, it is relative. If you are low end worker making $10-15 hr, MPG is vital. If you are a RN making $60 hr. then it may not bother you much.

The cars are:

  • 1991-94 Mercury Capri -31 MPG
  • 2001-3 Chevy Prizm -32 MPG
  • 2004-6 Mazda 3 - 30 MPG
  • 2001-03 Toyota Prius - 41 MPG
  • 2001 - 03 Toyota Echo - 38 MPG
  • 2002-03 Ford Focus - 34 MPG
  • 2002-03 Kia Rio - 31 MPG
  • 2005 Chevy Aveo - 32 MPG
  • Ford ZX2 - 31 MPG
  • Scion TC - 27 MPG
  • 1990-94 Geo Metro - 45 MPG
  • 1992-95 Honda Civic HB -45 MPG
  • 1985-91 VW Jetta - 35 MPG
  • 2000-03 VW Golf - 38 MPG

Many of the cars above can be bought for less than $7000 tops. odds are you might be able to buy one for less than $5000 and use it just for commuting.

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