How To Choose An Automatic Car

Hello and welcome to this hub on how to buy a good automatic car.

How automatic transmission work ?

There are few thing to be considered while buying an automatic car .They are :

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Drivability
  • Driving comfort
  • Serviceability
  • Price
  • Fuel type
  • Test drive

Before buying an automatic car you should

  • Check the fuel efficiency of the car.The car should be fuel efficient.They shouldn't be huge fuel drinkers.You should get at-least a 10kmpl mileage in city and highway combined.
  • Drivable : It should be drivable car.The car should handle bad roads and turns with very low under-steering or over-steering.Go for a car that offer excellent drivability
  • Driving comfort :The car should offer good ride comfort to all occupants.There should be ample boot-space,headroom,legroom and shoulder-room
  • Serviceability :There should be a service station for the car near your home.Pick a car with large number of service stations.
  • Price :The car should have nice value for money package.
  • Fuel type: If you are using the car for more than 3000 kilometers per month then stick to a diesel car.
  • Test drive: Go test drive the car and check it you like it.

Hope you liked this hub on choosing an automatic car.


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