i20 CRDi vs Swift DDiS : Comparison of the Two Hottest Diesel Hatches in India

We all agree on the fact that Maruti Suzuki Swift is the car that has rejuvenated the hatchback market in India. It has modern looks, good power and great drivability. And the diesel Swift is the first refined diesel powered hatch that could compete with its counterparts in Europe. Enough reasons why it is still the best selling hatch in the country in the premium hatchback car segment.

After the success of the Swift, many companies have rolled out new diesel hatches . The list includes the Fabia, Indica Vista which comes in two diesel engine variants and the Fiat Grande Punto. Each of these cars has its pros and cons and that means the buyers now have many options to chose from. There is a car for everyone out there now, be it petrol or diesel. In this hub, we compare the latest diesel car from Korean car makers Hyundai, the i20 CRDi with the proven Swift DDSi.

The Comparison

As far as looks are concerned, it's a completely personal choice, but we prefer the i20 for its funky and stylish exteriors. The i20 is more spacious and the interiors have a feel good effect.The i20 houses a much more powerful engine than the one in the Swift and is hence a better performing machine.But Swift is the more fuel efficient of the two, marginally. For city driving , Swift seems to be the better car while the i20 is for the power hungry driver. On the whole the i20 is the better car of the two with tonnes of safety features, but it costs you 1 or 2 Lakhs more and that is where the Swift scores. Also the credibility and service network of the Maruti brand makes it a better buy. The technical specifications and prices are given below.(Thanks to Zigwheels.com for info and pics)

Swift Interior
Swift Interior
Swift Rear
Swift Rear
i20 Interior
i20 Interior


Swift DDSi

Length : 3760mm

Width : 1690mm

Height : 1530mm

Wheelbase : 2390mm

Ground Clearance : 170mm

i20 CRDi

Length : 3940mm

Width : 1710mm

Height : 1505mm

Wheelbase : 2525mm


Swift DDSi

Fuel capacity : 43l

Type : Multijet - 4 Cylinder Common Rail Engine

Max Power : 75PS/4000rpm

Max Torque : 190Nm/2000rpm

Capacity : 1248cc

Transmission : 5 speed manual

i20 CRDi

Fuel capacity : 45l

Max Power : 90PS/4000rpm

Max Torque : 224Nm/2500rpm

Capacity : 1396cc

Transmission : 5 speed manual

Other Specs


Brakes : Front-Ventilated Disc , Rear - Drum

Suspension : Front - Mcpherson strut and coil spring, Rear- Torsion beam and coil spring


Brakes : Front and Rear 14" Disc brakes

Suspension : Front - Mcpherson strut and coil spring, Rear- Couple Torsion Beam Axle with Gas shock absorber

Mileage (can change with driving conditions)

Swift :Overall 14kmpl

i20 : Overall 13.5kmpl

Prices (Delhi)

Swift Diesel : 5 Lakhs for Vdi model which is the top end model

i20 Diesel : 6.2Lakhs for Magna with ABS, 7.2 Lakhs for Asta ,the top end model with all features including ABS,sunroof and airbags

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jitendra bothra 6 years ago

i have purchase I20Die. magna in feb only and its very comfortaly in driving and it gives an average of 16 in city without premium diesel........


kulwnder singh toor 6 years ago

i have purchse swift vdi in may and its very comfort and its avrage is 20 in city with simple disel.......

Anup 6 years ago

Swift VDI is any time a bettr option amangst almost all the cars available in the market from the BEST BUY POINT OF VIEW.

PRIYANGSHU 6 years ago

swift vdi actually no comparison with i20. one is general economical hetch other is premium hetch. with many more features and high power engine.

both are different segment cars.So an upper segment car generally scores more then a lower segment car.

mohit  5 years ago

which car has better engine i20 diesel or swift diesel

jithin 5 years ago

i20 the best

macro_life profile image

macro_life 5 years ago from India Author

Mohit, the i20 has a much better diesel engine, but the driving characteristics are better for the swift.

Gauri 5 years ago

I20 is a chodu car i have ever seen

Nilesh 5 years ago

What do u exactly mean by a chodu car Gauri?

shiva 5 years ago

chodu means it is a very chutiya car

Salil Padwal 5 years ago

HEy guys planning to buy a diesel hatchback car for my wife and confused between i20 diesel and new swift diesel..could u help me please

Arun 5 years ago

By all means i20 asta.

New Swift is giving you features (now) that i20 has already given 2 years ago.

Torque, Mileage, Power, Looks. Whatever you consider, i20 kicks ass.

Get planning as to which variant of I20 you can afford.

PIYUESH 5 years ago


sandeep 5 years ago

Dear Piyuesh,

superb is skoda brand

ashish 5 years ago

Yar actualy i20 or new swift me 45000 rs ka difference h, i m confuced btwn both of d cars. Plz help i lyk i20 but swift ki avrg achi h.. M totally confuced..

yugandhar 5 years ago

hai i want to purchage a new car but iam getting confuse to select witch is best both shift ddis or i20 crdi.

binoy 5 years ago

i220 or swift best

Partha 5 years ago

Swift -


When it comes to driving, power and handling - swift is undoubtedly outstanding.

Aftersale service, fuel efficiency, body parts cost.


Poor plastics, body, cramped rear space, less boot space.



Design & Style, body, safety features, in-dash features.

Good rear space, boot space, leg room.


High cost, poor engine, underpowered, low pickup, low response engine.

Running costs, fuel efficiency, high cost body parts.

Bad A/C, poor audio system.

If you are a young driving enthusiast - swift is your choice.

If you are a white collared family man - i20 is there for you.

In essence,

Swift - happy driver.

i20 - happy passenger.

What type are you ?

ajinkya 5 years ago

i hav i20 diesel nd my dad has swift diesel...

swift diesel suckxx in frnt of i20 in all aspects...

i20 gives u effotless overtaking... swft sux in mid ranes in frnt of i20..

swft has less space...

i20 90 bhp swft 75 bhp... i20 has very standard body parts... maruti has used very cheap material...

i20 is d best...

if u r talking about performance thn i20 is best any time... no knock in i20.. swift has bad refinemnt...

i20 roxx.....

ajinkya 5 years ago

i20 has better engine guys...

if comparing performance go for i20....

i20 is premium hatchback swft is normal hatchback actually ther is no comparison....

sumit 5 years ago

new swift is beter then i20

Giridhar 5 years ago

Hey Guys!!!

I am planning to go for i20 CRDi. I am bit confused whether I need to go for 5 Speed or 6 Speed Manual. My usage will be more in city ride only. Only 6 speed is available on specific date on which I am interested to take delivery. Can some body suggest

ajinkya 5 years ago


if u r goin for i20 CRDI it comes wid 6-speed manual only..

ther is nt 5-speed manual option..

ajinkya 5 years ago


new swift suxx re.... earlier swift has gr8 engine frm FIAT...

new swift comes wid maruti ka engine.. nd its loss engine...

i20 was best nd is best... swift is not answer for i20 diesel...

shivam 5 years ago

swift is best.good,better than i20

Beasuse of some reasons

Ajay 5 years ago

please suggest weather I should buy New Swift VDi or i20 disel corresponding

AjayG 5 years ago

Even I am confused b/w I20 magna or Swift VDi.

Any help would be gr8 for me

mathew 5 years ago

i20 is good

the guy... 5 years ago

hey guyzz...

i20 diesel has much better engine den d swift...

and is much better on comfort n tools...

the only point of swift is handling other den dat the swift wont take a chance against i20...

Bibs11 5 years ago

Hey guyzzz..

Being talking on the Diesel Varient.. need to consider the maintance cost as well.. what abt post sale maintance for i20 vs Swift....

Put some lights... and for this waiting period I fell personally some where Maruti is fabricating to increase demand of Swift.... please sugest...

venkatesh s kallikote 5 years ago

i feel i20 is much better than swift diesel bcs the power is more,looks great,better interiors.

kannan.s 5 years ago

i20 is excellent ......swift is totally waste so frnds dont confuse justgo for i20

Deepak 5 years ago

Swift is value for money but i20 is the best if you no money constant

mathew sebastian 5 years ago

i20 is best car

deepak 5 years ago

i20 or swift??????

karun 5 years ago

i20 asta beast i have new I20 asta karun vermma

09815399419 09465904000

rskhurana 5 years ago

panning 2 buy swift vdi,but i heard bout new swifts poor quality body line...wat 2 do? shud go 4 i-20

sufiyan.shaikh 5 years ago

swift is better than i20

BK sharma 5 years ago

He guies i wish to buy a car can anyone suggest me which car i should go between New swift & I 20 top model

josan 5 years ago

these people are confusing

Dr.prantar 5 years ago

I guess i20 is better in all features except mileage which is better in VDI.Hyundai parts are always costlier remember that also.

deepak 5 years ago

guys m really fucked up...plz temme whch car to take i20 or new swift..some1 told me i20 ka engine 90000 k baad khatam sa hai jabkiswift z better in that way n in mileage also bt i love i20 looks ,its faster than swift n looks r jst too ggood ..whch 1 shud i go for??????????????????????????????

devidas thombare 4 years ago

if ur budget is not high then swift is best and u want premium hatchback go for i20 its rockssss.......

R DAS 4 years ago

I have purchased an I 20 crdi (diesel) 2 months ago, and till now ran around 3500 km. Friends it is awesome!!!! what a pick up! in low gears it cruises like a Beast. for city driving. very comfortable, handy . On the Highway, it runs like a monster. overtaking has now become a joke for me. remember 224 NM torque & 90 bhp. No car in this segment delivers this.Very spacious, full of features , fantastic looks. In fact I 20 is a sedan with a small boot, its not a hatch by any means. Swift is also a good car,but i20 is an upper class one. If someone comments negatively on the I20, it must be yhe petrol version. petrol i20 is underpowered, using the 1.2ltr kappa engine of the i10. So if anybody thinks of the i20 diesel, just go for it if your budget permits.

anand 4 years ago

i want to by i20 magna diesel,please any one can help me about its milage as company dealer claming much more.

Pradeep 4 years ago

Guys go for i20 magna diesel. Bangalore onroad price is 7.35L where as swift is 7.20L. Have canceled the swift booking & booked i20 magna diesel.

Performance & features wise I20 rocks,It has built in MP3 player, Automatic climatic control, & many more features which swift vdi lacks.

This is the second time maruti has raised the swift prices.when i booked swift vdi it was 6.77L onroad.Now it is 7.20L. which is useless.

So better go for I20 magna.

anand 4 years ago

pls any one can tell me about mileage of i20 crdi magna diseal,i will vary thakful

maitripal 4 years ago

would i prefer i20 swift of punto.

plzz tell me

Anujwal 4 years ago

I feel both are diesel car and it totally depends on the specific customer brand choice.

Ideally, in tehse days Swift is hving a waiting period at least 6 to 8 months which is a huge period. But, Indian Mentality is save in lots of terms.

what I wanna say here is if you need all features with looks and comfort resale value Hyundai I20 rules in this segment from all of the existing one and reason you know better, no need to explain again here.

Economical perspective if anyones talk please use CNG cars which is a revolution in coming future, as of now I can say.

Here in diesel I am writing in respective ways I20, Swift Dezire, Punto, Fabia, Polo, Swift, Figo, Micra, Pulse.

shubham verma 4 years ago

i20 rules

arun mehla 4 years ago

spend 50000 more and enjoy i20 powerfull and fully loadded car by functions dont waste time on another ....

manmeet singh 4 years ago

hey guys, i was about to buy swift VDi, bt now m going to buy i20 diesel magna. there is no much difference in price. i20 magna has many features, comparing swift VDI, with very less amount difference. swift has better mileage, then i20, bt overol i20 z better.

Pradeep 4 years ago

Hyundai is going to release new version of i20 in March 2012. its hyundai i20 fluidic.

kamal 4 years ago

i own both swift N i20........i20 z very powerful than swift.......considerin milege i20 z gettin 18kmpl..i20 z really sexy...N fullloaded car.oly 30000 diffrnce between swift.Breakin of i20 z unbelivable 4 dat power.....but SWIFT waste brakin N FULL OPTIN....NO REAR RARE DISC BRAKES.Stearin z teliscopic,TILTABLE

Amrudhswaroop 4 years ago

Owner swift vdi

KL 07 BH 5544

i20 top end costs Rs 50000+ than swift vdi

the stock swift lacs perfomance, fueatures and something more when compared to i20 which costs 50000+

case 2

swift modified with using Rs50000

tyres: bridgestone 200 size(rs 4400*5) +

Aone (8 spoke) alloy rs 3000*4 +

body kit(rear spoiler jet plane typ rs 3000)+pioneer dvd player rs 14500 with lcd screen+rs 7500 speaker set jbl with jbl 1100 watts sub woofer+leather upolstry rs 6000= Rs65000 -1400(cost of stock wheells an speakes) = rs51000

Now just the swift wil be much more & more voted by the street than the i20

(due to extra wide tyre millage was slightly reduced 18 in city and 20 + in high way)

SWIFT you are the fuel !¡.

Anujwal 4 years ago

I think today's young generation do not want to grab the knowledge and experience because of simply googling the review messgaes.

Some people are taking name for few things it does not means that will be more and more good, because they cannot effort so for those people that one is good only.

Why SWIFT came with new shape model if the name is that much flowing in streets which is true. Who is going to reduce the waiting period for that. Tied up with Fiat to provide more than 1 lacs engines to full fill the deliveries only. No other benefits are there even they have reduced the rear boot space rather than the previous one by simply increasing the costs. What else Maruti is proving in Swift??

On other hands, if I20 quoting a bit more price which is I believe a complete worth to grab the big cars luxrious feel which is 25000% is there in Hyundai I20, Verna Fludic, Coming Sonata, SantaFe cars, which you will never never get in Maruti cars at least as of now state.

So for what Maruti is claiming, only due to their superior class service, which is also provided by Hyuandai in these days and Hyuandai services are also parallel standing with maruti services. Good re-sales for both Maruti and Hyuandai cars.

Only the viewing vision is different I hope so, and nothing else.

For my view perspective anytime I20 rules into this segment cars and it is very tedious to replace the image. Proof is VW, Skoda cars are also into the market but not having much numbers in their sales into this segment.

Think once more because HYUANDAI I20 is ruler into this segment............

dr vasudev joshi 4 years ago

i have swift vdi now i am going to buy i20 desel so plz suggest me that in millage swift give 18km/l so can u tell me the millage.so i can buy i20 for me and i will give swift to my son.so also advise me to prefer the sportz or magna.thanks

kapil 4 years ago

my daily driving kms 7 or 8 kms....so petrol engine i20 is better for me or not.....??

saim 4 years ago

new swift rocks...powerfull engine and great pick up...

suraj tyagi 4 years ago

My daily driving is 20 km approx..so is it better to go for i20 diesel or petrol?

I was planning i20 sports 1.4 crdi .But friend suggested me as per my daily usge ,the extra diesel car cost not worth it .

Please suggest should I go for i20 diesel or petrol, for daily usage of 20 to 25 km approx...

vikrant puri 4 years ago

,Hi guiz

Im plng 2 buy a car 4 my mom... Bt d thng is dat ill be driving it more dan she ll be...

N i luv 2 drive fast but d prob,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

jithin 4 years ago


Pk 4 years ago

I20 rocks .. Never ever go fr te new swift , cheap materials r used nd te pick up sucks .. I own te new swift so em telin .. My sis owns i20Crdi , it's awsm ..

binny kalia 4 years ago

i also buy a new car and i go wdh i20 its rock

hardik 4 years ago

swift is great car....

saim 4 years ago

new swift rockkk....

xander 4 years ago

swift iz best car

Syam mohan 4 years ago

Swift is good that give good driving experience

dalbir 4 years ago

i 20is best in comfertness,driving

simar singh 4 years ago

swift best hai yaaar...powerfull engine...

simar singh 4 years ago

swift best hai yaaar...powerfull engine...

daksh 4 years ago

swiftt rockkkkkkkkkkkk

harinder 4 years ago

chalaun da mzaa ta swifttt da he hai......great pickup...

ammy 4 years ago

Sports look-milage-powerfull engine-swift better than i20

vishal 4 years ago

i love swift..its amazingz

ashok 4 years ago

East or west Swift is the Best

JD 4 years ago

i20 interior is good but new swift interior also so good.For drive swift is better than i20.

Abhinav 4 years ago

if u love super driving thn go fr swift

sunil 4 years ago

new swift with full of features i love swift zabardast pickup beautiful look

NK 4 years ago

swift wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......

ramesh 4 years ago

swift look and performance is better than all the car

anu 4 years ago

Swift is the road king

sumit 4 years ago

the all new swift has d power dat no other car in hatchback cud eva give you..i20 is nt evn comparable with its power..new swift zxi or zdi has all d features dat i20 sportz provide bt nt sunroof..

akash 4 years ago

Hi Guys ,Bought new white SWIFT VDI this month. OMG, a killer car i must say.

Looks are simply amazing

deewan 4 years ago

well, i love my all new swift vxi.......its superb its marvellous its an eye turner

ofcourse!!..............the dealership was awesome....they treated us

well.....talking about the car, well it just cant be explained, u need to experience

it!!........ride quality is awesome.......its too smooth!!.

mobin 4 years ago

I got my Swift VXI on 6.12.11 and have driven upto 555 kms. Amazingly good

car with good steering controls an spacious. At 555kms my car has beaten the

mileage record which maruti swift has set up at 18.9 kmlitre. My swift has given

19.2 kms/litre with AC on highway driving and without any first servicing.AC is

too good i will cold in hot sunny weather inside the car.Lets see as I drive


Dharminder 4 years ago

Swift ka muqaabla karna mushqilll he nahi naamumqinn v hai....so swifttt alwayss rockkk

ankhush 4 years ago

swift bring great revolution in diesel cars..swift on the top in diesel cars..

shaan 4 years ago

swift is a Rockat...

Arun 4 years ago

Swift is the top most car.power wise swift is better than i20 and comfort wise i20 has cramped back seats.

kunaal 4 years ago

see the engine not see the interior...agar engine he powerfull nhi hoga to kya mzaaa..so go fr swift

Danish 4 years ago

swift swift swift..allrounder...

mani virk 4 years ago

yaar mai swift kaunsai model loo ,i confused ,bcz there is fiat engines in swift,fiat engines is good or maruti swift own engine good plz tell me yr in which year swift comes in fiat engines and in which year swift comes is in own engine maruti suzuki ,and which engine is good mileage

shub 4 years ago

hey i want 2 by a car .my range is b/w 5 to 7 lakhs . so wich one is best for me . n i want a petrol version.i m very much confused.

so please suggest me.

simar 4 years ago

mani-yaar mae new swift buy kiti hai..great pickup and mielage..bht vdiya chaldi a gaddi

Nishat 4 years ago

maine dono car chalai hai. in dono se accha muje indica vista laga hai.cost se bhi r feture se bhi.

suresh 4 years ago

swift is a greattt carr

arsh 4 years ago

i love swift

Alex 4 years ago

Swift is a better ; i20 is a best. I love both dream cars

honey 4 years ago

swift ka naaam he kaafii hai

Amigos 4 years ago

plz don't compare swift ddis with hot macho i20 crdi.it's beyond comparison...swift vl never reach at any way upto the range of i20 other than milage.swift get around 22-23km/lr in highways.and i20 gets 21 km/lr in highways.For driving,stability,pick up,braking,safty features,look wise,spacious,luxury,facilities,handling..swift will never ever reaches upto i20,because i'm using these both cars.

Manu 4 years ago

What is average of i 20 diesel ??

anshu 4 years ago

swift-very smooth to drive and good looking and also good pickup..

prasad 4 years ago

If new swift vdi and i20 are of same cost then what should be the choice ?

amy 4 years ago

drive both the car and c the difference..swift better

Sourav 4 years ago

Hyundai is much better than suzuki. Visit USA and see how Hyundai has captured the market with great cars. Suzuki is no were to be seen in USA. I am mentioning US as it is far ahead in choice of cars compared to India.

Ronit 4 years ago

swift have more powerful engine & good market

maninder 4 years ago

guys i have booked swift vdi but i20 magna with almost the same pricing can be an intelligent buy?

chirag 4 years ago

east or west i20 is the best.

guys i20 have more powerful engine.

alok 4 years ago

I got my new Swift VDI delivered a month back and am in complete love with it. There

isn’t a better car than the New Swift in its category (Price range 6 - 7 lakhs). The makers

promise a mileage of 23 Kmpl and

guess what i am getting about 21

Kmpl average. I have done about 1400 Kms with it mostly on the city roads and a few

Kms in the Highway. The space inside the car has definitely improved to a noticeable extent.

The ’Fun to drive engine’ is the best part about the swift (It always has been one of the

main look-for in the Swift) I won’t be shy of calling the Swift engine ’a Driver’s dream’.

Harman 4 years ago

well, i love my all new swift vxi.......its superb its marvellous its an eye turner

ofcourse!!..............the dealership was awesome....they treated us

well.....talking about the car, well it just cant be explained, u need to experience

it!!........ride quality is awesome.......its too smooth!!.....

lardi 4 years ago

completely confused..On first impression i prefered i20

Anshu 4 years ago

I got my Swift VDI on 6.5.2012 and have driven upto 555 kms. Amazingly good

car with good steering controls an spacious. At 555kms my car has beaten the

mileage record which maruti swift has set up at 18.9 kmlitre. My swift has given

19.2 kms/litre with AC on highway driving and without any first servicing.AC is

too good i will cold in hot sunny weather inside the car.Lets see as I drive


Gagan 4 years ago

new i20 ki look bakwaas hai pehli ki look thekk the..in new model look are not so good

sarang mittal 4 years ago

he guys i m confused in swift and i20

jitendra tyagi 4 years ago

i 20 rokessssssssssssssssssss

arvind 4 years ago

stop fighting , i wana buy a hatch back , i need good looking , and driver friendly car. i am confused btwn i20 and swift.

and a doubt that is does swift ddis engine really have turbo charger....

ajay 4 years ago

Swift awesomeeeee...

vishu 4 years ago

Hai I purchased my Maruti Swift Diesel VDI on 6th Jan 2011.....I have already done

23500 kms in one year as I travel a lot on job.....This is the best car I would

recommend anyone who wants a mid size car ... with stlye, comfort, power and of

course MILEAGE..... I get a neat 23-24 kms per litre on ling drives and around 19 in


amzad 4 years ago

my choice i20

harish 4 years ago

which best i20 diesel magna or swift vdi??????

jass 4 years ago

i 20 is the best choice...swif dsnt stand infront of ir...new swif sux

mayuresh 4 years ago

i20 is the best car...... more comfortable than swift and more fast than swift... so if you want take than take only hyundai i20 because i20 is the best carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Jaams 4 years ago

I book i 20, sold my Swift LDi.

shubh 4 years ago

swift excellent

ankur 4 years ago

This is my first review on Net. I got delivery of Swift Vdi on 22 feb 2012 till now i have done 12000 kms and did not face any single issue . Its performance is just wow

just place your right ... foot on throttle and it is ready to take off like jet . Once you are at wheels you can not fell like you are driving a disel car .

DINESH 4 years ago


Pra 4 years ago

today i booked i20 Magna Option 1.4 crdi engine ex-showroom price in bengaluru is 6,58,882.00

sonu 4 years ago

i buy new swift vdi ..its febilious excellent and awesome

sonu 4 years ago

i buy new swift vdi ..its febilious excellent and awesome

Mayukh 4 years ago

undoubtedly i20 is the best among diesel hatchbacks..if price permits buy the sportz version..u wont repent at all..it has the most stylish look in its segments with 1396cc engine..great pickup and good mileage..and for sure people will give a second look..go for it as i did..!!:-)

sidan 4 years ago

i prefered swift..

anshu 4 years ago

swift best

Sandeep 4 years ago

i20 is much better than swift in all aspects like- looks, style, power etc. but swift is better only in average with little difference 1 to 1.5 km in diesel engine

Anujwal 4 years ago

I prefered I20 and Skoda Rapid Wonderful performances.

krish 4 years ago

I hv swift Vdi... N did 300000 km...itz amazing car....the pickup z awsm.....overtaking z like fun ...... i20 sucks in terms of pickup.....

dilpreet babbar 4 years ago

i20 diesel is besttttttttttt.luv ittttt.......

Atunu Hazra 4 years ago

all technical specs are worngly given.....non-sense comparison.

rasheed edapal kerala 4 years ago

i was using swift 2007 vdi 5years,it was so powerful engine,get more milage,i sold my swift for taking a new model swift.i booked swiftvdi before 1week,but now iam decided to cancel the booking,because i test drive 120,swift vdi price is 690000,but 120 magna price is 702000.there is low variation price,but you can get more features in 120

gurpreet singh 3 years ago

i feel swift is good car

satbir singh 3 years ago

again i purchace swift because swift swift hai yaar ........

Rohan 3 years ago

Hello friends I am planning to buy a new hatchback Diesel as now a day’s petrol price are hiking like anything. So guys I need you help as I am confused between this two cars Hyundai iGen i20 Diesel of Should I go for Maruti Swift Diesel. Basically I am looking for a good boot space, good performance, low maintenance, and high mileage. So guys if possible let me know which is a good car from these two.

sonu 22 months ago

I20 k engine ke life kya h tell me

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