Free Domain Names for your Website or Blog

Free? Really? (AND Ad free??!)

Yes! You can get a free domain name!

Now it will not be a .com or .net..... those aren't really free (although you can usually get them for $0.99 for the first year if you do a google search and find a provider that has a sale). If Google ranking is important to you - you will want to stick with these domains. Google finds .com and .net domains (and .org) to be more trusting.

Let's say Google ranking isn't too important for you. You just want an easy domain name for you or your followers to remember? This I can show you how to do for free. These are the following domains you can get for free:


There are a few that they charge for (like popular domains that would spell a word with the extension). But for the most part - your name is probably not part of that.


I have a spoonflower shop. To make it easy to remember how to get there, I made the domain and it redirects to me spoonflower page! 100% free - even ad free!

Do you think you will be getting a free domain?

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