How To Make Money Online with Fiverr $5 at a Time!

How To Make Money Using Fiverr!

Hello and welcome everyone to this hub that will inform you on how to use the site,, to make money online! Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can offer your services and products for $5 to the vast amount of members. An account is free, and it's free to post services and products. Things that are offered range from people making videos doing silly things or promoting your website/business, to ghostwriting, video game services, and more! Since there is such a wide variety of things offered, it is a great place to sell any product or offer any type of service you have!

Once you post your offer, or "gig" as Fiverr calls them, it goes through a review process which takes a few days at most. Once it has passed review, it is open on the website for people to order. You can acess your "dashboard" under your seller profile to view the stats for each of your "gigs" and to easily promote them on facebook or twitter! Twitter is a very successful way to promote gigs, as it is a quick and simple message that gets to the point, drawing a lot of traffic to your gigs.

If you are fresh out of ideas for gigs, on the left side of the screen is a bar which shows new want ads posted by members, detailing what they want to buy. This is a great resource when you are not sure what to sell and what will be popular. The most popular gigs are ones with advertising, usually utilizing videos, or promoting things on facebook/twitter to thousands of friends/followers. There are also many successful silly gigs, which include pranks, singing, and doing outrageous things while holding a personal message in a video. Another huge market in Fiverr is "How to" videos. These are simple to make, as when you know how to do a particular skill or make something, you can just record a video of you doing it while talking about how to.

Fiverr is an extremely popular online marketplace that can make someone quick cash quite easily if they have a good service or product to offer. Check out my fiverr profile to see my gigs and pick up some pointers!

Thanks for reading!

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