How to Become An Extra in Hawaii

Tips for Becoming An Extra

Hawaii is beginning to see a frequent visitor, Hollywood. For quite some time Hollywood has came to the tropical islands to shoot many different movies, and shows. Movies such as Mighty Joe Young, Godzilla, Tears Of The Sun and countless others. One might ask how they can be apart of such movies that come to the islands. For major films,the majority of the time lead actors have already been selected, so the only chance a person can have to be apart of a film is becoming an extra. In this article I will discuss how to become an extra in Hawaii and what steps you can take to be successful.

The Head Shot

If you want to be as professional as possible, make sure you have a headshot of yourself. A Headshot is a picture of your face that is printed on a 8 x 10". Casting directors use them to see if you meet physical descriptions for certain roles and are good to have when on Casting Calls.

Locating Jobs

Who You Know

In the entertainment business , who you know is very important. Having the right connections can get you the inside scoop on productions that are taking place. Starting friendships with other extras is a great decision to make. Also go to casting offices and see if you can start a relationship there as well. You can only go as far as your social network.

The Internet

Be on the look-out for casting calls online. The Internet is a great place to look for any productions that will be taking place. Information on films coming to the islands should be available. Also there are websites you can join, in which some casting directors use to find actors.

Be On The Look Out

Sometimes major productions put out casting calls. A casting call is advertisement in which a production looks for actors. You can find casting calls anywhere. Some can be found in the newspaper, on the radio, and other sources, so keep your eyes open.

On Set Etiquette

Don’t Be Late

Being late to your call time is a huge mistake. If you are late you will hear about it! Productions are ran on a very tight schedules thus timeliness is extremely important. It is always best to arrive 30 minutes prior to call time. This extra time allows you to eat, if they have craft services, and mingle with other actors.

Don’t Wander Off

During filming you can expect to do a lot of waiting around, but never decide to go for a stroll. You must be ready at all times when they call for you. Being on full alert is a must. If you name is called an you are not ready the director simply moves on to the next person.

Try Not To Overcrowd The Star

When on set you should mentally prepare to see major actors. The majority of them are cool, and laid back and don’t mind speaking. As a fan don't overstep your boundaries. Remember that your all there to stay on task and work. Be Professional!

Follow Directions

When you arrive to set, realize that you are going to be given a lot of directions. It is important that you follow each of them correctly.

Since Hawaii is small, expect to work with the same people and crew. It is up to you to maintain solid relationships with all indviduals who might corss your path. By following this simple etiquette, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind working with you again. Until then, make it happen.

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Have you Become An Extra in any movies? 3 comments

Stephanie Muldrew-Smith 6 years ago

I have numerous times on the main land, but not yet in Hawaii. I'm going to an audition this Saturday!!! I am currently working at the NEX, and would rather be on-set somewhere, anywhere for as long as needed!!! SIGN ME UP!!! OR BETTER YET...EMAIL ME!!! THANKS :)

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Multiman 6 years ago

Excellent presentation, enjoyed the article, I use to leive on Oahu.

Tajir 2 years ago

This website is fanasttic! I live in the UK, do you think I could still submit my resume or do you know of any similar websites for people in the UK? Also, is there an age requirement on these auditions or not?Thank you

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