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Engineer Becomes a Holistic Nutritionist and Picture of Woman Very Successful in Online Marketing

I’m Jesse Lane Schelew, BSc, CNP, and I help positive and vibrant individuals like you unlock the incredible healing power of food and reclaim your health.  I’ll create a unique wellness program for you that will transform your life.
I’m Jesse Lane Schelew, BSc, CNP, and I help positive and vibrant individuals like you unlock the incredible healing power of food and reclaim your health. I’ll create a unique wellness program for you that will transform your life. | Source
Katie Freiling is very successful in online marketing. She says "I'm an Internet entrepreneur, coach, speaker, visionary, and global shift leader." Her interests include yoga, meditation, personal growth, entrepreneurship, love, peace and abundance.
Katie Freiling is very successful in online marketing. She says "I'm an Internet entrepreneur, coach, speaker, visionary, and global shift leader." Her interests include yoga, meditation, personal growth, entrepreneurship, love, peace and abundance. | Source

Making Money Online

This has a way of making money online (internet marketing) that I learned about from a computer science genius. It has a lot of information about making money online that it should assist anyone trying to make money online. This was written December 13, 2012.

About 2 years ago I went to a meeting in Philadelphia about how to make more money online. Some people there had regular stores and were using the internet to generate more business for their stores like with online sales and other things. One guy stood out as being at a much higher level than everyone else with a much greater understanding of doing business on the internet.

He had recently graduated with a degree in computer science and owned a business that bought and sold websites. Now this strategy that he has is something that I cannot use since I only want to write about things that I know about and have a passion for-- mostly improving mental, emotional and physical health (and to some extent financial health).

He told what he was doing and how his income was growing quickly from it. He said that anyone that emailed him, he would give them the place to download it from and so I did that. It is about making money from Google Adsense. When people advertise with Google, it is called Google Adwords. They agree to pay a certain amount for every click that goes to their website.

People who have a website can put a place on their website for to Google to place ads. Then when an ad is clicked on, Google gets paid that money from the advertiser and gives a certain percentage of it to the owner of the website. So what this computer science genius did first, was to look up what words or phrases paid the most per click.

I have seen these lists and they mostly revolve around real estate, financial matters and the law. For example the biggest expense for most people is buying a house (real estate). This involves a lot about the finances (costs) and the law. The contract that they sign can be many pages long. I like writing and do not want to write about these things and do not want to pay someone to write for me.

The next step is to get a website. You need to buy a unique domain name for your website that costs about $35 a year. For example Katie Freiling in the picture decided to use They call this branding your own name so it becomes famous. That would be like Google naming their website Then you pay about $10 monthly for a company to host your website.

Then you put pages on the website that are articles about these things that pay the most for every click. You can write the article or pay a company to do it for a low cost. You make sure that there are plenty of words or phrases (but do not over-use them) about the subject. For example with this article I want to mention words or phrases like making money online, internet marketing, entrepreneur, home based business and more like this.

There are many websites that let you put articles on them and in exchange they give you 1 or 2 links to any website that you want. To find many article websites just do a search for my name, Chuck Bluestein. So the next step is to get more articles about the same subject that your webpage has on it. Then place these articles on about a dozen of these websites with a link back to the page on your website that is about that.

Here is a tip about that. Instead of using the same phrase on the dozen websites linking to the same page, vary the phrase linking to the same webpage. I think that some people call this article marketing. But this next step that he talks about is very unique. I have articles on many article websites but they are all linking to the same websites.

The next step is is to do the same thing with another dozen article websites but do not link them to your website/websites. Instead link them to the first dozen article websites. So if one article is about buying your first house, then link that article to one of the first dozen webpages that is about buying your first house.

This is called deep linking. This is part of SEO (search engine optimization) so that these pages on your website will show up on more searches. It appears that this is about searches mostly from Google since the other search engines do not appear to follow any known logic. The above strategy can also be used with articles that you have on or on your blog that is be owned by Google or Wordpress.

His strategy for placing the ads was not to make them blend in. It was in his words "in your face." He put 2 big ads at the top so they see this before the article. It is the job of the advertiser to make people who see these ads to want to click onto them.

Int the first picture is Jesse Lane Schelew, P.Eng, BSc, CNP [Professional Engineer, Bachelor of Science and Certified Nutritional Practitioner]. For 7 years she was a Corridor Management Engineer. Now she is a cheerful holistic nutritionist, motivating speaker, cookbook author and wellness writer. She is the founder of, a web based holistic nutrition practice and holistic recipe resource. She is also the resident Holistic Nutritionist at Yellow Gazebo Clinic in Toronto, Ontario.

Here is information from Google's webpage called Link schemes:

  • Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links

What this article is talking about is article marketing. I saw on a video that if you do this too much, it may have a bad effect on getting search results do I do not know if the above will work. On a video I watched they said that you should not do it too much. So I do not know how much is too much.

Here is a business that I am doing on the internet where I get to use a subdomain of the company's website so they order unique health products, like herbal products, from the company but I get big commissions on it. This company is the result of 2 companies that are each over 5 years old merging together. Olivia Newton-John is part owner of this company. She is a breast cancer survivor. See Two Companies Merge to Become One.

There are other places like this, including one that lets you place (if you want) alternate paragraphs in many places in each article. Then they spin these paragraphs so that every one of these articles that they place on different websites are somewhat different. I think that the website that does this is called Submit Your Article. The computer science genius has his own software to spin articles like this. To help you get more traffic to your website see my article How to Use Twitter to Promote Something. I have 46,000 Twitter followers and it is rapidly growing.

I just found this online while searching for which search engine gets the most traffic (recently I heard that the 2 biggest websites were Facebook and Google):

comScore (NASDQ: SCOR) tracks data relevant to the digital world. On June 13, 2012, they released their monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the U.S. search marketplace which shows which search engine gets the most traffic. As you might expect, Google remains the big dog with close to 67 percent market share (which is up slightly from comScore's last report). Microsoft [Bing] is in a distant second place with 15.4 percent and Yahoo! is falling behind with 13 percent.

Google Adsense Meetings

Sometimes Google Adsense will have free meetings around the country to help you. They have a presentation where people can ask questions with lots of free snacks. They also may offer a free half hour private consultation meeting with an Adsense expert that works for Google that is worth a great deal. So if you can, register right after you hear about it and go to it.

I went to a Google Adsense Meeting in New York City. While there I met a beautiful, nice woman, Dani, who owns It is a website where there are discussions about technical things by people with a great understanding of computers and the internet. Anyone can join for free and go there and ask questions and get free valuable advice.

Note that some computer geniuses have a hard time dealing with others and may be stressed out. It has sections like Hardware and Software, Software Development, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Business Exchange and Community Center that includes a sub-section called Geek's Lounge to discuss whatever you want.

Also I got a free 30 minute consultation with an Adsense expert. She looked over my website and my Adsense account thoroughly so she could make suggestions to increase my Google Adsense income. That is the purpose of the whole meeting.

Then she told me that these consultations are very valuable since they can greatly increase someone's Adsense income. Then she apologized! She told me that my website was doing incredibly well with Google Adsense and if she gave me any suggestions to try, they may cause my Adsense income to go down. I follow the idea of karma with my websites that what you give is what you get.


I have heard of many people having their Adsense accounts disabled. The main reason for this according to Google is that the ads are placed in such a way that cause people to click on the ad when they did not mean to. One example is having the ad placed too close to an image so someone is really trying to click on the image and click the ad by mistake.

So what begins this whole thing as described above is the advertiser paying for the clicks. If the above causes advertisers to pay for these clicks that do not make the ad profitable, then they will stop advertising. See Google for more on this but a you must never click on your own ads or tell others, like in the article, to click on these ads.

So this makes it safer to have those Google Adsense ads on Hub-Pages or Google's blog (blogger, blogspot). With Google's blog, Google has complete control of the appearance of the ads so there will be no mistake there. With Hub-Pages, they have experts controlling where the ads are placed and they do their best to make sure that your article (hub) does not violate any of the Google Adsense rules. Since you are sharing the income from the Adsense ads with Hub-Pages, they do their best to make sure that they work well.

I know of a similar website called Squidoo but it does not pay you on your adsense ads. They pay on the number of visitors to your article divided by how much they make from Adsense. There are other places like Helium and Knoji that I do not know how they pay. If you know, feel free to leave a comment about that.

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I found this to be a pretty useful hub. Thanks for sharing.

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A very informative hub. I will be able to use many of the tips presented.

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