How to run a successful Painting Business

Have you recently started a painting company, or bought a painting franchise?

Are you still a little bit unsure about how to run a successful painting enterprise?

If you answer yes to both questions, then you're in luck. I have an accumulated 7 years of painting experience. I've been an employee for privately owned businesses and franchise businesses, as well as having run my own painting business for a time.

I've painted interior and exterior residential homes and appartments, completely prepped from eve to foundation, canvased and made appointments and dealt with every manner of customer.

So you could say I have a little bit of experience in the matter. I'm certainly not going to claim I'm some guru, but I know my experience can help those who haven't yet learned what I have.

Which is why I am offering you this short video-hub to help you become successful with your painting enterprise.

7 Tips To Lead You To Success in Running Your Painting Business

  1. Know Which Homes to Canvas
  2. Always Offer a Freebie, Not a Deal
  3. Discounts For Referals
  4. People Buy From People They Like
  5. Appreciate & Acknowledge (by sending them a hand written thank you letter!)
  6. Network With Similar Professionals
  7. Build a Strong Team

This was my first video-hub, how'd I do?

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Jordanwalker39 profile image

Jordanwalker39 4 years ago from GA

Good Video hub, I think you did very well.

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