How to become a computer programmer

Computer programming is the profession that is growing faster in terms of number of jobs in the last few years. According to recent studies, computer programming as a profession will be one of the fastest growing occupations. So, if you like computers and would like to have a successful career, computer programming is a great choice for your future.

The opportunities available for computer programmers became even more prominent after the popping of the Internet bubble in the year 2000. The companies that remained after that event are much stronger, and the jobs are here to stay. The computer industry has a scarcity of workers, because many people still believe that it is hard to find a job in the IT area.

Job titles

Job titles for computer programming jobs vary widely, depending on the organization, and the type of programming job you will perform. Computer programmer is nowadays a name that is not well considered, since it is used for simpler types of computational programming work. Better job titles also mean that they command better jobs perspectives and remuneration.

The most prestigious job titles in this profession are usually called software engineer, computer engineer, systems analyst, and software architect. Such jobs offer excellent perspective for growth, and are available at large companies and smaller companies that target software development.


Becoming a well paid computer programmer requires a good education. However, it doesn't need to be expensive education: most professional schools and colleges offer programs to form new computers experts.

Although the number of opportunities is big, there is also a huge shortage of specialized people in this area. Every years companies have to hire several computer experts, specially in new areas such web programming, embedded systems, application software, etc.

Undergraduate Programs

To get the best opportunities, you need to have at least a bachelors degree in programs such as

  • computer science,
  • computer engineering,
  • information systems,

  • mathematics
or other areas of engineering. Companies look for people with some mathematics or engineering background, and a passion for working with computers and solving problems. If these are characteristics you have, you can make a great living as a software programmer.

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keshanda 9 years ago

this is a great helps me alot.THANK YOU SO MUCH.

muntasir 9 years ago

very interesting, thanks

so much

Carl 9 years ago

Hows the employment outlook for computer programmers here in the USA?

Nichole 9 years ago

I am starting out and would like to know... how much schooling is that going to take?

jessa mae 9 years ago

i like this site coz it seems interested...

im 2 year computer programmer and i understand what u feel...

PublicAffairsPro 9 years ago from Charlotte

Just an FYI on education - I have worked with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Its students from the Software and Information Systems Department won the national cyber security competition in 2006; sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. UNC Charlotte might be one place to get information on undergrad or grad education.

marjorey chan 9 years ago

i will be a successful computer programmer...if others can why can't I?

Leo 9 years ago

This website really has informative information

aldrin gade 8 years ago

I really want to become an expert computer programmer!

This site was fairly informative for those people who wants to a computer expert.

aldrin gade 8 years ago

This site was fairly informative for those people who wants to be a computer programmer!

raymondphilippe profile image

raymondphilippe 8 years ago from The Netherlands

When I was much younger becoming a computer programmer had some appeal, but I never advanced beyond basic.

skyflyer9 profile image

skyflyer9 8 years ago

Nice hub. More informative about how to become a computer programmer. I agree with your statement “Becoming a well paid computer programmer requires a good education” I like your hub and rated 5*. A similar informative site about Mcse Study Guides on Please step into this site to find more information about Mcse Study Guides.

aldrin gade 8 years ago

To become a computer programmer you must have knowledge in different programming languges.

Cory Trevor  7 years ago


mikeokim profile image

mikeokim 7 years ago

I object toyour opinion. computer programming is dismal. Because since Bill Gate has opened the source, every student lost interest learning computer programming. The source is a creative asset of each own indiviual but he put it open to keep attracting people to windows not to divert to Apple or Unix systems. Bad Idea.

mikeokim profile image

mikeokim 7 years ago

You have to start learning the object language from Java rahter than window or Visual C++ not to spent time vainly.The window programing technique was originally mimic from such a language of unix. I did not know it in the past and hang around long time in my valuable life.

Bharathkumar 5 years ago

A study without a backlog is like a man spending all his life without tears wherever you go you should have better instructors and better support in everything else only then you can succeed in studies but that has not happened with me

hollyhock profile image

hollyhock 5 years ago from HeavenGarden

As I believe working hard has no alternative. But problem is that the right direction.

KMattox profile image

KMattox 5 years ago from USA

Hi Coliveria

I Linked my hub "Programming Essentials"to yours. Your hub is short but informative. I voted up and useful.

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