List of Service Based Companies YOU can Start

In this post, I am going to make a list of some of the potential service businesses that you can start yourself. Service Based businesses are great because they require very little startup cost but the profits can be enormous depending on your industry. Here is a potential list to spark any idea's:

-Yard Maintenance
-Tree Trimming and Removal Services
-Tree Planting Service
-Organic Farming
-Lawn Care Services
-Offer a Class about a subject you are knowledgeable in
-Ad Agency
-Art Supplier
-Candle Making
-Christmas Decorator
-Craft Businesses
-Freelance Photography
-Auto Repairs
-Car Wash
-Glass Tinting Service
-Alteration Service
-Moving Company
-Personal Shopping
-House Cleaning
-Babysitting Service
-Party Planning
-Construction Business
-Brick laying
-Electrician Business
-Music Lessons
-Personal Trainer
-Furniture Refubishment
-Framing Services
-Handyman Business
-House painting
-Pool Cleaning
-Pet Sitting
-Mobile pet grooming
-Dog Walker
-Travel Agency

I hope this list helps to spark some potential ideas about a service business that you think you would be able to do!

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