Work at Home: Beware of Phony Rebate Processor Job Scam

Last updated on Wednesday, May 4, 2011..

Rebate processor jobs: This scam is geared as a work at home opportunity and advertised to entice people by claiming that the company placing the ad is looking for people to process rebates for other companies. Allegedly no so-called applicant will be rejected because of the vast number of rebates that need to be processed; however, applicants must pay a one-time fee to handle account activation and training provided by Virtual Training Solutions, this payment is designed to discourage individuals who are not serious about the opportunity.

Since this hub was originally published, the link to the site has stopped functioning, which most likely means that the site has moved because of bad press. I will post the new link when it surfaces.

Serious applicants pay the fee expecting immediate training on how to process rebates. What the training includes are instructions on how to set up a ClickBank account to market electronic products, such as the training from Virtual Training Solutions, for a commission. The rebates that need processing are those created when the serious applicants make sales. The applicants are also shown how to set up PayPal accounts. PayPal is the method used in this swindle to pay the rebates. Yes, you pay the rebates using your own money then get a check from ClickBank. However, you will not receive a check until you make the minimum amount of sales necessary for pay out. So, after paying out hundreds or thousands of dollars of your own money in rebates and the amount paid for the job; you still may not get anything back.

The ClickBank program is not a scam in itself. There are people who earn money in an honest manner using the program. What makes the Rebate Processors Job offering a scam is the misleading manner in which this ClickBank strategy is presented.

One final note, the instructions mentioned in the advertisement on how to fill out the forms is not included in the training materials for Rebate Processors.

The Changing Face


The original Rebate Processor Jobs site was published by an individual going by the name of Angela Stevens. There are many steps that schemers take in order to separate the unsuspecting Joe from his money and Angela may have helped write the book. One method is to change the domain name of the site and the advertisement used to generate money or change the name of the individual publishing the site. For instance, I received two e-mails promoting a new data-entry program that looks very similar to the rebate-processor jobs. The first email led to a link that had been removed from the domain due to spam complaints. This is probably the reason for the second e-mail. I checked out the link, not because of interest, but I was curious to find out if I had seen the offer before. Sure enough, the advertisement looked almost identical to the rebate processor scam. You even get access to the same worthless training that was offered in the original ad. The reason I say worthless training is because most of the opportunities are ways to con other people out of their money; I see no ethical value in that.

If you receive any email from a Chris Borge ( promoting the site, stay away. This is another site designed to take money from unsuspecting victims.

One of the readers of this page discovered a page that looks identical to the Angel Stevens site but the name has changed to Angela Penbrook. The motive is simple: change the look of the advertisement to draw attention away from any bad press. The intention of the creators of these sites is not to help deserving people to earn money but to separate the money from those deserving people. Do not fall for a scam because the offer is made from an obscure individual.



November 13, 2010: They are still in Business

I have been looking around to see if the fraud that I fell for in 2005 still exists and lo and behold, I found it promoted again. Now, with a new and improved look, new web site URL and a new promotional name.

The new name is Andrew Gaswint and the site looks identical to the original rebateprocessorjobs site, which promoted the scheme that I fell for. Andrew Gaswint created a promotion, or borrowed it, complete with all the lure of a classic get-rich-quick scheme. He claims to have made over $10,000 in just under two weeks by simply filling out forms.

The site creates the need for urgency by showing a count-down timer. Allegedly when the count down timer runs out, the "special offer" ends. This need to act urgently is one of the classic signs of a scam. If you locate a web site like the site promoted by Andrew Giswint, you can test the scam theory for urgency by going away from the site and returning a day later. You will see the same count-down timer whenever you visit the site.

The site uses an image of a happy woman at the beginning of the promotion to provide the illusion of success. The site also relies on the story of Andrew Giswint to provide the illusion that if he did it, you can too. Pictures of an expensive home and of a man standing in front of an exotic car, presumably Andrew Giswint, help build the dream of achieving something for nothing for the prospective victim.

The real killer is that I located some of these promotions right here on HubPages. I am sure that the administrators of the site simply have not noticed the spam sites containing the promotions and sooner or later these sites will catch their attention. However, in the meantime I am including links to these hubs to provide examples of promotions not to fall for. Visit the hubs if you like and read them but do not take action or fall for the offers; you will be sorry if you do.

Another name that appears on advertisements promoted on the hubs is Jessica Allen.  The site promoted by Jessica Allen is almost identical to that promoted by Andrew Gaswint.  Jessica Allen, however, uses some different graphics in the promotion but it is obvious that the advertisements were probably written by the same copywriter.

Trojan Promotions

Most people these days are familiar with the term Trojan as in the original Trojan horse and the contemporary use of the term relating to malware. The offers discussed on this page could be considered a form of Trojan-marketing. The people behind the various versions of the Rebate Processor Jobs scams have earned plenty of money by promoting their fraudulent programs and they have very large advertising budgets so they set up promotional sites to lure more victims.

Malware writers are known to set up numerous sites that promote their malware and linking them through blogs they create and various social-networking sites. They have the resources to create so many of these links that their own sites show up in Google searches way ahead of the listings for sites created to fight the threats.

The promoters of Rebate Processing opportunities seem to be learning tactics from the malware writers to create sites such as to lure readers into believing that the promotional sites are legitimate and the promoted opportunities are real. This is not the case. Do not believe the words of Dr. Richard Andrew Stera, the Chairman of

Have you fallen for the rebate processor scheme?

See results without voting

FHA Rebate Scam


There is also a so-called Rebate Processing opportunity being offered by a company claiming to be affiliated with the Federal Housing Authority (FHA).

This opportunity appears legal but not necessarily worthwile and the information you pay for is free if you look in the right place.

This is a repeat of another envelop stuffing scheme that was popular in the 1980s. Back then they called this opportunity Refund Locators and the idea was to locate people who had outstanding refunds coming from the FHA for overpayment of mortgage insurance. You received a mailing list with names of individuals and the amount of their refund. You would contact these people and arange for them to get their money. In exchange for helping them receive money they did not know they had coming, they would agree to pay you a finder's fee, usually between 10 and 20%. The fee was agreed two by all parties involved so the amount could be any percentage.

Looks prety good, right? There are some catches, though, which are:

  • The FHA does not deal with third parties, they only deal with the individuals actually receiving the refund.
  • The FHA checks go to the individuals receiving the refunds, not the processors.
  • Processors must convince their clients to sign a note stating that they agree to and will pay the finder's fee.
  • There is no guarantee that any refund recipient will pay the finder's fee.
  • The provided lists are names of people who the FHA cannot directly contact, which means that the names and addresses may not be any good -- processors must research the new addresses.

One final note: No individual needs to pay a company to participate in this program. The recipient lists are available directly from the FHA.

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Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 6 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

Andrew Gaswint has created a new site that is a duplicate of the original scam. I do not believe that he is for real.

nena 6 years ago

can you please tell me if this guy named andrew gaswint is for real or just a scam artist he is a rebate processor

kgrayland 6 years ago

Sorry you lost your money to these humans , my question is have you managed to find any paying work on the net that is legit apart from selling on ebay or are they all just looking to rip us all blind . I am a tradie and would love to try something that gives me less aches and pains !

jim smith 7 years ago

I got on one site where the lady said she got in the rebate processing business because here husband died of liver cancer.

I think the truth is that his wife drove him to drink because she was an internet scammer.

Elizabeth-Ripped Off and angry 7 years ago

I registered for the Agel Stevens rebate proscessor before i realized it was to late. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my money back or is it a lost cause???

Cliffd 7 years ago

Thanks Dumbledore.

your site has just made me $39.00 richer. These bastards should be prosecuted.

Patsy in Colorado 7 years ago

Patsy in Colorado Thank you for this web site. I too almost signed up for the Angel Stevens rebate processor. It did sound to good to be true but was very tempting. Thank you again.

Suman 8 years ago

I too fell for this site.. but i then thought not to trust them soo early and thus do some investigation.. Here I found this site and i am glad that I took the decision of investigating about them first

Thank you to all those ppl who commented here... I am happy that this world is still blessed with some honest and helpful ppl

quantumphase 8 years ago

Fell for the $39.00 "rebate processor" scam before I saw your site.

I'm partially disabled and we're a single income home.

It hurts to know that some humans continue to become more and more corrupt and immoral in support of their own wallets!!!

Thanks so much for this site. Wish I'd seen it sooner!

Be smart and heed the warnings here!

Tim 8 years ago

Wow, what an eye opener. I've been unemployed since October and the job market is bad right now. I looked into the Angel Stevens site and it looked very good! Guess it has to if it's a scam. I was about to pay for it and someone suggested I google it because when it wouldn't let me leave the site, I tried asking questions and just got back an automated response. I'm sure glad I googled this or I would have been a victim!

MEL 8 years ago

GOD BLESS ALL YOU HONEST PEOPLE HERE! AND WHOEVER STARTED THIS POST, A SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU!!! GOD HAS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HEAVEN RESERVED FOR YOU! I have been unemployed for 2 years and refinanced my house just to pay my medical bills, buy food and the bare necessities. My friends told me to apply for disablity because I truly deserve it. I have worked my whole life and one drunk uninsured driver took me down financially and physically. My medical bills are 6 figures... 3 times what my automobile insurance covered. I thought, maybe, just maybe I would try working from home. I really do NOT want to rely on the Government for anything including disability! I ALMOST fell for Angel Stevens. YOU WONDERFUL HONEST PEOPLE SAVED ME! I got another email from JESSICA DAVIS and CURRENCY EXCHANGE CASH. I checked them out and I think they are probably scams, too. BEWARE!! JESSICA doesn't know how to spell or use punctuation! That immediately turned me off. CURRENCY EXCHANGE CASH... ENOUGH SAID. Stay away from anything outside the United States. You definitely have no recourse against those companies. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL YOU HONEST, WONDERFUL PEOPLE!! I SINCERELY HOPE THAT GOD BLESSES ALL OF YOU!!! All of you have restored my Faith that HONEST PEOPLE do still exist!! THANK YOU AGAIN!! YOU HAVE BEEN A BLESSING TO ME!!! MEL

8 years ago


mat 8 years ago

whew! thanks for this post.. i almost became a victim of this scam.. although once I have read the email I know that the site is not for real. Thanks again!

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author


We are talking about fraud.

josh 8 years ago

i made alot of money a dont know what your all talking about!!! 6,000 a day!!!!!

Supes 8 years ago

Well, somevery interesting ready concerning this topic. And am I glad I came upon this because I have been considering just such a venture this past week for extra income. Thank you all for your insight.

Robert - Kenya 8 years ago

Thanks for the comments in this site about these scum, I almost fell prey to these 'suckers' . One such site is be aware they are all fakes.

Richard  8 years ago

Absolute Scam. Thanks to websites like yours for revealing them for what they are. While researching this I also came across another article at which has over a hundred people talking about their experience with angel stevens. I can't believe I lost $200 to this scam!

alexander 8 years ago

ok let me see what is this cause i need money

ANITA 8 years ago


Praygirl 8 years ago

Thank you for the information. I was just that close to order those products (S39 or S197). This money will be put to use elseware. It really does help to research.

adetay 8 years ago

Thanks to you all for the rescueing info, I was almost falling for these wicked souls, but for the fact that my country was nit listed in the provision, each time I tried to ask for the way out (by Chatting) the person at the other end seems to be interested only in my signing up. that is what delayed me this far till I stumble on this good site of your. Pls if you know of any genuine Online Business, I'll like to know. My email address is given below. May God bless you richly.

R.LO 8 years ago


JANE 8 years ago

I am for the first time in my 67 years, truly dsperate for money to eleviate foreclosure. This sounded too good to be true. My honest to God thanks to all of you for proving that it was!

Serina 8 years ago

Some people want super easy jobs, and rebate processing is super easy. That is the lure of this. You don't have to be smart.

Robin 8 years ago

Another Dorkmyter here! Had my card out and ready to buy, but for some reason I decided to look more into Rebate Proessing. Somehow I stumbled onto this site and read all the comments from other people who almost lost out on $197.00..Thank YOU...Thank YOU...I dont have a job right now and could not afford to throw that money down the drain!

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author


Glad to have saved you a little grief. I am also considering click-bank; when I can find the time and an appropriate product.

Peter J 8 years ago

I just recieved this scam on my email address (fromCindy Dalton) and, although the preamble looked believable the peripherals stank -"recent" bank statements two years out of date, a clock ticking off the time remaining, etc., so,into Google and check them out! Fortunately your site came to hand directly and your dissection of them saved me possible woe. Many thanks.

Incidentally I'm a click-bank affiliate at the moment. No fee, no pressure, no worry. They seem above board, it's a pity that characters like this use them for their own devious purposes.

TJ, Florida 8 years ago

I was just about ready to sign up with Angel as well... but I know to do my homework first... sorry for all of you with good intentions that were taken... many thanks to Dumbledore for creating this site.

Matt 8 years ago

It amazes me how all these scams exist. EVERY SINGLE ONE IS A SCAM. THERE IS NOT ONE LEGITMATE WORK AT HOME OPPORTUNITY!! LOL Why can't people see this. All their sites play to the emotions. To me it's just common sense that they are all scams but many people out there are vunerable or want to make easy money-- hello??? life doesn't work that way. Again, EVERY single one is a scam.

Carlos A. Estremera Jr. 8 years ago

Thanks for the heads up guys. But is there really any legitimate honest work at home jobs out there?

Linda 8 years ago

I, like you, was caught up in it for a few minutes but am glad I googled Angel Stevens and found this great site. I've read almost all of the posts and several people have said, "there must be something real out there." But I'm assuming no one that has posted a note here is aware of any real internet income opportunities? I guess we'd all like to have that information.

jen 8 years ago

I was already holding my card and ready to sign up..Man! her words were very convincing, thank God my husband came in the room and asked me a logical question on why do i need to pay for it if it's legite?, I came back to my senses...... then i decided to google it online....THANK YOU for all of your advises!! ....

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

Thanks, Steve.

Steve 8 years ago

You need to be real careful these days. The 39 dollar scam was posted in a jobs search engine called New York as a google advertisement. As I read into it, I was looking at when they were going to hit me up for money as I knew it was a scam. Sure enough walaa.

Dumbledore,, you're a good person for setting up this web page. You saved many people from losing their hard earned money! Good luck to you always.

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author


I am glad we could help. Thank you for the kind words.

Lawrence 8 years ago

I found several e-mail messages from someone like Susan, Jennifer, etc. introducing Angel Stevens' so-called Affiliate Rebate Processing Marketer, and other skeptical job terms. I have often requested rebates from companies like Norton, Circuit City, Sony, HP, etc. and thought I might be able to make some money with her program. But the more I read their messages, the more I became skeptical about the truth of this job opportunity because she (the Angel?) used quite a lot of different terms for this job which made me think the job doesn't sound like a real rebate processing job. So I put "fraid vs rebate processing" in Google's searching field and, thank God, I've accessed your most helpful website and gladly found that Angel Stevens is a real Scammer as I doubted. I'm glad I didn't sign up and pay what she was trying to scam on me.

In addition to my deepest thanks to you, I would express my respect to you guys who have done a really good job in helping innocent people to avoid being scammed. Keep on and you will be mor than thanked and blessed as well.

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

I have no control over the ads that appear on my pages; they are controlled by Google. However, is a site created to promote the Rebate Processor scam. By claiming to review sites, the good doctor places himself in a position to sell whatever he wishes. If you look closely at the site you will not find any meaningful reviews; just more sales jargon.

RayS137 8 years ago

OK, now I am extremely confused. At the very top of this page is an advertisement to beware of processing rebate scams. When you click on it, it takes you to a page by someone claiming to be

From Dr. Richard Andrew SteraChairman,

an organization that reviews work from home scams. He then goes on to recommend the exact one that we are slamming in this forum as a scam. He touts it as the #1 legit money making opportunity. What the hell???

Free Money 8 years ago

I was suckered into buying this program and was angry and annoyed when I too didnt just find a list of people wanting rebates and all I would have to do it sit here and punch a few keys on the keyboard and make $15 for each one I did.

But being the positive person I am I actually read the material and did find it educational. Its information that I could have found out on my own if I did more digging. The information will teach you how to make money, its not difficult to write an ad and you dont really have to offer the rebates if you dont want to. (FYI there are free sites that you dont have to pay any out of pocket money for. YOU just have to do a little more work. I used just one of these sites and made up a 4 line ad with no thought what so ever and within the day I had 20 hits on the ad. So yes these do get used.)

To me this was misleading, although if you do set it up you will be processing rebates. Unfortunatly most people want all the work to be done for them and just reap the rewards. When they discover this isnt the case they scream *SCAM*.

There is NOT any get rich quick jobs, no one is just going to do all the work and let you make free money. You can work from home, all this information is true and will work if you actually do some work.

No business has ever been easy to start and make money on. If youre looking for that type of income, play the lottery because you have a better chance of winning that then you do EVER finding a lazy way to earn money and sit on your couch.

buy absinthe 8 years ago

great info thank you

Shannon 8 years ago

Saw the Google ad for and wondered "what's THIS scam?" Glad others are posting too. I want to get as many particulars out there on this one as I can so that people searching for info on scams and Cindy Dalton and Rebate Processor Jobs can find what they need here. ;>

View the source code from the page and you'll see that they use a Javascript function to display today's date, making the page seem more current and more urgent than it really is.

var months=new Array(13);months[1]="January";months[2]="February";months[3]="March";months[4]="April";months[5]="May";months[6]="June";months[7]="July";months[8]="August";months[9]="September";months[10]="October";months[11]="November";months[12]="December";var time=new Date();var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1];var date=time.getDate();var year=time.getYear();if (year < 2000) // Y2K Fix, Isaac Powellyear = year + 1900; //"... + lmonth + " ");document.write(date + ", " + year + "</b>");

At the bottom of the page you see that the offer is only good until today's date - that's right, displayed using the same Javascript that displayed the date of Cindy's letter at the top of the page, plus a simple countdown function. The countdown is not tied to the rebateprocessorjobs website. It's just a countdown, displayed in the page to make you think that you'd better push that button Right This Second or you'll lose out.

Finally, that "Click Here To Order Now" button takes you to, a legitimate company that has nothing to do with rebate processing. All it does is take and fulfill orders of the $39 package.

Not gonna say it IS a scam - I have not sent them any money and have no personal story to share. But it smells like one, and given what I have discovered above, I won't be going there.

koolpic08 profile image

koolpic08 8 years ago

I fell for it hook, line and sinker. But I

Richard C. 8 years ago

I came here 4 months ago after almost being scammed myself. I was one of the lucky ones that found this site before throwing my money away. I appreciate the fact that a site like this exists. I am glad that I take the time to research something before I get involved with it, and that is how I wound up finding this site. I could not believe how many people have come here because they were scammed, or they found out in time not to get involved in something. Over the last 4 months I have been searching out something that would not be a rip off, and something that my wife and I could do from home. I have found a great home based business that is run by a legitmate long term company. I have done all of the due diligence (research) that I could on this company and it is bullet proof. Since this forum is filled with people that are looking for something that will work, and for something that is legitimate, and for something that will not be bogus and rip them off - I want to be able to share this with all of you. Drop me an email at: and I will answer all of your questions. My name is Richard, and please feel free to contact me at any time.

Irene 8 years ago

I have been blessed to have read this website and all the testimonies. I was so close in signing up to be a rebate processor under Angel Stevens website. Thanks for opening my eyes and thanks for this website.

James E. Smith 8 years ago

WELL, Here is another supersillious, naïve,stupid, countrybumpkin, who is 73 years old and have actually OUT LIVED MY MONEY AND I HAVE NONE TO WASTE ON SCAM ARTIST.. BUT I DID BUT LIKE I SAID I'M 73 AND I DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE..

Ronv 8 years ago

I'd just like to say that I too fell for the Angela Stevens Scam 1 week ago and soon learned that it did deliver what was promised. For the past week I have phoned and emailed several times and received very vague responses. This is the latest that I received today:

Hi, Thanks for contacting us. We would like to inform you that The certificate program is a 7 week Rebate Processor training program. At the end of the 7 weeks you will receive a certification as a rebate processor. Members of the program can start processing rebates as soon as they complete there 7 week training program. As soon as you training gets over you will be provided with the list of companies for which you can process the rebates and earn $15 to $50 per rebate. And there is no limit for processing the rebates. We can certainly assure you that there are enough good opportunities in there once you start working on our program. Please try it and feel free to contact us. Thanks !Armanda (I work with Angel) I intend to call tomorrow 1-888-514-6001 press 2 and ask for a refund and pursue it further if necessary. Good luck all.

2 good 2 B true 8 years ago

"Angel" Stevens- Sounds innocent enough to me, until I read the fine print about Nicosia Cyprus and looked it up in the world atlas. She has a good sales pitch. But doing business in a third world country usually means trouble to me. I wonder if her name is in fact "Angel?"

Thanks Hub Pages

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

I think that there are very legitimate and rewarding ways to earn money online. However, like anything else in life you need to put in the effort. Get rich quick scheemes have been around since the beginning of trade and have taken the money from the people who fall for them. You need to look before you leap. As Barnum said "you can't cheat an honest man."

PEERA 8 years ago

First A big Thank you goes out too all of you who submitted the very important facts and stats about the rebate scam. If you are still wondering " there gotta be a way i could Make QUICK AND EASY money ONLINE" the answer is NO!!!!! there isn't a way that you could make money online without putting a lot of time and some decent bit of work!!! Just browse the internet to see how many sites got very generous deals for you! Thousandas and thousands! most of the sites require you to pay a payment in the form of a "ONE TIME", OR "REGISTRATION TO GET UNLIMITED.." to get started with. as advertiesed if you could earn so much why would they take so much of effort and put on a lot of success stories to mould your mind into register to their particular program? they would take the minimum effort and require a lot of commitment from you ! right? according to those sites if one could earn so much of an income why would they even try an charge a "joining: fee from you? they could cut the free from you once you've earned it! just think about it....

Peera 8 years ago

First a Big Thank you goes out to all those wonderful people with the important information. And if you are the typa one who still think "there gotta be a way to make quick and easy money online" the Answer is NO,THERE ISN'T

Peera 8 years ago

First a Big Thank you goes out to all those wonderful people with the important information. And if you are the typa one who still think "there gotta be a way to make quick and easy money online" the Answer is NO,THERE

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

Ms Queen,

Is your site? I checked the site out and the design is very nice.

ms queen 8 years ago

hi everyone. most work from home opportunities are a scam especially if they ask you to pay for anything! but there are a few legit ones. check out not a bad site

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author


If you know a bit about computers and am not shy of a little hard work, check out the hub I just posted at

This is an opportunity that I have been contemplating for some time, so that hub will be an ongoing project.

Karen 8 years ago

WOW - so glad I googled too. I have tried a few online things and each one has been a pay to apply or enroll and then you end up having to pay more for training or whatever. I just wish, as others have said, that I could find a legitimate work at home job. Not looking to be a millionaire - just comfortable. If you know of any, let me know.

Thanks again,

Karen 8 years ago

Is there any real online jobs out there?

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author


I do not know. I will check out the site and let you know.

jamesinnocent 8 years ago


StarBlaze 8 years ago

Today (30/04/2008), I received an email that linked me to which I found intriguing. But after reading through it, I was a bit dubious about rhe truth so I typed in "Angela Stevens" and this is one of the sites I found.

So, be careful. That scam of a webpage has apparently move 'address' again.

vatj5169 8 years ago

I have spent years looking for work at home jobs so I can relate to many of the members who have been taken in by these scams. I have been a victim and I have felt the anger and the helplessness. So, what I want to say is heed the advice others have posted. If the potential employer is asking you to send money, it's a scam. Work at home positions are available for free to anyone. Finding them is the tricky part. To give you all an idea of what to look for check this site Most os what is available is for different types of transcriptionists but there are other jobs listed as well, like legal researchers and secretaries. I hope this gives those of you who so desperately need it some hope. I was so glad to find this sight so I will be checking back from time to time and pray for the very best for all of you, especially the founder of this sight.

Juliana 8 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I received the e-mail from Chris from and now I now it's a scam!

Zahida Hussain 8 years ago

VOILAAAAAAAAAA, almost like a dream coming to life, but my gut feeling said, if its so eaasy to make this much money in a few hours, why is the population going to school to have a decent earning????? every one can just process at home while munching on their pop-corns, well take care you all and keep up the hard work, you cannot fail!!!!!and at the end of the week you will know you deserved every penny of what you made....

Dacook78 8 years ago

I got caught whit process rebate at home burned 197$.A 7 week program,I'm going to go all the way just for u guy's and will post again.Peace

ian 8 years ago

Remember the old adage: If seems to good to be true..... Besides, if this were true I could do all the rebates myself in one day and become a billionaire!!!!!!!But it did sound at first like the real deal, it pretty much made sense, but then the old scam clues started showing up ie; send money, three month guarantee, hurry now, limited time, second email in two days, and besides if this was soooo fantastic, wouldn't you keep it a secret and have a guaranteed income for the rest of your life? Yes these individuals should be exposed and destroyed! But remember that this is how banks, big businesses and politicians operate also!!

Mariah 8 years ago

I think it is funny that there is a google ad for the website your saying is a scam on your web page.


flick 8 years ago

i have a advice to you all. please check the disclaimmer.....

the whole thing is routed through Nicosia,Cyprus(a greek island in the invaded by the turkes/british.

flick 8 years ago

no one will prosecute all these criminals on earth, ...........

Kristian 8 years ago

Thank you all and I'm glad I google it. I received an email from with name: Ashley Redmond. She sendt me 2 short links

I have learned. So I check the website and glad I found out that it was a scam. I'm from Norway. I'm really sorry for those who lose $197. The people behind this pages sholud be in jail. But together we can try to stop this.

Remember people, I you do not get a real product or service is a scam or if you have to pay to get access to information on how to earn money online, I guarantee you that is a scam or this pepole do not making any money therfor they want you to pay for information.

Julie 8 years ago

I am so glad I found your warnings - I've been looking for a work at home situation and have looked at alot of them - I looked to the BBB and finally when I chose the one's that I thought might be right I e-mailed them with questions NONE of them responded. Know that I've seen your warnings I'm going to give up on working from home. Once again THANK YOU!!!!

Diogenes the Cynic 8 years ago


Things that should tell you it's a scam:

The Web page is long on promises of how much money you will receive, short on information about what they want you to do or how the system works.

And, even more critical, one that should always raise red flags and start alarm bells ringing: they want you to send them money. That's not how a legitimate job offer works. If you want me to work for you, you give me money. I don't give money to you. WOOP WOOP WOOP BLAT BLAT BLAT, it's a scam! Run Forrest run!

VERA OLIVER 8 years ago

I received this email from angel penbrook and printed it out to do more research and stumbled upon this site to find out that she is a scam thanks for informing us all of this scam and my heart goes out to those that did get taken in by this lady.I to like to do a research before I committ to anything.

momof3boys 8 years ago


I have been reading through all the posts and I must say that I am so glad to have done like so many here and done a search. LOL ....

But the good news is this... I did a search on typing from home and it lead me to a site that had some decent listings on it.( I cannot remember the addy right off hand but just hang in there for a couple more lines). I do remember seeing quite a few ads on there that were refferral sites (where you pay a small fee and they send you to the employers suposedly), but there were also real work from homes as well. One was

I did apply for a survey position with Public Opinion and believe it or not they actually do pay. Now the pay is by the call but the lowest I have encountered was 1.50 per completed survey. The work hasn't been really what you would call steady over the last few weeks, but it is easy and simple to do. And YES!!!! I did receive a check.

While I was checking in to see if there was upcoming work one day(from the interviewer page there is an employee meebo room so we can compare notes and chat with other workers). I checked the back log to see if I had been left any messages by anyone and I saw a post in there where 2 people had been talking. And a girl I like referred a new guy to a site called That is one awesome site. It is an actual work from home reference tool. They actually call out the frauds as they are brought to their attention and post for others to see. So far I haven't found too much I didn't think should be on there. Mind you it is jobs and no you may not qualify for the position you really want because a lot of the jobs offered on there have strict qualifications. But you could get a customer service position on there taking inbound calls for a few hours a day to help you have a little breathing room from one month to the next.

Another site I was told about is This is an inbound customer service position. I like what I have seen so far. But I must admit that I am in the application process. They seem to be really serious about their requirements and what they expect from their employees.

I would be more than glad to talk with anyone about the different work from home opportunities that I have came across out there. Just remember that if it seems to good to be true then it is. To be able to make excellent money, you have to work hard to earn it. Nothing in this life is gonna be easy or free. Well, nothing worth having anyway. My grandma taught me that. Feel free to email me or hit me up on yahoo IM if you would like.

Angela Patterson.....( NO NO NO NOT PEMBROKE Huzzy!!!) I live in statesville nc and am darn tootin proud of it!!!!!!!!!lol) or either one works

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

I am happy to see that not everyone is falling for the scam as I did. Taking the time to post this hub is worthwile if I have helped a few people avoid losing their hard earned money.

Happy to have my $197.00 8 years ago

Angel Stevens almost got my money, too. Sounded too good to be true, so I googled. Thanks for all the information

Dizzyme 8 years ago

Another scam, one that I fell for was from that Pandaresearch. I have never gotten all of my approvals from the companies. And it has been half a yr. Plus, one of the surveys was for the AMAZON DIET. Total scam. What they did was robbed my bank acct. My stupidity on that part was giving my acct. #. But I thought in order to make money from that survey I had to provide it to get the product for the survey. Well, I had to open a whole new acct. And never got my money back from them. They should be shut down. And in jail for robbery as far as I'm concerned.


Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author


Many of the money transfer scams that you mention originate from the country of Nigerea and the FBI's website includes a special section on Nigerean scams. Thans for the post.

tdean 8 years ago

I've come close to making that mistake - some times temptation can blind us to what is really going on... please read on, maybe this might help some of you... I'm always leery of emails that tell me I can make a lot of money. But I wasn't always that way. There are many, many different ways that these kinds of individuals will try to get your money. Be very careful. One such manner I have seen numerous times, and almost fell victim to is as follows; a few years ago I received an email telling me of the death of a possible relative somewhere in Africa. Supposedly this 'relative' left 'millions of dollars' in a bank account with no known relative to release it and receive the inheritance. The person who contacted me needed my help, stating that if I opened a bank account, sent the account information to him, signed a few forms stating I was a relative, his bank, where the 'millions were', would transfer the funds to my account in my bank. I could then keep a percentage, the rest would go to him. At first it sounded ok. I even started thinking about what I could do with my share. Millions of dollars.... WOW!! Even the name of the plane my 'relative' had died on was for real..... but, it just did not 'feel' right. So I started investigating. I even contacted the FBI, and it was then I found out that this was an ongoing scam. I even found several sites dedicated to warning people of this kind of scam. I forwarded a copy of the email to the FBI and sent an email to this scammer that I had done just that. Since that time I must have received at least 100 different variations on the same theme, plus a few 'sad' stories. If you receive an email telling you of the possibility that a relative, with the same last name has died and left millions in some foreign bank, and you are asked to help, don't! It's just another scam..... There are many variations, including sad stories about dead parents; a loved one tragically taken from someone; etc. This list goes on and on... so.... try to remember these few simple rules when it come to emails - 1. If you don't know them - don't believe them....2. Never, ever give out any personal information, especially information about your finances. These people will try anything to get you to part with your money. Don't buy into it.3. If ever in doubt, don't! Usually, and we've all heard this before, 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't.'4. Investigate, investigate, investigate. (Or Google if you like.)5. Remember, if you have an email account somewhere, usually that account is on someone's mailing list. Physical mailing lists are sold all the time, as are email accounts. Scamming is just an internet word for 'bulk mailing'. It serves the same purpose. Even if just 5 people out of every hundred that were sent these mailings respond positively, that's 5 people too many. Besides, unlike bulk mailing, scamming costs virtually nothing. Profit, profit, profit.6. Lastly, unless one wins the Lottery, there really is no easy, fast way to make lots of money - and that is what these people ply us with - to quote; "you too can make as much money as you want, as fast/or slow as you want, from the comfort of your own home.... "Be safe, careful and know who you are dealing with ...... tdean

RUSSELL 8 years ago


Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

Scam operations like RebateProcessors stay in operation because they are able to skirt prosecution. Although their tactics may not be illegal, they are unethical. The best we can hope to de is inform the public and try to prevent the success of the scammers.

dotymed 8 years ago

I am sorry some of you were scammed. What a world! greed and thievery. I am a disabled carpenter and father trying to survive. I went to her "disclaimer" site and saw that all claims against her had to go through the Cyprus court system.

glenn  8 years ago

when is the world going to wake up to theese scams , the people who put theese scams on the computer should be jailed for computerfraud just like they monitor kidde porn , somewhere out there there are millions of people being scammed out of their hard earned dollars looking for abetter way to make end,s meet and being taken advantage of , theese people should be strung up on a tree and hung, and for the government they should get off their assses and protect the consumers

reba wright 8 years ago

Stores on line is another one to beware of.

there is far more to it than they advertise.

we lost several thousand dollars to them and their affiliates.

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author


Contact your credit card company to get the transaction cancelled.

lynn raber 8 years ago

I too got scammed and ended up paying the $197.00 with a credit card. I e-mailed and asked for a refund before the transaction went through and never heard. The money was taken out and I too need to know what to do for a refund. What a lousy dishonest individual. What can we do to stop this?

lynn raber 8 years ago

I too got scammed and ended up paying the $197.00 with a credit card. I e-mailed and asked for a refund before the transaction went through and never heard. The money was taken out and I too need to know what to do for a refund. What a lousy dishonest individual. What can we do to stop this?

Debbie says: 8 years ago

Thank you all, I almost got taken in by that rebate scam, If anyone has any lagit at home jobs let me no. Thanks again..

Len 8 years ago

Thanks for the info. "Angela..." almost got me too.

Roberta Mudville 8 years ago

I feel like I am "connected" to all you good people as many of your comments could have been made by me. The only "angel" in this deal is DUMBLEDORE-- (aside-- I love his "world is in your hands" theme--as I feel it it truly is-- we are riding an exponential curved wave with the net; it is sad to realze that the greedy "moneychangers" will be among the 1st to benefit)...THANK YOU Dumbledore--we need a few more thousand like you

kenjaycorp 8 years ago

I think the Process at Home program could be made to work if you had additional resources with which to expand. I purchased the program, reviewed it and decided that it was not what i wished to Pursue. I requested a refund via a note to Angel Stevens and ClickandBuy promptly refunded the entire purchase price of $197.00 in about three days. I don't see why everyone is so negative about this company!

dataminer profile image

dataminer 8 years ago from Ninety Six,SC

Nice and informative hub exposing this scam. You can find a number of ideas, free and low cost bizops here.

Danny 8 years ago

i've been looking for a work from home business for years i bought a few of them john becks , don lapre .......... programs anyway this morning i tought i should search some more see if i will find something i found this site and it sounded good i tought this was it something didn't sound right about Mr Dr Mike Stera something told me to google this i mean i got burned so many times it's not even funny anymore i know there is at least one out there that is not a scam and i am going to find it when i do i wil let u know . And if u find it pez let me know i am just trying to pay my debt here not buy a damn lamburghini i want a decent life not a plane anyway thanks my e-mail is and my id is DannyCwd @ yahoo so feel free to contact me anytime peace and thanks again Dumbledore i owe u one by the way did u ever found a real business oportunity ???

peter 8 years ago

in my opinion.. any site that asks you to send them money first and then they will start making money for you.. is a big red flag.. i knew angel stevens was a scam when she promised i would make a lot of money and all i had to do was send her 197 bucks... i knew then that she was the only one that was going to be making money... she didn't get any of mine...

Jaime 8 years ago

I have 3 kids to feed and am on government assistance trying to live. I want a real work from home op so bad. I almost fell for it too. That 197 is 3 days groceries you know. So glad i came here first. Thanks for sharing and if there are real work at home jobs like forbes said where are they?

Rhonda 8 years ago

I wish there was something legitimate out on the internet where I could work from home. I really need to earn some money and I have to work from home. It is hard to trust anyone these days.

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author


Always research an opportunity before diving in. I am glad you did not fall for this one.

smijjen 8 years ago

i too was almost scammed.thankfully i asked my parents and boyfriend before i did anything.

my mom didnt know anything about it only that she too received an email from angela penbrook.

my boyfriend had one piece of sounds too good to be true,DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!! he said they taught us that in school for a reason!

Kelly 8 years ago

I've read through every comment posted here and yes, I am one who was stupid enough to send in my $$. It was only after they didn't deliver that I started to look into it. These people, or if it's just Angela Penbrook are good, good as in how to scam you out of your money. Different names, email addresses, url addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, it goes on and on. In my research I believe, Angela Penbrook, Angela Stevens and Stephanie Edwards are either 1 in the same or 2 women working all the angles. I have reported them to hoping they will get to the bottom of this and get this company off the internet. I receive NUMEROUS emails per day for this offer, I have kept copies of them, tracked the emails addresses, looked at the ads side by side, it's all the same thing, and these people have really figured out how to spin people in circles once caught up in their scheme. I myself even got a phone call(voice mail) from a human with a call back number, never got a hold of him, he never returned my phone calls. I came across another woman who had the same experience, not to mention the names of the gentlemen callers where very similar. Please, for everyone's sake, if you have connections, know how to work things, get to the right people, please do so, we need to get this scam and the people running it off the internet in a hurry. From reading all the posts above people are getting info globally, it really needs to stop. To this end I will not stop trying to get my money back nor will I stop trying to get these people out of business. What I have found is that there are REAL work from home jobs out there, but you are going to have to WORK, or get training/on-going education, myself, I am currently enrolled in a credited on-line course for Medical Transcription. This is just an example of what REAL jobs there are out there for work at home. Blessed Be to all, and Good Luck!

dataminer profile image

dataminer 8 years ago from Ninety Six,SC


if you look over the site things just don't add up-thanks for the heads up ;-)

Josh 8 years ago

go to if you are good with people and you are willing to work reasonably hard

Josh 8 years ago

yes rebate processors are quite the scam, how could something so easy make you so much money. something i have had success with however is multi level marketing and if anyone wants any info about the program im doing go to it takes a bit of work but if you're outgoing, patient, and persistent you can do very well. check it out if you think it might be good for you

Josh 8 years ago

yes rebate processors are quite the scam, how could something so easy make you so much money. something i have had success with however is multi level marketing and if anyone wants any info about the program im doing go to it takes a bit of work but if you're outgoing, patient, and persistent you can do very well. check it out if you think it might be good for you

Tim 8 years ago

Another site selling ANELA PENBROOK scam

steve j 8 years ago

i have three known work at home businesses that ive used for 27 years and the investment is for equipment , these are physical jobs not sitting in front of a computer hoping for get rich fast, find me and ill show you .

sylvannoel profile image

sylvannoel 8 years ago from coral springs

Thanks for the heads up on the rebate processing, I almost signed up for it but I found something serious instead. Have you found anything that works? I wish everyone the best in the search for financial freedom. Remember never send info in an e-mail from any financial instituion.

Nanou 8 years ago

Ok....This is just perfect...., but from there where do you go to find real info?

You look for a job at home to make a living and BAM!... you get scammed, so you look it up to the so called ""...and BAM! it's a fraud too....then what? How do you know? Who do you trust? Where do you look? And how do you make money if you spend your time checking and wondering where the fraud is? Better be off and go to work somewhere? Do real at home job exist, beside home cleaning? ...Help...Anyone?!

margdalena garcia 8 years ago

i am so glad that i google this tonigth. The website of angela stevens is a rip-off

i am so sorry for people that like me are trying to make extra money, i am glad

i did not buy in to it.

Sam 8 years ago

One thing that I have come to learn is that any money making opportunity that is widely publisized on TV, E-mail, etc. Is most likely a scam. If everyone knew about it the way they advertise, the opportunity would not be as profitable.

True Clarity 8 years ago

Google "Dr." Mike Stera and "Dr." Richard Stera. They act as if they're a nonprofit based in Washington, D. C., formed to help people avoid work-from-home scams like the ones mentioned in this post. But at one site, a "letter" to consumers is posted by a Dr. Richard Stera.

They go into elaborate detail about the "system" they used to determine legit internet-based work-from-home outfits, then promote 3 of those, indicating that ONLY those 3 are the most honest.

Yet, when I tried Googling the name "Steara", up popped a link to their nonprofit site - only this time, it was a similar letter from a "Dr." MIKE Steara! Same format, too: At the end of the letter to "consumers", Dr. Mike promotes 3 DIFFERENT work-from-home sites, RECOMMENDED HIGHLY BY THEIR ALLEGED CONSUMER PROTECTION NONPROFIT.

But, in my opinion, this "nonprofit" agency is a front for the internet scam sites they promote. If not, then WHY/HOW would their site pop up at the very top of a Google search I did earlier on "reverse funnel marketing"? NOTE: Those commercial sites have PAID to be thrown to the top of a Google search page, in the yellow-highlighted top section of your browser page.

So the question remains: If "Dr.'s" Mike and/or Richard Steara are legitimately trying to help consumers, WHY would they pay to be found at the most-viewed and most-expensive part of a Google search? WHAT ARE THEY SELLING?

The Romans had it correct, centuries ago: CAVEAT EMPTOR - Let The Buyer Beware!

Anke 8 years ago

I started reading Angela Penbrook's site about the rebate processor job and it sounded sooo good. Then I remembered what somebody told me once, when it sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE it usually isn't. There is no free or easy money!! So, I checked your site and my suspicion was confirmed .Thank you.

Zora 8 years ago

I got scammed to by process rebates from home. FYI I search for home based business via the BBA. I was shocked at the scams out there. I have to join with a medical benefits company. You work it like a business, they pay you a residual income for selling insurance benefits, but no fear there is NO TELEMAKETING. We'll for me this is something I can do, it is simple and they provide benefits and 401K. They are a legit, 15 year old company with 2 million benefit subscribers. It is not a get rich quick or sit and do nothing company. You have to work 15-20 hours a week, but the tool and training are all. get this FREE. I have really spent time learning the policies and so on but like any REAL home base job, you have to treat it like a real job. If you want info visit my website My email address is on the link so email me with any questions. I now how these businesses make you skeptical, I have tried 7 different work from home, this is they only one with reachable goals I have found. Again, Not a get rich quick, but a nice supplemental income.

collegemoneyguy 8 years ago

If you paid by credit card, you can call your credit cardcompany and ask them how you can put the charge in dispute.

You can read about your "credit card chargeback rights" here:

If you paid by check, you'll need to try to do a stop pay on the check, which will cost you a small fee, but certainly way less than $200.

Money orders are quirky which you can read about here:

Cashier's check, you're probably out of luck:

If you have to take it further, you would do the following:Notify the Attorney General of your state. They'll generally have forms for you to fill outto file a formal complaint or direct you to a pageto fill one out online. They may recommend youfile the complaint in the state the company doesbusiness in. You can also file with http://www.ripoffreport.comand (at the bottom of the pageyou'll see a link called "file a complaint". Click onthat and it will take you to a form to fill out).You might also want to report to:

IveTriedThat did a great review of Rebate Processor Jobs here:

And the guy who helps me on my hubs just put up a "Rebate Processor Job Word Search" puzzle which I figure is a MUCH more productive way to spend your time than sinking $200.00 into one of these things.

Mike 8 years ago

what can you tell me about rebate processors tolls .com? is it the same as that of Angela stevens?, is angela penbrook legitimate?

Wes 8 years ago

I'm starting to believe that the only real work at home on line jobs out there are the ones where you scam someone out of their hard earned Money!!!

christina 8 years ago

I am a single mother of 1, and always trying to find new and exciting ways to make more money for us to live on.

Thank god, you guys are here to tell me a little something about this and other scams. I appreciate it more than you know.

slvrtrz3000 profile image

slvrtrz3000 8 years ago from Haines,Alaska

I saw the Angela Penbrook Rebate Processor URL on top of my Gmail email account the other day and clicked on it. I have

been reading the website for the past two days,thought about it over and over again in my head if i should join. The "little voice

of reason and caution" in my head and heart advised me to check up on and type Angela Penbrook Rebate Processor scam


across this site,read almost everyones comments on the fake rebate job and i too am very grateful that i didn't

fall victim to this lying website. I AM VERY GRATEFUL. Thank you to everyone for waking me up as i almost was ready to

spend the last of my Target paycheck this 3/14/08 on this junk. When i was on Maui,i spent $600 on a turnkey travel website

almost three years ago by now through my Hawaiian bank online. I thought that i had done enough research back than to

avoid be scammed. I ended up being ripped off but after submitting supporting documentation to my local Hawaiian bank

branch at the time i was refunded all my money back into my account. The money was being funneled straight into Mexico

through PayPal at the time. PayPal did nothing but give me alot of BS and lipservice. I contacted the FBI and InterPol with

thousands of other people that year and eventually the sites were shut down. The moral of this story is

RESEARCH,RESEARCH,RESEARCH,RESEARCH,RESEARCH,RESEARCH!!!!! Do all you can to get to the truth and listen

to that quiet little voice inside you. It's there to protect and guide us.

Thanks again everyone.


slvrtrz3000 profile image

slvrtrz3000 8 years ago from Haines,Alaska

I saw the Angela Penbrook Rebate Processor URL on top of my Gmail email account the other day and clicked on it. I have

been reading the website for the past two days,thought about it over and over again in my head if i should join. The "little voice

of reason and caution" in my head and heart advised me to check up on and type Angela Penbrook Rebate Processor scam


across this site,read almost everyones comments on the fake rebate job and i too am very grateful that i didn't

fall victim to this lying website. I AM VERY GRATEFUL. Thank you to everyone for waking me up as i almost was ready to

spend the last of my Target paycheck this 3/14/08 on this junk. When i was on Maui,i spent $600 on a turnkey travel website

almost three years ago by now through my Hawaiian bank online. I thought that i had done enough research back than to

avoid be scammed. I ended up being ripped off but after submitting supporting documentation to my local Hawaiian bank

branch at the time i was refunded all my money back into my account. The money was being funneled straight into Mexico

through PayPal at the time. PayPal did nothing but give me alot of BS and lipservice. I contacted the FBI and InterPol with

thousands of other people that year and eventually the sites were shut down. The moral of this story is

RESEARCH,RESEARCH,RESEARCH,RESEARCH,RESEARCH,RESEARCH!!!!! Do all you can to get to the truth and listen

to that quiet little voice inside you. It's there to protect and guide us.

Thanks again everyone.


Sohsha 8 years ago

I did some research after reading about Angela Stevens Process from Home and came across the site review authority which lists this program as one of the #1 at home programs. I was confused because I had read some comments about the program being a scam so I e-mailed site review authority with a few questions and never heard from them!!! That was the first "hint" that something wasn't right......then I found this site and was so thankful that I didn't fall for the scam!

John 8 years ago

I just got scamed for $197.00 by Angela Penbrook there is No items to process. Don't give her your money she is not honest and she is a crook.

friend 8 years ago

Thanks...I got the one where the name is now angela penbrook..almost did it!

Paul From Miami 8 years ago

Thank you so much for the info. I am in a habbit always checking for reviews and comments before I do anything from buying an appliance to buying a book.

I think people should be more careful and always do their due diligence before handing out their hard earned money. If it sounds too good to be true...

Rock On!

dataminer profile image

dataminer 8 years ago from Ninety Six,SC

great informative hub-kudos!! There are ways to work from home for little or no money to find out more

Angela 8 years ago

I almost felt for this scam of Angela Pennbrook as well. Thanks to you people and the good lord something came up and I was not able to get the money to send. It is ashame that people try to scam others out of their hard earn money. I also want to thank a friend who God gave the foresight to see that this was a sca m, and she shared the information with me so I will not get scam. My advice is to research before you send any money.

pops 8 years ago

Thanks, I was about to invest $197 also .I tried to find something out from the BBB but that wasn't very fruitful.Glad I googled this. Another question then is what about this that is referred to on Angela Penbrook's site. Are they full of it also? So now we can't even trust companies that are in the business of reviewing other companies to protect the innocent. Man, what a world we live in!!!Unbelievable. Thanks again Dumbledore for creating this site!

lg 8 years ago

Im glad I googled her name and came up with 'SCAM" written all over her name. Thanks again and Im sorry you got scammed. Good luck!

Beatriz 8 years ago

I paid $197 for Angela Penbrook work from home honestly, and now I know it's a scam, and I've been tried to get a reach of customer service and it has been impossible!. I read here that Richard did the same thing and he could get his money back. i'm trying to do the same, so please help me to do what you did. Thanks!

Ms. Blaque 8 years ago

OMG!!! I almost signed up for the Angel Stevens account as well. I received it in an email and was going to take a few days to think about it. When I went back, the webpage no longer worked. I knew right then that it had to be a scam and decided to research it. I can't believe they would actually prey on people who need a little help. What is this world coming to?!

Kat B 8 years ago

Thanks for this valuable info....I too was almost sucked into this. I have been searching for a ligitimate for so long I was desperate...This needs to be stopped

nathassjia 8 years ago

is there anyone who s working for them? making some money? i wanna know please ty

Duran 8 years ago

Hey all. Thanks for you input on this site. I too stumbled on the Angela Penbrook site to process rebates from home. I have seen TOO MANY OF THESE SCAMS so, after reading it, I did a search for the name and have found out what it is really about. Is there an opportunity there, YES. Is it easy and low cost...NO!!! Anytime I look at one of these work at home things, my first thought is the same as a few of you..."Why do I have to PAY YOU for ME to get a job?" Most of the sites that say they are telling the "truth" about work at home jobs say that if you have to pay THEM it is a scam. I have only found ONE site that SEEMS to have legitimate (sp?) jobs you can work from home. Do your search on "freelance jobs". That is what working from home would really be, freelancing. I did the search a few weeks ago and found a few sites. I haven't tried anything yet but have done a lot of looking. The one I have searched the most is If you have the qualifications they are looking for, this could be the way for a lot of you to ACTUALLY WORK FROM HOME. The thing is, you are NOT going to be making the outrageous money that the scams promise. But, it looks like you could make a living. If you take into account the lack of costs associated with a job outside the home, you probably could make good money AND...they don't try to sell you anything!!! Haven't found anything for me yet but I hope some of you try it and find something you could do.

Good luck and God Bless!!!

Brenda 8 years ago

Thank goodness I googled rebate processors!!! Thank G-d for you site. I am really desperate for work. My age 55 makes me really hard to find work. No accounting for life experience. But thank you. You saved me what little I had left. Does anyone know any real jobs from home?

dab 8 years ago

Is this a matter of just a scam for the $200 or has anyone experienced identity theft afterwards?

miranda 8 years ago

I sign up for angle stevens and got a call from another company who has helped me start up a internet business online and work with a coach.. I got my money back from angle stevens but use the coaches that are actually great to work with and are not a scam. U can make money by starting your own internet business.

Barbara 8 years ago

Help! Someone in my household signed on for this without researching first!! How do we stop payment and do the best possible damage control ASAP?

Kathy 8 years ago

Thank you so much to everyone here for sharing their experiences and for informing the public about this. I too was thinking of putting out the $197.00 but the skeptic in me luckily brought me here and saved me the money and humiliation of being scammed. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. Good luck to everyone in finding a legitimate way to make money!

Brandon 8 years ago

You right, While reading the rebate processing job offer it sounded as if I would be processing rebates for over 10,000 companies. I felt as if I would log in and have rebates there that need processing. As soon as I bought the package it went into another direction. Only way you'll do a rebate is if u sell something first. After spending money to market, you'll come out losing money. ITS A SCAM LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!! I ordered a prom for almost $200.00, I'm in the process of getting my money back, they got a whole on my credit card. BULLSHIT.

utmostdisgust 8 years ago

per Josie's post...I checked out by by calling "ClickandBuy"- 877-265-7821... I just tried to call and thought that might be a good thing to advise ALL interested parties to do, just to make their jobs a bit challenging... But, THEY NO LONGER ANSWER THE PHONE, JUST A MESSAGE TELLING ME TO EMAIL THEM!!!! Talk about a SCAM!!!! Even the people at "ClickandBuy" should be harrassed to he** just for being affiliated with such a scam!!!!!!!

DORIS 8 years ago


OCTAVIA  8 years ago



drawe profile image

drawe 8 years ago from Colorado

Great advice for all! If it looks to good to be true -- it probably is. There are so many scams in marketing, work at home and such that it has ruind the chances for legitimate groups.

drakk 8 years ago

It's sad to find people out there who willingly play on peoples needs and hopes scamming them out of their money. Thank you for posting this information and thanks also for those who added their comments to further our understanding of these CRIMINALS (in my opinion).

P.S. I received a new email recently under a new name...STEPHANIE EDWARDS.

Same sad story to play on peoples dreams and promises of fortune. DONT FALL FOR IT!!!!

Jenn 8 years ago

Wow...since when do we have to pay $$$ to make $$$ all to save $$$ for these big corporations. And to think I got three e-mails within minutes on this scam...

Mark of Oswego 8 years ago

I found it interensting that on this very same page discussing rebate scams that there were serveral ads for Rebate processing jobs many of which loked like Angela Penbrook's ad. Is there such a thing as work from home jobs that an independent can do?

FOr those that are trying to get a refund, go to your Credit Card company and inform them that you have a complaint against this merchant. File a formal complaint explaining that you were given a return offer but are not agle to get it. The credit car company will deduct your payment form her and get your money back.

Thank you Dumbledore for taking the time to write this out!.

agbelitsi 8 years ago

This is crazy

Delane 8 years ago

There was recently a special on my local TV station about work from home opportunities and the bottom line was if you have to pay money up-front then don't. Has anyone tried the either of the 2 sites at the top of this page? If so.....what did you think?

sherrie burrell 8 years ago

Thank you Thank you!! You guys have really restored my pride. I felt like a fool getting ready to send the 197.00 for the rebate processing scam. As most of you put it, when I saw one for 197.00 and another for 39.00 I said wait a minute and decided to google. I really do not have to money right now and I think that is the main reason why I just started researching. I think If I had the money right now I would of made a fast decision and went for it. Thanks so much Dumbledore and the rest for not being selfish and deciding to share this scam.

kim 8 years ago

thanks everyone, i had actually went and retrieved my credit card to sign up and my gut told me to check this out, glad i did. If anyone knows of a legit work from home business my family really needs the money just to get by

April 8 years ago

My son pokes fun at me, saying "Mom, you Google EVERYTHING!" *laughs*

Indeed I do, and I'm SO glad I did so before falling for Angela Penbrook's Process From Home scam...not Angel Stevens, but I'll bet that it's the same company - if not the same PERSON! Like someone stated above, I'm out of work, and I surely can't afford to pay money out for nothing,.. Thanks Dumbledore!!

Ron 8 years ago

This is a great site for information on scams. I was just about to try one out and saw this site. THanks for the information.

RickinGeorgia 8 years ago

They've now launched a similar scam under "Angela Penbrook". Same bad deal, just a different name. Give them $197 and become an instant rebate processor. Earn hundreds of dollars an hour, etc. "Hurry. Only 115 positions available in this limited offer..." Thanks for sharing this information for those of us who would have been scammed.

joyg 8 years ago

THANKS Dumbledore and all those who put in your comments here to help the others. it is very helpful to have such a colunn. To the unlucky ones, here's what I'd donefor you, I called the "ClickandBuy"- 877-265-7821, acted to buy the program, the operator is ready to take the payment, then when I asked about how legit is the site, then he advised me to google the site and make my own decision, very obvious, he wasn't very thrilled about his job. Said they are in Germany and have been processing refunds all day long, about 20%, and added that 80% nationwide is still very lucrative business. There, those unlucky ones who paid, quick and make that call, Good luck. Refer to Kelly G's comment, great effort and quite helpful.

Josie 8 years ago

Really Dumbledore,I must thank you for starting this site and to all of you who spent the time to comment here to help others who almost believed a good opportunity is waiting just to find out it is just another scam. From this point on, looks like the Angel Steven is now Angela Penbrook as the email I received. After reading all the comments here, I checked out by by calling "ClickandBuy"- 877-265-7821 suggested by Victoria Nelson. Acted like I am ready to pay, and the operator was also ready to process, but when I asked if the site can be trusted, then he encouraged me to google it and decide for myself, also told me that they have buyers worldwide and also allow refunds within 9(?) days. And added by saying that they have been processing refunds all day long about 20% from their location at Germany. So, there, those who haven't call, do it now before the time runs out. Refer to Kelly G's comment, Great effort, very helpful. Good luck!

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

Thank you for your kind words, Victoria.

Victoria  8 years ago

A learned gentleman (who knows scams) answered my question regarding rebate gig, on my Amazon.Askville. I must thank him for leading me to your site. Each of the comments here have proved most useful to me and I too will not spend $197.00 or any other amount to an internet add scam.

PS -the scam was not a part of ASK>VILLE - that is where I posed the question and received the info.

I shall be back to your sight and recommend you for your efforts and thouroughness.


Donna 8 years ago

Thanks many Thanks, who have money to throw aways these days? If there is any work at home jobs that are legit, I sure would like to know. Words of wisdom if you have to pay money out, its probably a scam. Employers does not seek money from you first. They pay you!!!!!

Shirley 8 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved a retired grandmother $197. I need to supplement my Social Security and almost fell for this. I am so grateful I took the time to Google Angela Penbrook. Thank you again.

orosowner 8 years ago

I had gone so far as to transfer money from my savings account into my checking account to cover the cost but when I went back to the site to sign up, it was blank. So I googled Angel (really?) Stevens and came across this wonderful site. God bless all of you people. The owners of the site and all who contributed their comments. I am very much wiser for discovering you.

theriddler 8 years ago

Almost bought into this but I did my due research first. Here is an article that tells you exactly what yu need to know about<a href=" rebate processor jobs</a>

grammab 8 years ago

I too am a victim of Angela Stevens and her Process Rebates at Home Program. My feelings have gone from being a little bit upset that I did not get what I was promised to very upset - frustrated - irritated to down right angry. I have repeatedly asked for a refund and am getting the run around. If anyone out there has been successful in getting a refund I would love to hear how you went about it.


wtapkdc22 8 years ago

Wow thanks for this site and the post on here. My Mom sent me an email said she was going to do this and what did I think. Well she did the right thing asked for help. I read it and said no way, but wanted to see what was out there. Found your site! A+++ I guess ‘Angel Stevens'. Has a bad name now so moving on to Angela Penbrook. Here is the link looks almost the same as Angel Stevens. Well sorry Angela Penbrook You’re a scam also. Employment is when YOU get paid from the employer Not pay $197 or $39 to a company to work for them. Hope this helps! Don’t want to see anyone get scammed! God Bless!

scammed 8 years ago

I am an idiot, a little more research and I would have saved myself, $200. Is there anything I can do now it happened back in Jan, or am I too late, I've since changed my email address so I don't have the links or a way to contact them, does anyone have her email address, or any help?

kimber3234 8 years ago

Hi I think I have learned a lesson reading all of this. I was hyped up in reading Angles' site. But, something told me to do a search to see if I hear any successes about her or, who ever that person may be behind the computer. Scary and sick world, isn't it?

My husband is a very cautious person and I should learn a lot by watching him. Everyone needs quick fast extra money, but, the type of world we live in can't be trusted, so we must be careful. Technology is a fantastic tool and at the same time can be a scary tool. So, we must be careful. I am American and I moved to Ireland with me and my kids in 2006. My husband is Irish and, at the moment I am a full time college student, my hubby is working full time, so I was getting a bit excited on that scam site. Thank goodness that I search her name first. I don't mind talking to someone if they wish to chat. I feel bad for the ones that didn't check it out first.

my email.

I would like to find a decent home base job, that's real. But, now, I know its takes hard work to rich the success mark. We must crawl before we walk.

Goodluck everyone.


gcsweep 8 years ago

I recently received the same Angel Stevens scam for $197 listed with a different name..Angela Penbrook...same program.

aly 8 years ago

I knew it was too good to be true when she mentioned HOW she happened to run into the man at the doctor's office that told her about this work from home job and also when those pop ups indicate how much more time you have left because the membershiop might close. Those were the warning flags for me, thank goodness I didn't get lured in her web of lies and am also grateful to this site.

coppermoon 8 years ago

Thank all of you for the warnings... you've donated greatly to saving so many from losing their very-hard-to-come-by money. Karma should be good to you for this! Let's just go ahead and say that GREED is RAMPANT (and so is desperation) and 99.99% of these things are scams. Professional copy writers are paid highly for the writing on web pages like Angel Stevens'. They are paid so highly to make it sound as good as it did to all of us... I know because I was briefly trained to write this kind of copy (because I wanted to make money from home!) My conscience stopped me -- I realized that I'd be supporting the ripping off of so many people, and couldn't do it.

Thank God for internet research.... we've probably all been scammed so much that we now impulsively research trusted sites that can show us the red flags BEFORE we lose our money. But look at all the time wasted reading the 20-30 pages these copy writers get us to plow through! If you can, be strong and just delete the spam and lure before clicking to see what it's about. YOU KNOW IT'S GONNA TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU SO CRAVE AND YOU KNOW IT'S GONNA DISAPPOINT. Stop it before it starts and focus on real ways to enrich your life (and remember it ain't all about a bunch of money, although our economy gets us to think otherwise). Center yourself then pat yourself on the back for deleting the emails, and top it off by replacing that time with QUALITY. Do something you're passionate about instead.

THE BEST WAY TO CREATE MONEY FROM HOME is to start your own HONEST idea and contact your state's small business administration (SBA) for FREE assistance and advice - they even offer SCORE - a FREE mentoring program to help you with your plan, financial forecast and everything. EASY MONEY or money via being lazy is rarely if ever possible, but if you find something you're passionate about, hard work is fun and very healthy for the soul. But you've got to get a plan, research the reasonable tools you'll choose for your marketing, and it's best if your business is offering a product or service that is helpful, beneficial, enlightening or needed in the world at an honest fair price. This way, you can sleep at night, create a legacy to hand down, and die fairly happy one day.

I swear, the devil is in the lure of all this "make a bunch of money real easy" crap.

Contact me if you feel the need.

Kelly G 8 years ago

I am one of the "victims" of Process at Home, ie. Angel Stevens. I am a lucky one. I contacted my bank, clickandbuy and Process at Home within 24hours of my stupidity. I got nothing from Process at Home and an e-mail from ClickandBuy saying that they were busy and would give my e-mail attention when they weren't. That was Saturday, today they, ClickandBuy sent me an e-mail saying that my funds will be returned to me within 48hrs! I think it may have something to do with the e-mail I sent them. I am posting it for anyone that is in this situation. I hope it helps:I believe that you are collecting funds for a fraud/scam.The Transaction ID #xxxxxxxx and the Reference #xxxxxxxxx are the transaction this is regarding. On February 1, 2008, I accepted an offer from Process at Home. Your company collected the money, $197.00, which is pending on my account at this very moment.This companies links do not work, I have sent e-mails to them and receive no response. The "promise" and 90 day money back guaranty but there is no way to contact them to ask for the money back. I have tried to call you, but your lines are so busy that I can't get through. This makes me think you may already know there is a problem. I have contacted my bank and informed them of all of the above information. The funds will clear my account on Monday and they, Bank of America, will start a fraud investigation. I suspect they will be looking to you first for the info necessary to prosecute. As I have been so quick to contact them, they assure me that I will receive the funds back and I am sure they will be "hot" to recover from someone. I will continue to try to contact you to stop the funds before they are transferred to Process at Home.Consider this notice that those funds have been fraudulently obtained by Process at Home and by forwarding those funds to them, your company may also be considered part of the fraud. Please do everyone a service and DO NOT PROCESS ANYMORE FUNDS FOR THIS COMPANY! I may have been naïve, but to continue taking money from people after you have been made aware is, in my book, criminal. I will be contacting the Attorneys General office about Process at Home.In closing, I would like to make myself clear...DO NOT USE MY CARD AGAIN FOR ANYTHING. I AM NOT AUTHORIZING YOUR COMPANY TO USE IT AGAIN FOR ANY PURPOSE. I look forward to an amicable solution. I hope that we can remedy this situation without "difficulties" on either side.GOOD LUCK! I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE OUT THERE

Rod  8 years ago

I almost fell into this trap not that it was looking to good to be true but it actually made sinceto me. How the companies don't want to pay and all of that stuff. I want thank you for taking the time to do this.

Stay sweet

Richard C. 8 years ago

I almost became a victim of the $197 Scam Artist myself. If I had the extra money to spend, I probably would have signed up. I then went looking to find out what google said about rebate processing. (I had never heard of it before). I came across another site that wanted only $39 for their program. I wanted to check out one more site and I was lucky enough to come across this site. I am so glad that I did. Like everyone else, I am looking for a legimate site where you can actually make money from home. I do not have a problem paying them a small fee to get involved (in life we have to pay for "education" anyway). If anyone has any thoughts or additional ideas to share and to discuss, contact me:

superk1216 8 years ago

I hope by this time you have decided to invest in more substantiated and lucrative online business perspectives. I am not proud to say that I paid the $197 for this misleading sales pitch from Angel Stevens. I received an email soliciting me and against my better judgment (because I can sometimes be impulsive)I bought her e-book. I will not say this investment is a scam. For me, who is extremely busy with a full time job and schooling, I know little about the internet, so I can't say Angel's marketing is a scam. I knew nothing about what it meant to be an affiliate, so it informed me the basics, but I'm not a dummy and this site did not promise at all what it said. First off all, describing the business as "processing rebates" is fallacious, but not illegal;however, I attempted to receive my already promised money back guarantee after two days and when I clicked the "Contact Us" link it was non-existent. How do I get my 3 month money back guarantee Angel? Beware!This has been a great learning experience if I can educate others and learn from my mistakes.

superk1216 8 years ago

I hope by this time you have decided to invest in more substantiated and lucrative online business perspectives. I am not proud to say that I paid the $197 for this misleading sales pitch from Angel Stevens. I received an email soliciting me and against my better judgment (because I can sometimes be impulsive)I bought her e-book. I will not say this investment is a scam. For me, who is extremely busy with a full time job and schooling, I know little about the internet, so I can't say Angel's marketing is a scam. I knew nothing about what it meant to be an affiliate, so it informed me the basics, but I'm not a dummy and this site did not promise at all what it said. First off all, describing the business as "processing rebates" is fallacious, but not illegal;however, I attempted to receive my already promised money back guarantee after two days and when I clicked the "Contact Us" link it was non-existent. How do I get my 3 month money back guarantee Angel? Beware!This has been a great learning experience if I can educate others and learn from my mistakes.

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

Just be careful what you consider. There are legitimate opportunities, unfortunately, they do not normally show up in your inbox.

blueyes 8 years ago

hey.. thanks so much for all the comments! I can't believe how many people are actually looking for a work-at-home opportunity.. hey can't we all come up with something without scamming and taking people's money for nothing?? well i'll keep trying... i guess you just have to beware and do the research... byeeeee

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author


Your link is not complete, but thanks for the attempt to post another warning site.

caroline 8 years ago

I almost bought this thing thank god I did a quick search

MMK 8 years ago

Thanks millions. I received 2 emails from Angel Stevens and the first time I received it I read almost all of it and I liked it a lot. But when I saw how much she was charging ($197) I was taken aback and decided to close the window (instead of deleting the message) so I can come back to it when I havey money. When I attempted to close the window I got a pop up window urging me to stay and to not miiss this GREAT opportunity. Well, I did. I asked several questions and the answers I got back seemed to have come from a robot. And when I said that I didn't have the money to join in, I was hit with the following answer: "It's a shame."

For a few days I was day dreaming about how much money I could make with this program only if I had the money, and I really wanted to borrow the money BEFORE it was too late and their QUOTA was met when I received the second email from the same person. This time I googled "Become a rebate processor" and to my amazement AND good forune I came across this website and realized that it was a scam. In fact, in the process of doing so I came across another website that showed that the rebate processing thing is a scam, but that was only a cover for another scam. They claimed that they had the REAL income opportunity and it was for free. After I registered I found out that I had to buy other products and so on. So I immediately went to my email inbox and marked the email I received from them as JUNK. I don't want to hear from them again.

Barbara 8 years ago



altorr5448 8 years ago

Oh Boy!!..did she almost get me! Thank you for your website and the warnings of the people that actually signed up. I've been looking for several months now for an honest work at home program, since I lost my job several months ago. I was signing up today after I scrounged around for some cash to pay the sign-up fee--$197, but decided to google "Angel Stevens" find out their li'l "Angel" is a RIP-off devil!....I thank God for saving me from this scam...I'd rather be jobless for now and save my money for something honest work I could find.

Littleonecub 8 years ago

THANKS!! You saved me too. I tried to buy this program and I got rejected also. For security reasons. I was going to go back and give them a regular credit card, but THANKS TO YOU ALL - I didn't. Thanks for letting us know that she is a SCAM. I have a great job, but I was looking for extra income to get ahead. Thanks for the website and helping other people realize not to fall for this.

Michele 8 years ago

I am one of the unlucky ones. I paid the $197 late the other night, using my debit card, so I couldn't cancel the transaction before it went through. I have made several attempts to contact Angel Stevens and Click and Buy as well as Easyway Service Ltd. I have no luck so far. For those of you who actually got your money back is there anyway you can help. My husband recently passed away and I am not working because of a broken leg. it seems people really know when to kick you as if I haven't already have been having a difficult time. I should have known better, but I wasn't in my right frame of mind I guess. Next time I fall victim to one of these scams, I will definitely review it before I give any more of my money away.

CARLOS D.  8 years ago


Kylie1979 8 years ago

Angel Stevens almost got me too. When I tried to click off the window it kept popping up to give me additional "special offers". Thanks for lookin out!

saintz006 8 years ago

Thanks for the owner of this website, and also all your save my $39.....almost got scammed by angel stevens as well...good luck all...

teresa 8 years ago

omg i wish i would have say this site as well...i got scammed today by angel stevens...

Jeff L 8 years ago

I found a review of process at home here and it basically explains that its all a scam and you have to market products to try and make your money.

Chunky Style 8 years ago

Dumbledore, on you Work from Home Strategies page you have the following statement,

"Most conventional jobs that permit an employee to work from home will include very stringent shill-sets"

Shill-sets? Is that a freudian slip? lololol

sharae 8 years ago


Deanna 8 years ago

Wow...I too was almost a victim of this scam, but it rejected my credit card so that let me know I was lucky.

There has to be real work at home jobs out there!

Thank you all!

Cosmo818 8 years ago

Omg! I alsmot did this too! I had my mom read it, she was excited.. talkin about taking all the clothes back she bought to purchase the program! The Angel stevens crap is HORRIBLE! She sucks you in with the sobb story half of us are going through.. A red flag went up to me when i realized how LONG the page went on and the information was.. Explaining over and over again... If its that great. WHY all the convincing!? So glad I had a feeling to do a search and found this... Ive been scammed before.. Home processing... it was only 20 bux but when i paid it i got an email basically of the information i read, sayin to repost it with your paypal so they send you the $ i paid 20 bux for an ad i already read i could have just copied and pasted.

Ugh such a shame.

Audrey 8 years ago

I received this email on rebate processing and it sounded interesting. It seemed like a great way to make extra money while staying at home. I am so glad I found this website to read with all these great comments. It helped me alot and saved me from giving this ripoff company $197.00.

It's so sad that these companies do rip-off people and get away with it. I am a single mother with children and could use extra income and thought it would be a great way to do it. Luckily I didn't go forward with it, but there are innocent people out there just looking for extra income and getting ripped off. It's not fair and it's so sad. Even though it sounds too good to be true...people still want to believe it's real and still go forward with it and pay for these programs hoping they will get something or some payment out of it.

I don't know how these companies can do this to people, get their hopes up and make them think they are going to get money from it. It could be a person's last $200.00 to their name and they trust that company and lose all their money.

Completely wrong, unfair and someone needs to stop these rip-off companies.

BigBlue 8 years ago

That picture of Angel definitely does not look like a woman from the Bronx either..LoL

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

Sory you got taken. Good luck with the fraud report.

CurlyLocks 8 years ago

Well I wasn't so ,ucky. I actually got scammed by Angel Stevens. I signed up, paid my money and I have heard nothing from the compay at all. I did a fraud report with my credit card company.

AlaN lLOYD 8 years ago


Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 8 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

Working from home is noce for those who can achieve the dream. Do not pay to work, find an opportunity that you can start slow.

gatorgaldi 8 years ago

So very glad I had enough sense to google that Angel person and end up here. Today is payday, and I ALMOST signed up. Guess I'll stick to the old-fashioned local want ads. Thanks for the info!

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 9 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

To all of you who have changed your minds, I am glad I could help and thank you for the positive comments about this page!

Jennifer 9 years ago

Thanks so much for posting this site. I am glad that I looked deeper before I gave in! I'm just a mom who wants to be able to stay at home and raise my own child. Thanks for helping me save what little money I have.

injn 9 years ago

Thank the good Lord for people out there that find out about these scams and then are kind enough to spread the word. Thank you.

Victoria Nelson 9 years ago

I tried signing up for Angel Stevens "Rebate Processor" program and all I can say is GOD is good!! He definitely protect babies and fools! I gave my checking info for pymt but thank goodness it was rejected and requested I used my credit card (money is money). Then I called the pymt center "ClickandBuy"- 877-265-7821, and a gentlemen advised me to go to google w/o telling me why(I think he was trying to tell me something w/o telling me over the phone. Anyone, that is how I was able to find this website and place comments!! BEWARE everyone and GOD bless!

amber 9 years ago

hey all you guys..... i want to say thank you for saving me a load of money.... i have been getting emails for a few weeks now from angel stevens.... i was almost going to signup...cuz i looked on and didn't find anything on this person... i wanted to do just one more search to make sure it was the real deal but lol ... i went to metacrawler and searched the name angel stevens.. and i got four pages of scam reports.... and about the pic of angel.. it is not a real one cuz since i started getting emails from this company they have changed the pic from an older mature woman to the younger pic that is up now.... to those of you that did get scammed by this site... please help others from doing the same... go to and file a report.... its easy and wont take long to file...

Hawaii resident 9 years ago

Thanks for this, I was just seconds away from doing this scam.

Daddy-O 9 years ago

Hot damn, i tried to sigh up for angela stevens scam last night and it wouldn't let me "for security reasons". Wow!!! Was that close or what? Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!!! 9 years ago

As soon as Angel said she had processors or advisors {or whatever they call themselves} on her payroll I asked myself: "why would anyone work for her when they can make $225 hr working for their self? Am I supposed to believe she pays her employees more than $225 pr hr?

At this point I googled the name of her website+SCAM and within moments got confirmation she wasn't legitimate.

IF any one knows of a LEGITIMATE way to work from home and make DECENT money while doing so, please email me. 9 years ago

As soon as Angel said she had processors or advisors {or whatever they call themselves} on her payroll I asked myself: "why would anyone work for her when they can make $225 hr working for their self? Am I supposed to believe she pays her employees more than $225 pr hr?

At this point I googled the name of her website+SCAM and within moments got confirmation she wasn't legitimate.

IF any one knows of a LEGITIMATE way to work from home and make DECENT money while doing so, please email me.

Geraldine 9 years ago

Thank all of you for your comments, I almost signed up for the $197 scam. Are there any real work from home opportunities out there. I have a fatal kidney disease and I need the money but can't hold down a public job. Thanks again for saving me from this headache.

Chicago Lotus..... 9 years ago

I am also very glad that I found this web site. Received the Rebate WAH email and read it this morning........Unfortunately in past years a site like this one was not available to check out these SCAMS. I have been suckered in a couple of times before. "AD-CAR" and also the HUD rebate husband and I are senior citizens and cannot afford these kinds of SCAMS. We like many others need the money and are willing to earn for work any funds in order to keep our family going.

Gemi 9 years ago

You all confirmed my gut feelings about this scam

Thank you all. Keep posting your comments.

jelliobeanio 9 years ago

I was scanning email on a slow day, and came across the rebate scam one. The picture on the ad of an attractive smiling business woman is a stock photo. I know I have seen it on a website for a temp agency when I was job hunting about four months ago. The testimonial written about her is a lot of flattery, no verifiable facts in it. Also, read the privacy policy...They say your privacy is important to them, and then guarantee to give your information to others...Legitmate? I don't think so!!

That said, it really would be nice if there were legitimate offers out there. I thank my stars every day that I found a great job with a terrific boss. I would like a second source of income though. We are treading water, but it would be nice to move a bit ahead.

Ray in Portland 9 years ago

I'm glad I Googled up Angel Stevens before I signed up. Thanks for all of you who made their input about this scam. It saved me a lot of money. This one was really too good to be true.

T in Omaha  9 years ago

Thanks for saving me from the Angel Stevens rebate processing scam. Years ago we did not have this technology to warn each other about scams. You would receive money making offers via mail and had no way of verifying if it was real. Even though people abuse technology with money making scams, I think God for each of you and having a place to reach out to.

D In Mt 9 years ago

Again, not to be redundant Dumbledore, but thank you from Montana. Thankfully, I do research these things because I've had friends fall for these things. Angel almost caught me but I decided to look into the "scam" listings and sure enough, there she is. Hope people learn they can't get away with this any longer. People are becoming more and more aware of scams these days.

Bless You

Cherokeejill 9 years ago

I too thank everyone for contributing their experiences and knowledge of these scams. As for the Angel Stevens scam I also read it through and immediately googled her name, and found it is in deed a scam., My red flag however was the warning to sign up now or loose your chance, and site would forbid you to enter and or site my disappear, my worry was site may disappear after I signed up. But a good policy any way is to research a company before investing your money and time. Angel scam site reads:When all the spots are filled, this webpage is shut down and replaced with the following notice:

‘We’re sorry, but we cannot accept any new members into our program at this time. Please check back in the future for openings.”

Don’t let that happen to you. Click below to sign up now before all the spots get filled: Any site that threatens to shut down is not a secure risk.

Rose 9 years ago

Sooooo thankful for this site.. I got the Angel Stevens email today .. I google every WAH opportunity i have ever found and have yet to find one that is legit. Thanks to every one who takes the time to post here and alert the rest of us.

JODI 9 years ago


CH 9 years ago

Shame on Angel. Kudos to this site for the info.

bradley 9 years ago

Well I did get this , And guess what? I feel so stupid !!!!I read everything printed out all the e-books more than 400 hundred pages and like some else said tried to print out certain documents and was unable to so finally i got curious about this process at home crap I e-mailed Angel Stevens and she did reply but with no real answers , so finally I did a search and now i know I have been scammed for $197 What can i do to get my money back and can report this to someone if anybody has any answers please help me out !!!!

CADDOJAY 9 years ago



Hi everybody, I was just about to order this rebate processor program and am so glad I read your comments on what a real scam this is. I almost was ready to send the $197.00 fee. When I got to the site, I noticed they changed Angel Stevens picture. Last week it was another person that was supposed to be Angel Stevens, oh what SCAM, thank you all for this tips above that prevented me from ordering this SCAM program.

yve1225 9 years ago

I am glad I found this website. I almost got fooled by an "Angel" Thank God he told me to do the research. He told me this was the Angel he vanished from heaven. thanks a lot for the info.

LadyA 9 years ago

Thank you I almost signed up for this. I work full-time but I am looking for a part-time work from home job. Like so many Americans you need 2 jobs just to make ends meet. I appreciate your effort in spreading the word so we want get scammed.

pitpat6788 9 years ago

Add me to the list of those who almost fell for this one. I am usually very leery of these things, but I have to admit, this one is good. You know what raised the first red flag for me? There was a small typographical error (don't remember exactly where) and I wondered why such a professional-looking site would overlook a typing error. Also, I need to remember that if these people are really raking in the money legitimately like they say they are, they would not need to worry about selling their "program"......they're already "rich" LOL. Well they may be getting rich, but it's from the money of people like us, who can't afford to lose it.

Thanks to the creator of this site and others like it for exposing these things.

Jean V 9 years ago

Thank you for saving me $197.00 I was going to take that money from my disability monthly income.. it look very good to me to work at home and make some extra money specialy when one is disable..those THIEVES are hurting all of us...

Once again Thank You ..and God bless Gougle...

Nancy 9 years ago

Wow............thank you so much for this information. I was about to buy the program myself. I hope other people trust their gut feeling and do some research before investing there hard earned money. I will also take the advise of another victim and report Angela Stevens to "". Maybe that might help in catching these crooks. Thanks again and God Bless!

Nancy 9 years ago

Wow............thank you so much for this information. I was about to buy the program myself. I hope other people trust their gut feeling and do some research before investing there hard earned money. I will also take the advise of another victim and report Angela Stevens to "". Maybe that might help in catching these crooks. Thanks again and God Bless!

DWM27 9 years ago

I'm just like everyone else on this page. I have a brand new baby girl at home and was looking to save me some hours away from her with this. Once again THANK GOD I looked here at the last minute. Thanks everyone for helping everyone else realize the scam. There are good people out there still.

Elizabeth 9 years ago


Joseph 9 years ago

Thanks, You all confirmed my gut feelings about this scam.

Judith 9 years ago

I fell for another scam out there known as ClickedCash.Com. This is a company that is affiliated with e-trinity Internationalmarketing Ltd. It supposed to set you up to fill out surveys and get paid for it. BIG SCAM!! Membership is $49.00 and all that it provides you is with a list of companies that you can access for free from the internet. I guess he charges this fee for typing it and sending it to members. You can get all this for free and some do pay $1- $3, but you have to end up signing up for some free trial or subscribing to another service. NOT WORTH you money or time.

I'm glad you have this site. I hope someone else can learn from my mistake.


edwardsmx 9 years ago

Okay..okay I know this is this is probably the 1001 comment, but SERIOUSLY Thank you for not letting me go get my dang credit card out of my purse and sign up for some bogus job offer that would get me know where but in debt.

Vdidnt get the bug 9 years ago

I didn't get bit. I tried the chat session in the advertisement and couldn't get straight or direct answeres to questions like how to contact if not satified (address phone), or if registered with better business bureau. Definitely a computer scanning and responding.

Then went to look up Angela Stevens and came across this sit!! Wonderful confirmation....THANKS!!!!

cezzy 9 years ago

I am thankful to my skeptical side and for websites like this. My husband, and educated executive, sent me "Devil's" website. At first, it sounded interesting, then the more I heard and read, my gut told me it was a Scam.

I'm a commercial real estate appraiser and work is very light right now. I think my husband thought this could be an opportunity for me.

Again - if it sounds too good to be true, it isn't.

Paula 9 years ago

Thanks sooo much for all the info on Angel Stevens. I was this close to giving her $197 that I didn' t have to give. My husband said that he had heard at work that the rebate processing jobs that require a payment have been found to be scams.

Again thanks, sorry to the one who gave up $197 so others would be spared.


Danyell 9 years ago

THANKS SO MUCH I WOULD HAVE BEEN A VICTOM. I thank the guy who helped us all from losing our last $200.

W21 9 years ago

There still are honest people in the world! Thanks for the tip

learntosucceed profile image

learntosucceed 9 years ago from Houston

If you didn't file a report on, I would ask that you do so to further let people know. When we keep quite about a scam, it just gets perpetuated.

~thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.

La2 9 years ago

Thank You, you saved me $197...Angel will get what's coming to her, believe that.....

Rennie 9 years ago

I too was almost sucked in to this to good to be true scheme. Thank you for saving me the money I obviously would have been throwing away. I have 5 children to support and that would have been disastrous since I am unemployed at this time and desperately searching for work. Good luck to all of us searching for honest pay for honest work.

CherylM 9 years ago

I emailed Angel Stevens as well, as I was taken in by an email they sent me, thinking really serious of handling over $150.00 to them! thank God, I have not gotten caught up in this mess. I am looking for extra money for 2 reasons, and this is a shame, cause of the way they advertise. I am not one fooled very often with email advertisements. But, she is good! I need money to get insurance to have major surgery 2nd.Our car was a hit and run, and we have to pay the first $500.00 deductible out of our pocket, Seemingly the reason why people need extra income is to run their household..Correct? well, these scums should be reported in somehow, some way. What I was thinking, was getting ahold of legit companies, who are offering rebates now, and try to persay them, taking the load off them for processing and letting someone like me or you do the processing.

I wrote yesterday to this Angel Stevens, asking to give me a break, i would pay the $150.00 take it out of my wages. of course no reply..shoot, now that I have the scoop on all this, I am glad i seeked out the pros and cons!

amee 9 years ago


sue 9 years ago

I clicked on contact info and nothing came up some live email person came on and evaded every request I made for a phone number for the company.

When I kept pressing her she asked me what my problem was?

I would never do business with anyone that will not give you a contact number. It is a scam

Joy 9 years ago

I"m so glad I googled about Angel Stevens, I too almost fell for the scam. thanks for this site, I hope the next time she drive her car she get a flat tire.

Pop 9 years ago

Thank you, I have been scammed quite a few times, what can I say I am an Aries.

Susan 9 years ago

Well, you can just call me sucker Sue, because I almost sent her $197. bucks too, My husband said it's too good to be true, that if it was a really company, we would all be sitting home working for her. I'm so glad that I did research on her also, or I too would be the next victim. And just so anyone else might be thinking of signing up, DON'T DO IT! and the company did reply to all my e-mail, so I really thought that it was a real business, but it is NOT!!! Thanks again to everyone that posted a comment here... SUSAN

Rocky 9 years ago

Just like "AlmostJinx'ed", I too send in for many rebates and am aware of the process. If there is a problem, there is always a telephone number for the Rebate Processing Center's Customer Service Department, where they can track your rebate. There are just a few of these companies that handle many rebates for many different companies. They are often found in places like Coppell, Texas; Boca Ratan, Fl; New Rochelle New York and Mesa, Arizona. As much as one would like these opportunities to be true, they come under the saying, "If it looks to good to be true... it is!", otherwise everyone would be doing it .

Barry Mc 9 years ago

Thanks, Saved us $197.00 as well, we were almost all in until my wife did a quick search, Angel Stevens should burn in hell.

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 9 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

Thanks for the explanation of the rebate process, which goes to show that this type of position does not make sense from a business perspective. Another tip off that the promotion is a scam.

AlmostJinx'd 9 years ago

As for the Angel Stevens or rebate processing jobs from home, I did some homework and found that....

Rebates these days can be filled out online in which the consumer can submit their entire rebate online with their complete accurate information. The data then goes to a complex rules-based system for verification. [Sometimes theres a 6-8 week period so that consumers dont go back to return the item.] If after that period all the submission is valid the consumer is sent the rebate check or gift card or whatever the rebate is for. IF the submission is invalid the computer generates a postcard telling them why its not valid or what else needs to be done in order for it to go through. Its all automated. There's no need for further human intervention. Not 100% sure about the mail in part, if someone is acutally opening and processing the mail, but once they do get it, they too simply SCAN the info which then goes through the same or similar database. Again all automated. With high tech stuff, companies dont need people to process the rebate, they'd be losing too much money by rebating the consumer, pay the rebate processor and not to mention a hit on profit for the product.

Tim 9 years ago

Thanks alot we all honest people need to stay together and find them mother fu**ers i almost lost 200 dallors. i admit the bicth is smart, that site looked good.

KITTY 9 years ago


str8aonemama 9 years ago

I was looking into this and was very happy to read all the comments. We are on a fixed income since my husband is disabled. I need to find work at home. I do income taxes during tax season, but then I need to find something else to do year round. I have been scammed by other 'get rich quick' schemes. I was told to look into "live ops", where you become a 'live operator' for some of the companies that do infomercials. You get paid once or twice a month, but you need a dedicated phone line and highspeed internet connection. You let them know what hours you would be available for phone orders and that's it. A good friend told me that his co-worker's neighbor does it. Thanks again for the warning on this rebate processors scam. I really don't have the money to waste. God Bless all of you.

Connie 9 years ago

Thanks for being there, After being scamed in sept for $15,200 I double check everything. I went to google and pulled up this web site. Or I to would have been reamed again. I can't afford it or the last scam that cost me everything even my house. How do we get these scammers of the net?

Jayne in Australia 9 years ago

Yesterday I tried to buy the program and for security purposes it didi not let me.... thank god!!! Today i tried to buy it again cos they did email a response to me ( I asked them yesterday about it and they got straight back to me apoloising for the inconvienience)... i so wanted it to be true, i hate my job and i am trying to get through college and pay all the fees as well as rent and the usual stuff all of has to do. Too good to be true huh, well I was nearly a sucker for it!!!

Lee 9 years ago

I am so glad that I listened to my skeptical side and decided to research further. I too went to and agree, It's just a front for other scams. I wish like so many others, that I could find a legitimate way to make money from home. Thank you to those that were willing to admit they'd been scammed to save others from the same experience.

Annie 9 years ago

I also was going to sign up for Angela's site.

Thanks for this site.

leftymom 9 years ago

Thanks for all your coments. I too was about to sign up with Angel what a disappointment... I tried the "secret shopper" and "mystery shopper" and it is legit, however... you will make money, just not a whole lot. It was fun for about 6 months. Each job paid about $8-$15.00, but you have to sign up for a job, drive to the job, shop, then answer a questioner.... from start to finish it took about 2 hours, not worth $15.00 for 2 hours of work.... there are many "shops" to conduct, but not always close to your home.... mystery shoping is legit, but its not enough of an income..

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 9 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

An official looking name like may sway the unsuspecting to believe that the site is trustworthy and that any claims made there are valid. If you do further research on SiteReviewAuthority or Dr. Mike Stera, the founder, you will find that the site is probably a front for other scams.

MERRICO 9 years ago

On Friday, I received the Rebate Processor Postion email by Angel Stevens, and the more I read, the more interesting it sound; especially the section on how much money one can make by joining. But the one-time fee blew me away, so I decided to email them with a few questions, and just like the rest of you; I never got a response. So, I continued to searched for more information on rebate processing and was lucky to find this one. I am extremely glad that I took the time to read many of your responses in reference to Angel. But I thought that the fee was way too expensive, so I refused to sign up. I believe that the real estate may be the only legitimate way to make money, and I will be looking into that. Also, I wanted to add something interesting. While tying my response to you all, I received another email from Angel Stevens website; but there is no response to my questions I had sent them on Friday. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

catrena 9 years ago

Thanks so much all of you for your info on Angel Stevens I was just about to sign up as well,Man im glad i did this research cause i do not have $197 to waste. I want to also thank barbara for her info i am now going to take a medical transcription course,I have always wanted to do that.I will look online to see what company i can enroll in. OK Well if any one knows of any legit work at homes please advise me.Happy New Year

pejamz 9 years ago

Thanks to all of you who have posted your comments on Angel Stevens and other work-at-home SCAMS. I, too, was about to join Angel's rebate processing SCAM, but my skeptical side kicked in and I decided to research her and found this site. Boy, am I glad I did! You guys saved me almost $200, and I really appreciate that. I just wish we all could find honest, decent work we can do from home. If there are any such jobs out there, I wish you much success in finding them. Stay positive and don't give up on your dreams.

God Bless,

CAROL LAMMONS 9 years ago

I am so grateful for these comments as I hope it has saved me from this scam. I signed up but didn't confirm the process. I thought it was too good to be true, however I was desparately looking for a work from home opportunity.

Charlene Gerace 9 years ago

I too was about to sign up with Angel Stevens, thank god (and I know this sounds stupid), but before Christmas, some unknown and unnamed company tried to withdraw money from our account. The bank caught it and froze our debit cards. If that hadn't happen, I'd probably have already thrown my money away, because they only take credit cards. I'm still waiting for new cards, but it kept me from making a very big mistake. And while we are talking scams,watch out for emails wanting you to become beneficeries to millions of dollars because someone died and the money is just sitting in the bank and they want you to set up an account and they will produce papers showing you as the next of kin. Then they will send the money to your new account, and you either split 50-50, or get 10%. That's illegal in any country. There's also the one where you are a go between for some company in the UK and their customers. They send you money orders, or travelers checks, you cash them at western union, keep 10% and send the balance to them or whoever they instruct. One of them wanted me to send the balance to some charity in Africa. Talk about raising a red flag!!!

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 9 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

If you think the rebate processor job may be legitimate, go ahead and pay them your money, then let us know how you do.

Dink 9 years ago

I am glad to see there are places to check on scams of this sort. I too was reading the email thinking, "This could be good!" As most others that were reading the email, common sense kicked in! Boy, am I glad it did. Everyone is oorrect, if it is too good to be true, it ususally is! Thank goodness for Google. Thank you for having a place for others to voice their concerns and help others not make this mistake.

pSechrest 9 years ago

Thank You so much everybody!!!!! I was also getting ready to sign up for the Angel Stevens "deal" when I did a search on rebate processors is when I found another site that only charged $39, thank goodness I read down further and found this site.

All I want to do is find a job that I can do from home. I have a son that is disabled and it makes working outside of the home very hard. This is ridiculous that honest ppl cant find honest work.

Makes you want to tell all of these jerks to get a life. Maybe if we pray hard enough the IRS or somebody will catch up with them. (Or something will happen and knock them down several knotches.) LOL

sasseypants 9 years ago

I had the money ready to send, but my gut was telling me to check it out further. So I googled Angel Stevens and I am glad I did. Nobody wants to loose money, and it sounds like if you send it to her you might as well flush your money down the toilet. Thanks for all the comments.

Jude 9 years ago


I JOINED Angel Stevens(last night late) and this morning, went to the bank to retract the charge. They will help me,(had to cancel the card) but the $197 is caught in cyberspace for one week, they report. I wish I had thought to "google" it b4 passing out my card #. LESSON LEARNED! Dumbledore, Thank you for having the insight to have this forum. Happy New Year

LA 9 years ago

Thanks for the warning. I was just about to spend money on the rebate processor program. I really thought this was the right one. I have tried so many work from home jobs, but none turned out to be real, just a waste of my money, a real lost. Let me know if anyone know of a REAL work from home job.

Annette 9 years ago

I received the email for rebate processing this morning.I read it and thought wow that seems interesting. Then when I got closer to the bottom and there were photos of a car,plane & boat that was it for me. Why don't they show photos of families playing in the yard together and smiling without any stress on there face or a new minivan? I don't want nor need all that expensive s--- to be happy, just paying my bills and having enough to take a vacation would be fine,. That is what is wrong with America now, everyone thinks all that crap will make you happy. Just paying my electirc makes me happy. I was laid off my job in early October and have not found anything yet unless it is for less than min. wage. I can't afford gas to get there with that.

summersun 9 years ago

i always get emails about make money from home. i read the hole stupid hour long " job opportunity work at home" and when i finally get to the end, the next thing i do is look up is this a scam? i am so grateful that there are web sights like this one to help me not to be a dope and spend money i do not have. i have been on disability for 5yrs now and i have been looking for an honest work at home job for 5yrs. is there any hope that one does exists!!!!?? or is this just a waste of time and hope. thanks for being here.

QB 9 years ago

Don't want to offend anybody, but could it be that the offer is genuine and that these comments are not for real? I just wonder!

Kate 9 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you..... as a single mom falling sucker to this scam could have set me back and really burned my ego. Because of this posting I avoided all of the above.

Ernest 9 years ago

Thank you very much for the heads up on this. I have lost hundreds myself desperately looking for a job from home. We have very little money to waist so you saved us food money. Is there a such thing as jobs from home? Or do you have to rip people off to make money from home like these scams?

Lisa 9 years ago

This is totally crazy! I think they should be report too! I don't have money to throw away like that! I wish there were jobs to do at home to make this kind of money!

Jackie 9 years ago

I too almost got scam. I read over the rebate processing job twice and started wondering why do I have to pay you for a job and decided to do a search in google to see if this was a scam. Thanks to this website I found out it was. Thanks again for your help! It saved me money I really didn't have to throw away.

articia 9 years ago

I also received this email for processing rebates from home, I was not sure about this so I too google this angle stevens program and got this website. I am so glad I did not fall for this work at home crap scram. Which this company does not even operate in the united states somewhere over seas.

Kiana 9 years ago

im so mad i almost sent her my money. its sad that someone would do this to innocent people spending their hard earned money hopeing for a break in life.

sharon 9 years ago

so glad for this sight. i'm sickly. i have a heart condition that keeps me home and limited income. wish i could find a real work at home job and not a scam.

Laura 9 years ago

just a hint to remember before signing up for anything that is work at home...If you have to pay to join 9 times out of 10 its a scam, since when do you have to pay to get a job ? They pay me I don't pay them.

josh 9 years ago

Peice of crap angael stevens almost scamed my A$$, just for the board in my opinoin the united states is slowly getting it self caught up in the corruptness of the rest of the word,because of bad politics,and greed. I mean look at all the homes people purchased and now the banks do all there creative paper work so you cant afford your house any more.the problem is the US out sourcing jobs to other countries because of cheap labor cost that supports our greedy lifestyles and bush isnt helping either. so the future of this country depends on how independent we can be with out any ones help. were all loking for a good opprotunity, but there being taken from americans and given to someone in another country, and too stop this we need too get rid of polititions who dont do there job and rich people(not all) pay to have new doctrines invented so they can secure themselves. 9 years ago

Thank everyone for their comments, I too reviewed the Angel Stevens information and thought with the "3 month money back guarantee" that there would be nothing to loose, but a red flag went up when I was trying to copy this information into word rather than printing it, and if you right click to select all, then I was unable to right click again to copy, then I also read that this company is operated out of Nicosia, Cypress and subject to their laws. Thank you for all of the comments saving me $197.00.

CB 9 years ago

What about Has anyone tried that one? It was actually a link at the bottom of this page.

9 years ago

Thank God for informative places like this one. I too was just about to sign up. I set up another email address & everything for my new "business". I was alarmed by the get it for free but then as you read on it's asking for $197 (saving me almost $2K, if I act now). I did search BBB & WhoIsIt...the only info given was an address in Bellevue, WA but her "letter" had a NY address...mmm. I guess she did try to clean up the profanity. I didn't see any of that. Thanks again for your help! It saved me money I really didn't have to throw away. If it's too good to be true - it is. Doesn't that just quack. :) 9 years ago

Ok, so lets stop talkin about the scams and tell me about the real work from home programs. You all say they exist......SDo what are they. I think we all want to know. Maybe there is a site we can go to with this info ?

Rita 9 years ago

I'm so glad I checked your reviews! I almost risked investing in rebate processing, using money I really couldn't afford. My husband was just laid off, and we are trying to find supplemental income. If anyone has found a "work-at-home" opportunity that isn't a scam, please let me know. The medical transcriptionist is right up my alley, but the cost is too much at this time.

Xiomi 9 years ago

Thank you for the tip. You just saved me $39!!

bookdude 9 years ago

Man am I glad I Googled.

Angel Stevens before I did anything stupid. It did look good and I was sort of "leaning" towards a trial. Then my skeptical side took over (trust no one) and I thought I would check it out. Thanks to all you guys who commented it confirmed my suspicions--another "too good to be true" SCAM. Have a GREAT New Year. BOOK DUDE

catdaddy 9 years ago

i almost made the same mistake,i'm glad they rejected my card.

LUCIANO PEREZ 9 years ago


Judy 9 years ago

I was thinking about signing up for Angel Steven's Rebate processing job. She says there are only 12 jobs left (On the entire planet? - internet is world-wide) that alerted me right away. I decided to check out scams and typed in Angel Stevens rebate scam in a search and find this site. The only one getting rich is Angel and from what I have read from others on this site - she is NO ANGEL!

Cheryl 9 years ago

Remember -if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Being intelligent about your money is the best form of protection, I have always read that if you have to send money- it's a scam.

Pete 9 years ago

If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. There's always someone out there preying on the innocent hard working public who really needs to make a buck to survive. Whenever a site promotes the hype with cars, boats and vacations, its usually a load of crap and hidden BS.

melisa 9 years ago

AGREED! Got an email for this scam and really considered it. But like I've learned to do in the past, I checked online first and found this here with all of yor comments. THANK YOU to all-esp the owner for this site and all of your words of wisdom. It's b/c of honest people like you that the rest of us don't have to suffer!

God Bless,


LORRIE 9 years ago

Thanks to everyone for contributing their thoughts/facts about Angela Stevens rebate processor SCAM. I to almost fell for this SCAM but something within me told me to google her name. Thanks be to GOD that honest people like yourselves warn other not to buy into this SCAM.

God bless you all!

Gerry 9 years ago

Man am I glad I googled rebate processor! And saw all the scams.. I was about to join the Angel Stevens program for $197, then saw another one for $39 at and I was like hold up! Then my commen sense kicked in and searched and found this honest page of people who work hard for their money who got misleaded or scamed! I hope others find this page first before they get scamed as I did. Bottom line is if it's that easy to make money why would they go out and tell the world? Thank you all for saving me from making a BIG MISTAKE!

Barbara 9 years ago

Almost fell for it. Unfortunately, there aren't any really easy ways to work from home. And these are the biggest scams on the internet. I'm taking a course in medical transcription - 90% of transcriptionists work from home and it's not a scam. It's hard work. It's for real. What I'm saying is that if you want to work from home, you can, but it's not easy like they're all telling you. I'm willing to invest the time and money in learning to be a medical transcriptionist because I know it's a real profession and in great demand now. I keep getting distracted by all these "work at home - make $1,000 a day!" ads. I'm not going to fall for them anymore - they are all scams.

Amy 9 years ago

Thank you all! I too was going to buy the Angel Stevens rebate processor because it sounded good. After reading your comments here I remembered buying this in the past. It is a scam. They only give you tips on advertising not rebate processing.

Elizabeth  9 years ago

So glad you were here and easy to find I had printed the Angel Stevens pages and was ready to try it. THANKS for saving me

Dee Dee 9 years ago

That you all so very much I look at Angela Steven Program late one night and decide to go back and look again today. Almost signed up. I to email them with a few questions but never got a response. Disable and on limited income, can't give away my money. Thanks for saving me from a bad decision - Does anymore know of any real home jobs

Jack 9 years ago

How about the photography work at home. Is anybody familiar with this. They guarantee they will give you companies you can start taking assignments immediately. They use students testifying that they are doing great and are paying for their college doing this. I am very skeptical about this one too. They make it sound so easy so Iam assuming that this is a scam as well. If you know anything, please post it. Thanks for your sharing.

Vicki 9 years ago

Thank you so much... I just got 2 emails from rebate processing one for $197 and one for $39 I am glad I found you... the business I was managing closed and trying to live on unemployment is hard enough with out throwing money away. Seems like everyone is out to rip you off. If I had that kind of money to throw away why would I be looking for a job like that ? There needs to be some kind of control over these thieves.

Cheryl 9 years ago

I almost fell for this one too. Thanks for the information - I certainly do not have the money to throw out the window. This one really sounded too good to be true so I did decide to check it out first. Thanks for saving my money!

GREG 9 years ago

Angel Stevens is a scam. I READ THE DISCLAIMER AND IT IS FROM OUTSIDE THE U.S.A Cyprus to be exact.

Rattler_Tee 9 years ago

I am so glad that I googled this before I signed up. I was just about to go get my credit card from my bedroom and something told me to look it up first. Thank you all for exposing this company

Jenny in England 9 years ago

Thanks for your warnings folks I nearly fell for the Angel Stevens 'only room for 12 more' ploy so I nearly put aside common-sense and caution cos I was under pressure not to miss a bargain. Thank goodness I thought to search before I committed myself.


Paul 9 years ago

I almost got caught up in this too. I got concerned and decided to look around more. Glad I did. I feel bad for the people that didn't find out about this before they spent the money.

Jackb 9 years ago

Most work from home jobs are a scam.

I signed up for one of these things just once and the info was totally misleading. Instead of getting rebates to process I just got a tutorial on how to advertise online. It's a total load of bs.

Greg 9 years ago

im really tired of this bull.... doesnt anyone have morales anymore we are only looking for honest ways to make money i hope all you fraudulant people burn in hell.

Sandy 9 years ago

I SO wanted this to be for REAL! I want SO much to work from home - I'm a hard worker and would like more control over my income than I get from 'punch-the-clock-hourly-wage-jobs'!

I know there's people making good money online and I want to be one, but not if it means scamming others like myself out of money. So sad. If anyone knows of legit ways to make money at home, please feel free to contact me.

Richard 9 years ago

yes - thank your for the above info -- i signed up for the $197.00 program and was immediately alarmed that no rebate processing information was provided. I enforced the 90 day money back guarantee and after some back-and-forth was able to receive a full refund as promised. The problem was that the payment comapny "Click Bank" place a second hold on my credit card account for $197 which took 3 weeks to have it removed.

I did not loose any money, but it was an eye opening experienc e --


Susan 9 years ago

It was looking good to me too...but the one mistake she makes (at least in my opinion) is the language she uses when she talks about the program. Lots of curse words...and what professional business person uses language like that? That's the main reason I decided to do a search of her name. Glad I did!!!!

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 9 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio Author

I created this page as a means to get the message out that there are very few legitimate "work from home" opportunities out there.  To this end, I will not approve any comments that promote other so called opportunities, which I do not have time to check out.  

I apologize for any of these types of comments that get through my editing process.

Noble Enigma 9 years ago

Noble Enigma can be sought at

Noble Enigma 9 years ago

Greetings of Peace and Prosperity to all who seek the honnest path to prosperity and may we all be protected from the snares of (demon) - ANGELS! I am a spiritual enlightenment coach. My specialty is covert and overt (spiritual-tactical combat) and self defense. I give thanks to the SOURCE and the FORCE that provided this site for honnest Souls seeking prosperity. AND (I AM) PEACE, AND MY PEACE IS UNIFIED WITH YOU UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

Chio 9 years ago

Procard international is a scam too, they suck you in with the promise of never having to buy anything, then when it comes time to decide what package you want, if you pick free start, you do not get any leads. If you want leads, which is what this program depends on you can enroll yourelf for a monthly, or enroll sombody else.

the bottom line is you have to spend money

stay clear of this one too.

elaine  9 years ago

thanks i dont't have $$$$ to throw away....

Greg 9 years ago

If it looks too good it probably is. Sometimes we just put our common sense on hold it seems. It's not that we are desparate, but rather open-minded. I almost went with this becasue the way they have it explained it seems reasonable. I noticed the dead links across the bottom of the webpage. My instincts were screaming in the background...BEWARE. Then, out of the blue came the tought...DO a SEARCH. I did. Thank you to the guy who donated his $200 so we could all know it is bulls---t.

Fatgourmand 9 years ago

Fatgourmand would like to thank all of you for publicizing these scams.

Alex 9 years ago

i've learned the hard way to google this crap prior to signing up.

Thanks for the warnings. :)

Bill Turner 9 years ago

These bastards should be reported to the authorities. I was minutes away from signing up also. But I emailed them and they never responded. I knew it was a TOTAL SCAM!

David Roberts 9 years ago

Thanks for the warning! It saved me from a monstrous mistake. Angel Stevens site wants almost $200 to sign up.

rick 9 years ago

wow, me, too. thanks for real deal

marianne 9 years ago

thank you, I was about to do this too but doesn't anyone know any good jobs from home that are real???

shik 9 years ago

I'm glad I read this comment about this site. I would have been a victim also.

mytonabi 9 years ago

This rebate processing job is a total scam, I signed up for this one as well, There were no rebates to process, what you get is just basic instructions of how to advertised and try to make sales for clickbank, there were no rebates to process to begin with.This is not a rebate processing job they are promoting in their website. The job is actually creating advertisement to generate sales for a company called clickbank, from there you can offer rebates when advertising clickbank products. But if you are thinking there are rebates to process right after you paid your membership, I am telling you the truth that this rebate processing job is scam there are no rebates to prcess. Dont get fooled, like I did. Dont give them your money.

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