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How to Become a Promoter!

We have all seen the flyers, gotten the MySpace comments, and driven by the venues promoting big concerts and evens. Most 'regular people' don't take the time to wonder what goes into promoting an event. Those that do typically do not go any further than a Wikipedia article describing a Nightclub promoter that 'made it big'.

Well, for all of us entrepreneurs and aspiring millionaires out there, Promotions and Event Planning is a business that is definitely worth taking a look into. It is one of the few remaining businesses where sweat equity pays off.

Nightclub Promotions

Young Promoters

Step 1

Choose your Niche:

What types of music and/or events are you interested in? Pick a genre, or a group of genres of similar music, and write them down. If you are looking to promote and plan events, then think about what types of events that you enjoyed being at the most. This is important- because if you hate weddings, the last thing you want to do is plan them. You'll be there a whole lot!

Once you choose your potential niche, find businesses around your area that are already promoting the various genres/events that you are interested in. More often than not, your favourite genre will have at least 10-15 promoters in your metropolitan area. If not, then you have to see if there are enough people in your area that are actually interested in attending your events or listening to your genre of music.

Competition is healthy, but becoming a clone of everyone else isn't. If there are alot of similar competitors, then narrow down your genre even further. Choose something within that genre that may not get as much attention, and focus on that. For example, if you are looking to promote Rap music venues in your area, then look into hosting nights specifically for up-and-coming artists. If this subcategory is already filled in your area, then work on getting artists from other cities, states, or even countries to come to your events.

As far as event planning, always make sure there is a market big enough to support you AND atleast 2/3 of your competitors. Just because you are coming into the market doesn't mean that they will all just dissapear. As an example, if you are wanting to help plan Jewish Bar/Bat Mitzvah's -- is there a big enough Jewish community to warrant this type of business? Know your market, and know your competitors.

Event Planning

Step Two

Find a supplier:

If you are looking at promoting an event, you will need to find a good printing company will supply you with all of your posters and promotional material. Quality is key, but a good price is important also. You don't want to go broke before you even make a buck!

Some things to look for include:

Location: A local printer takes away much of the hassle associated with getting promotional material ready. If there are any missprints or changes that need to be made, they are right there and ready to go. A printer that is in the next time zone may be cheaper, but always take into account the cost of shipping, as well as the turn-around time between ordering and receiving your materials.

Price: Price is always a factor. When ordering promotional materials, you will generally be needing them in bulk. Two or three posters may let ten or fifteen people know about the event, but a well choreographed marketing campaign with 30 posters and 500+ fliers will get you crowds of 500 or more (depending on the event and capacity). Don't go overboard, though- if you have a venue that only holds 250 people, try not to plan for 1000 showing up!

Quality: Impressive promotional materials will generally draw a better crowd. Making signs out of posterboard and markers may work for a car wash, but it won't catch the eye of the customers you will generally be trying to reach. Always request samples of work that the print shop has done. Check to see the price difference for 2-3 colors, vs a full multi-colored layout. Make sure that you get what you are promised, also. Some printers will give you a wonderful sample sheet, but the end-product won't look anything like it.

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Nightclub Promotions- Too fun to be work!Pack the House at your local clubs- and make a killing!Meet Entertaining People!Plan someone's dream wedding or event!Become the "Go-to Guy or Gal" for your clubbing community!
Nightclub Promotions- Too fun to be work!
Nightclub Promotions- Too fun to be work!
Pack the House at your local clubs- and make a killing!
Pack the House at your local clubs- and make a killing!
Meet Entertaining People!
Meet Entertaining People!
Plan someone's dream wedding or event!
Plan someone's dream wedding or event!
Become the "Go-to Guy or Gal" for your clubbing community!
Become the "Go-to Guy or Gal" for your clubbing community!


I wear my Sunglasses at night... and so do your customers!
I wear my Sunglasses at night... and so do your customers!
The latest trend - Aviators and BIG glasses!
The latest trend - Aviators and BIG glasses!
Follow the Trends, or Create them!
Follow the Trends, or Create them!


What better way to expand upon the services that you offer than promoting great products? If you are in the Nightlife scene, try taking a look at the accessories that clubgoers wear? Trendy Sunglasses, Jewelry, and other accessries can be a great source of extra revenue.

Find new, smaller, or less known manufacturers and designers, and offer them the chance to promote their product. Get plenty of samples, and the give them away or auction them off at your events. Everybody loves getting free stuff, so it will help increase your own brand's reputation.

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Shirley Anderson profile image

Shirley Anderson 8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Re getting the finished printed product looking how you want, approve the artwork and layout, and make sure that you have the supplier run you one sample for approval before running the whole job.

Thx for a good article.

employeralliance profile image

employeralliance 8 years ago from Florida Author

No Problem! I'll be adding additional information fairly regularly, but feel free to contact me if this is something that you're interested in!

scheng1 7 years ago

I hate to be in charge of event planning for the company. Things always go wrong.

PMPO Entertainment 7 years ago

If you're going after a younger crowd, facebook is a hundred times more effective than print advertisement. And it's a lot cheaper.

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