Sample Job Interview Questions

Below are some questions that may be asked during the job interview.

Are you aware of the nature of business of our company?

How would you evaluate your previous work experience as it relates to the open position?

What makes you the right person for the job? How and where have you used the required skills for the job?

What are you doing in your current job assignment?

What would you consider as your major technical strengths?

What would you consider as your weakness as it relates to the job? Ex. teamwork, communication, etc.

Do you work better in a team environment or working independently? Are you comfortable with presenting or speaking at various levels of management?

What contributions are you able to make to the position?

What are your reasons for wanting to leave your current position?

What is your career plan for the next three to five years?

Are you interviewing with any other companies?

When are you available to start?

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