Setting up a membership site

Why start a membership site?

There are many different business models online. The one which has the greatest potential is a paid membership site.

What is a membership site?

A membership site is a website were people sign up as members to receive exclusive information in a niche market. People join for a selective period of time to enjoy the features and functions that only can be found at the site.

The special content which can be found only at the site which are niche market specific. These include tutorials, webinars,Audio and video clips, PLR books, live coaching sessions etc.

How to set up a membership site?

There are a few ways that one can set up a memberhip site.

  1. Install a membership site script on your server.
  2. Install a plugin on an exisiting site/blog.

I personally went with the 2nd option of installing a plugin on a blog. There are no techincal issues which have to be addressed it is easily done.

WPWishlist is the plugin that I use to convet my wordpress blog at Learning with Dominique into a membership site.

Check it out today and you be onto setting up your own membership site effortlessly

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Eric Yap profile image

Eric Yap 7 years ago from Far East Asia

Are you making money with the wpwishlist already, may I ask?

DominiqueGoh profile image

DominiqueGoh 7 years ago from Singapore Author


It has been great .am still building the site up.

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