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ThoughtWorks does not come under the category of the software giants that can accommodate almost everybody who walk in. The company was started in 1993 to nurture and encourage talented and committed people with creative minds and the thirst to use technology to make an amazing change.

I got to know about this company recently and was very much impressed by its visions and policies.

  • Things that impressed me:-
  • The environment is extremely independent, as that's the best way to grow creativity.
  • They don't care about what kind of dress you are wearing to office. All they want is your commitment. Your work.
  • You will be working in the company of brilliant minds.
  • Thoughtworks doesn't believe in cubicle space. Both the MD and the freshers work in the same table.

The Challeging Round 1

ThoughtWorks calls in students from all streams for its selection process. So the first round is generic, solvable by student of any major. There would be 10 question. If only only if you get all questions right, you are eligible for the next round. 

The 10 questions need no prior preparation. All you need is a fresh mind and good concentration. All these years, the questions have followed the same pattern as follows:-

TYPE I : What is the content of the 3rd box at the end ?

Hit the Right Approach

This kind of question carries most of the mark. All you need to solve this question is kindergarten addition,subtraction,multiplication and division. But concentration comes as yet another essential skill. Giving you 1 hour to solve 10 questions mean that you got to walk your way steadily whether or not slowly. These are "Flowchart" kind questions, which will involve loops. So even if you lose track of the computation at the penultimate loop, you have to retrace the problem from the beginning. So better train your mind to solve these kind of questions.

Intrepret the question like this

Ans : 12 ... The process was so intriguing that left me unsure about the answer :)

Stay tuned for more questions!!!

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Comments 18 comments

Anu 5 years ago

Ans: 18.. Can any one tell me whether it is correct or not ..

cutey 5 years ago

Can u give more Questions like this

ThoughtWorker 5 years ago

Full Logical Assessment Question for prelims

san 5 years ago

26 in box 3 ?

srivat 5 years ago

18 ?

ramesh 5 years ago

hi the answer is 18

seekers 5 years ago

wt is answer for this explain it clearly with values plz

Jerome alex Vit 5 years ago

18 is right answer got this answer using algorithm simulator and programming in c++

student 5 years ago

i'm getting infinite loop can someone give the answer

elizabeth21 profile image

elizabeth21 5 years ago Author

I ll explain the correct answer soon. But pls note that Step 3 should be, "If the number in the first box mentioned in step 2 is 0 go to stop"

wldandan 5 years ago

The result is 12.

I wrote java test code as follows, can anyone help correct me if it is not right?

public class TestBox {

private Integer[] box = {0, 1, 6, 7, 4, 3, 8, 5, 9, 10, 2}; //first number doesn't mean anything.

int i=5;

void s1()


box[3] = box[9] + box[10];


void s2()


box[i] = (box[i]- (box[8]- box[6]));


boolean s3()


if (box[i] == 0)


return true;


return false;


void s4()


box[7] = box[7] -1;


void s5()


box[10] = (box[box[7]] * box[5]);


void s6()


i = i-1;


private Integer getValue()


box[3] = box[9] + box[10];

return box[3];


public static void main(String args[])


TestBox t = new TestBox();



while (!t.s3())











Deepika 5 years ago

hi, i would like to have some interview questions based on aptitude for my placement.. can you help me???

Deepika 5 years ago

hi, i would like to have some interview questions based on aptitude for my placement.. can you help me???

Anand 5 years ago

Isn't this an infinite loop??

wldandan 5 years ago

Hi, I am glad to discuss with you about the answer. You can contact me by email:

Anish Kumar Bindal 5 years ago

I got an answer 12 in this case in box 3. Step 7 is actually exit.

siva 4 years ago

hi everybody, i want some interview questions

abc 3 years ago

box 3, 9 and 10 do not change after the step 1, do they?

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