Article Marketing for Newbies: 5 Simple Ways to Find a Starving Audience that Converts into Sales.

Finding an Audiance

Discovering a crowd of individuals (better known as a niche), to encourage a purchase, shouldn’t have to take you forever.

You are able to do this thorough research . This process may take a while in the beginning, but once you get the hang of things, it does get much quicker and easier in time.

This is where practice and patience is key.

Relevance and Understanding your Audience

After you've located a possible niche, you must keep a couple burning questions in the back of your brain.

These particular issues will have relevancy during the time you are composing your articles:

Who, What, Where, Why, & How

  • Who would be the people you would be targeting….. Audience wise?
  • What are these people looking for?
  • Where can these particular people get this online or off-line?
  • Why do these people need what I have?
  • How can this product or service assist theses people…benefit wise?

These types of questions will need to be answered before you start any articles.

This is were relevancy will prove if you will be successful at any type of article marketing.

If you can’t match up any sort of relevant information with your articles, you will be doing nothing but wasting your time and energy.

Always keep in mind that relevance is key to someone making money and not within a specific niche.

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writing4action profile image

writing4action 5 years ago

I agree with you.

christopher9882 profile image

christopher9882 4 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thank you writing4action

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