Article Marketing for Newbies: How to Get Your Articles to Maintain and Dominate the SERPS.

Getting Listed in the Search Engines

After you have submitted to a well-liked article directory like,, and there isn’t any additional work that is needed to get found by the spiders.

These directories are gone threw so many times that the spiders will find your articles and add them to their directories.

The Main point though is receiving a higher listing on the front page of the results in a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing .

Also, you will want to achieve this by finding low competition keyword phrases.

If you haven’t figured out yet content is the leading entity that the search engines look for.

The major search engines do take other things into consideration also.

Certain features they look for are:

  • Popularity– What is the number of sites linking to your articles, also how important are those particular sites themselves.
  • Linked Site Content– those websites that are pointing (linking ) to your particular article, do they have some sort of relevance?
  • Spam-Like -Say for example your keyword density is very high (number of times a specific keyword phrase is used ) the search engines will consider you as SPAM. This sometimes is the reason you might not be getting any traffic to your sites. Try to keep your keyword density between 3-5% depending on the article directory you are submitting to.

Some FREE fast easy ways to get some backlinks do something called Bookmarketing your articles. Ex. , , , , and to name a few that have GREAT page rank and have the spiders find you much quicker!

Generally though, receiving a listing derives down to your content and how relevant it is.

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writing4action profile image

writing4action 5 years ago

I found out that keyword count, not keyword density, is the king of high ranks!

christopher9882 profile image

christopher9882 4 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

This is very true writing4action. Everyone has a different way of doing things that work for them.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod

Good Hub christopher. Thanks for writing it. For over two years on HP I did not care to try for earnings or ranking, I have now begun to pay attention to these things. I only recently signed up for the monetary part of the site. I am still learning about keywords and such. Since I started paying attention to these matters the page views and earnings have gained considerable ground.

christopher9882 profile image

christopher9882 4 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thanks for stopping by Billrrrr. I am glad you enjoyed my HP. Feel free to read the others I have in regards to this subject.

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