Opt in Email Marketing Lists: How to Gain Exposure With Opt-in Marketing Why'll in a Saturated Niche.

Choose any Niche

Want to know the best thing about opt in email marketing lists...

It works within ANY Niche!

Any opt in email marketing lists can be referred to as a funnel.

The opt in email marketing lists are automated through your follow-up sequence.

You can choose basically any industry that fascinates you and make as many opt in email marketing lists as you want.

How many industries’ can you think of off the top of your head?

See the possibilities in this?

It is healthy to say each of those industries could bring you in $500, while some will do more then this.

If you look into the directory dmoz.org you will see there are over 100,000 email ready campaigns waiting for you to tackle.

How does the funnel work

A funnel is basically the process your opt in email marketing lists go through.

You acquire traffic, get a person on your list, form a relationship, and then push product to the individuals.

That is the flow of the funnel.

Each funnel follows the identical flow.

No matter the industry or niche the funnel will always work.

All you need is an audience, products, relationship, and long-term stream of cash

Keep it simple

The main reason why people find email marketing hard is that they make things more difficult then they have to be.

Start low and build up from there, like an actual business.

Don’t start sending out 100’s of follow-ups if you are not testing what converts and why.

By starting smaller and testing you will see what to use and not. 7-10 emails at first will work.

Worry about getting a good formula working for you, and build off of that.

Each and every single industry is different and will react as such.

What your Funnel should consist of

The components to creating a profitable funnel are:

  • Content
  • Audience
  • Products
  • Relationship
  • Offer

If you are able to master these components, you will have a profitable funnel.


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