Opt in Email Marketing Lists: How 7 Simple Steps Will Generate You a Consistent Stream of Income Each Week.

Follow-up Sequences

All right, you have a few opt in email marketing lists and they are starting to get large, now you have to find a way of getting this puppy on autopilot. It is time to kick the follow-up sequence into gear.

A follow-up sequence lets you to automatically send emails out on certain days when people sign up for your opt in email marketing lists.

For example:

When people sign up on your opt in email marketing lists

You have your service send out an email. In this e-mail you want it to contain an intro with some type of offer on what you are giving away, for them signing up.

I still have you with me right?

OK, lets continue.

I will go over what each e-mail should contain:

Introduction, Bonus Now you have to create the relationship.

Valued Info That you will want to be Relevant to the topic they signed up for (send 1 day later)

Give a story about yourself to show you area real person. (send 3 days later)

Give away something else as a bonus (send 3 days later)

Through the Promotional offer in there (send 3 days later)

Let them know more about the Industry, follow that by some sort of promotion (send 1 day later)

Give some valuable information by connecting on a personal level, basically put them in your shoes. (send 7 days later)

This totals 7 automated emails that will go out to your subscribers.

Are you starting to understand why this is so powerful?

The system should kind of look like this.

1-1-3-3-3-1-7 (this is how the days should be spread apart)

You could obviously do this any way you like.

But I have found this system to work best for me.

At least this could be a start in the right direction.

You then can move your e-mails further apart by a much as 7 days.

The whole system should be spread throw-out a 19-day span.

Now for the fun part you can start to incorporate your follow-up sequence by throwing your cross-promotions in there.

This will also build the relationship up even more by showing you care and you are thinking about them.

Remember go off the EMOTION to buy.

If you are having a difficult time coming up with relevant products to promote here are a few pointers to get you on the right path:

Sign-up to other opt in email marketing lists that have relevancy to yours. Spying on the competition and using what they do is not “illegal” you know. You will sometimes be shocked on how you have over looked things.

Go to article directories and search within your niche to get ideas.

Compose promotions around cross-promotions that you have written down from your research. Locate a product, review it and then shoot it to your opt in email marketing lists.

If you are good with your follow-up sequence, you can become very successful at email marketing. Always remember that testing and refining will get you improved results everytime.

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