Opt in Email Marketing Lists: How Helping People Will Make You Money.

Offer Value, Sell More

One important aspect you should have in mind is that people like being sold to.

This is where your opt in email marketing lists will come in handy later on.

It is normal for an individual to be sold on something constructed on the sales demonstration.

Say you offer an truthful review of something, your conversion will be superior over a sales pitch.

Individuals don't like sales pitches, but they do like to be cultured and knowledgeable when they are ready to make a decision.

As soon as you begin to spam your opt in email marketing lists you will loose readers.

This is why you need to offer value. Offering value helps you sell more, this is a proven fact.

Do you have people that email you with crap emails?

The jokes, chain letters, and garbage you see everyday that mushrooms in your inbox.

We all have it. You then just check mark it and hit the delete button.


The same goes for opt in email marketing lists.

If you send people crap they will consider your message to be crap.

It goes hand-in-hand.

The key is to have the people want more of what you have to offer them.

Build a relationship with the opt in email marketing lists.

Making Friends

Build a relationship with the list.

You want them to feel like you too are best friends.

That is because people buy what there friends recommend right?

You should tell them personal info about yourself, keep them interested with content related to what they signed up for.

All in all stay honest with what you offer them.

Write like they are in front of you

Talk to them on a personal level.

Pretend they are standing right in front of you so it is like you are talking to them directly.

First person point of view is what we are looking for here.

Offer Incentives to your list

Give out bonuses free newsletters, eBooks, and personal help that relate to the product or service by giving something free you hold their attention.

It will also increase your conversion rates.

Quality & Current Contect

Keep everything up-to-date including your opt in email marketing lists.

Ways to stay up with the times you can refer to:

  • Articles directories (ezinearticles.com, squidoo.com)-news
  • News Sites (news.google.com, niche related news sites)
  • Affiliate programs (keep in the loop with notifications from top affiliate networks)
  • Forums
  • Blogs

Story of value

Talk about yourself.

Who are you and why are you helping THEM out.

Individuals love stories and enjoy consumer-to-consumer purchasing compared to a business trying to sell them something.

Story’s helped sell things, believe me, and talk about whatever makes you feel comfortable.

It might not even have to be about YOU personally it could be about your friends, family, or feedback you have received.

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