Want To Dramatically Increase Your Sign Ups?

I Refuse To Participate In A Recession

I Refuse To Participate In A Recession.
I Refuse To Participate In A Recession.

It Doesn't Matter What You Are Promoting...


Whether it is..

  • The IPC Program ( Independent Profit Center )
  • IPC Instant Cash
  • Infinity 800 ( Infinity800 )

Or Any other program on or offline....

There are three things that you MUST do if you want to increase your success level online. More on this in a minute.

Have you ever noticed that whenever a prospect contacts you that no matter what they tell you... and believe me they will sometimes tell you their life story...

They might tell you every single program they have ever joined... and failed in...

Or they might tell you how much money they have (or have not made)...

It just doesn't matter what they tell you there are really only 3 things they truly want to know...

No matter what they say... or what they ask... they really want to know...

  1. Is the program legal?
  2. Can I Really Make Money?
  3. Will You Be There When I Need Support?

So if you will take the time to make sure that you answer all three of these questions...

Even BEFORE they ask them...

Your Business Will Increase Dramatically...

Good Luck...

About The Author...

Brett Shelite AKA The HBB Advisor has been making a living online for a number of years now. In fact he has not held a J.O.B. in over 7 years now. He strongly believes that anyone can make a good living online if they find a program that they can believe in. However, he also believes that no matter how good your program may be that if a person does not know how to market properly (both online and off) that their success will be slow and difficult to obtain. If you would like more information on anything Brett is doing just visit his HBB Advisor Site.

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eovery profile image

eovery 8 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

Thanks, I need all the help I can get!

Ana 8 years ago


Great information. You are completely right about taking the time to answer those questions to prospects. And most importantly reassuring them about the support.

Thanks for reminding me. Keep up the good work!!

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