AdSense Account Disabled and Reinstated- My Experience with Google Adsense

Back in mid February 2011, I published a hub about my experience with Google AdSense explaining how my Adsense account had been disabled for invalid click activity which they specified was a violation of their terms of service or TOS. Due to all the comments I received, I wanted to clear up exactly what happened with that. The main reason being that I want to help others to understand that if the same thing happens to them, there is hope and your account truly can be reinstated if you have in fact, done nothing wrong. You can see my original hub here. Since some of you may not have read my original hub, I will go ahead and explain what happened.

I signed up for Google AdSense shortly after I joined HubPages. I was very realistic about my expectations with Adsense. I knew it would not be a "get rich quick" deal.. but I was hopeful it could, at some point, be a source of income. I noticed I would make 20 cents one day and then 30 cents a few days later and after some time my earnings were steady and adding up, though very slowly. After a little more time they started rising even more. It had gotten to the point where I was earning 1.00 here and 1.24 there and it kept adding up. I knew if I kept going it would be no time before I hit my 100.00 pay out. It really made me want to work harder. I focused a lot on existing hubs, making sure they were formatted right. I would make sure and write a couple new hubs every week or so. The increase in my earnings motivated me so I really tried to step up and take more time and put more effort into it. As I said before, I knew I wasn't going to get rich quick or anything like that but I did feel like it was potentially a great source of passive income if I would just be patient and keep putting the work into it.. and so that is what I did.

In mid February , Valentines Day to be exact, I received an email that my account had been disabled due to posing a risk of generating invalid click activity and stated this was a violation of the Adsense Terms of Service or TOS. Well, I was astounded! I had tried EVERY way possible NOT to violate any of the terms of service. I had even told friends and family who I invited to read my hubs NEVER to click on any of the google ads. I was THAT paranoid and careful about it. Needless to say, I felt completely wronged because I knew I was innocent and had done nothing to warrant my account being disabled. What made it worse is that I had no idea what I had done and we are dealing with Google so it's not like they are going to contact me personally to tell me what the problem was. What was even worse was learning that I could never apply for an Adsense account again, that it is a one time thing and if you blow it, you are out forever. Let me just say, I was devastated and felt like my hard work, time and effort put was for nothing. I felt cheated.

I did try and appeal their decision but it was not accepted and I had already read you only have one chance to appeal and 90% if the time you will not get your account back. So I had to throw up my hands. It was a pretty depressing time, let me tell ya. I know people probably think I was being oversensitive, but you have to understand how much time and effort I was putting into my writing. I was very cautious about adhering to the rules and I was extremely serious about my work. I knew what had happened was NOT right and I was powerless over getting my account back but I wasn't powerless over letting other people know what happened. I knew that this surely has happened to other innocent people if it had happened to me. So I wrote a hub (link is in the first paragraph) and I was then able to let it go.

So, I'm checking an email on 3/2/2011 and I get this email saying they have reversed their decision and have reinstated my Adsense account. Talk about being in shock and feeling drug from one end to the other.. I was very happy because I KNEW I had done nothing to deserve it in the first place. It's a weird thing though, as I had read several places that Google will hardly ever reinstate an account that has been disabled. Apparently, it is rare. Honestly, I have no idea how rare it is but I do know of one other girl with an account here on HubPages that had the same thing happen to her right around the same time it happened to me. So, maybe nowadays it isn't quite as rare as people think.

I really want to let others know that just because your AdSense account was disabled does NOT mean that you will not get it back. I sincerely believe that if you did nothing wrong, there is a chance you will get your account back. If it happened to me and another girl on HubPages, I know it can happen to you. So if this has happened to you please don't give up. It just might be that you will receive an email stating you have your account back. I know how it feels thinking you've lost your account forever (and knowing you have done nothing wrong) and no one should have to go through that. I think if this is a common occurrence for AdSense to disable accounts it should be better explained when you sign up for the account because people take it seriously and put a lot of hard work into it.

Is your account disabled?

If your AdSense account was disabled due to posing a risk of invalid click activity and you KNOW you've done nothing wrong, my advise is to first appeal their decision and then let it go... but DO keep an eye on your email in the next few weeks.. I really do believe you have a chance at getting your account back if you are truly innocent and did nothing wrong. If it happened to me, it can surely happen to you.

For those of you who want to take preventive measures, please study up on what invalid click activity is in order to protect your account. Here is a really good and informative blog post about Invalid Click Activity. Don't let what happened to me, happen to you.

I wish you all the best of luck in your writing and with AdSense!

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Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 2 years ago from Texas Author

sumanth- I am sorry to hear of your trouble. Unfortunately there is not really anything I can do. In order for you to have a chance to get your account back you would need to write your own appeal. Best of luck to you.

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 2 years ago from Texas Author

Cali- Thank you so much for reading my hub. It really is a bad feeling especially when you know you've done nothing wrong. Hopefully you will get your account back. I wish you the best of luck :)

profile image

sumanthdec 2 years ago

hai jamie brock-- plz help me i am in deep trouble with my adsense account i have got an adsense account just 9 days before and it was blocked my google becz of "invalid clicking activity" i just need my account back again can u plz write an appeal form to get my account back. i don't know how write it. i found you are helping a people a lot in adsense plz help me too.



Cali 2 years ago

I know this is old but this has happened to me recently. I only had Adsense for about two months and was making £00.50-1.45 a day. This is on my youtube channel. In my anger and frustration I have sent them 45 appeals and they have sent me 45 automated emails back saying they cannot reinstate my account. So I think I have blown it. I didn't send multiple appeals at one time though. I sent a new one as soon as I received a response, I get a response in about 5 hours of appealing. So I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing because it says you probably will not get a reply at all after the first appeal. BUT the reason for me appealing so many times is that they sent an email back in 15 minutes the first time. How can the thoroughly investigate my account in 15 minutes? So I just kept appealing. I hope I get it back. I have a feeling I will so it makes me not want to give up because my gut instinct is always right. And I have done nothing wrong!

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 3 years ago from Texas Author

shin_rocka04- It's good you built alternative ways to make my online, just in case. Hopefully since you have appealed, proving your innocence, AdSense will see fit to return your account to you. Wishing you the best of luck and thanks for dropping by.

shin_rocka04 profile image

shin_rocka04 3 years ago from Maryland

Funny. This just happened to me, today. It'll be great to get it back, but I fought hard to get Adsense and built alternative methods of developing online income because I never thought I would actually get it. I just repealed and showed my stats to prove that I did not click any ads. Either way, I've built a solid following and find more people wanting to promote products or at the least post up a paid blog post/banner ad.

Don Bistrow 3 years ago

I reported a problem while switching my sites to a cloud server through my hosting account and set stringent threat protection. It seems robots were attacking my sites and clicking links. A friend told me to use the cloud procedure and it worked. The cloud worked but in the mean time Google said my sites were too risky and killed my account. I wrote letters explaining my process to protect against threats. I contacted Google not the reverse and my goodwill got me banned. They told me not to write to them any further, the case was closed. Nice folks.

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 4 years ago from Texas Author

DaSuprano- Thank you for dropping by and reading about my experience with AdSense. I am sorry to hear this has happened to you.. but it's like you say, if you didn't do anything wrong, there's nothing to worry about. Hopefully soon they will contact you stating your account has been reinstated. Thank you again for dropping by :)

DaSuprano 4 years ago

In deed its very informative,

i have had mine disabled a couple of days ago, did the appeal thing but as i expected from reading around the internet, i got turned down.

If i recall exactly it was in 2006 that i opened that account, like you it stared like 0.5 and as i devolpped to become an online marketer, i was easily making $30 to $50 a month, jesus at some point i even pulled 80 to 100 a day.

i am saying all this, just to make a point that i didn need to click on my add. i never had, i was only warned once for showing my account on a video training that i was doing to show that it was possible to earn money online.

i trully beleave that they will re-instate my account because i have done nothing wrong.

I do have have some blogger blog that are making a killing on traffic and there for earning me some affiliates revenues.

So i will not cry over 173 bucks wich represents 5 months a revenues on adsense. (i like to put a hold on my acount until it reaches $300)

i have already swiched to chitika but i am admitting that i do not like it.

This is just not fair that google acts like that.

i mean they could just returned what ever clicks that they think are fraudulant and leave our accounts alone.

Soory for this long comment

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 4 years ago from Texas Author

jane450- Wow, I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with AdSense. It doesn't make sense that they are saying you have invalid click activity when you had not even been approved for an account yet. Sounds like something fishy is going on. I sure hope everything gets straightened out for you and that you get your AdSense account. Best of luck to you :)

profile image

jane450 4 years ago

Thank you for this Hub, I'm having the same problem. I applied for an adsense account for use on my blog and was told that my blog was down at the time they checked my site and my application wasn't approved. My blog is on Blogger so if it was down, then this was a Blogger issue.

I appealed and was then told I had invalid click activity. I didn't because I hadn't even had my account approved, had none of their adverts on my site and no adsense code issued in order to put ads on my account.

I've emailed again but no response so far.

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 4 years ago from Texas Author

Mack- No, I didn't get a reason for it except that it was about invalid click activity.. I understand there are many frustrated with AdSense but I did get my account back and so I don't really feel any need to take action. I appreciate the link, but no thank you.

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 4 years ago from Texas Author

onlinereputations- Thank you for reading and sharing my hub, I appreciate it! You ask how I get my hubs noticed by other people, I honestly do not know. People just started following me and I just kept writing more and more hubs. Also, following others, reading and commenting on others hubs can really make a difference too. Thanks for dropping by!

Mack 4 years ago

Jamie, did they happen to tell you WHY they disabled, then re-instated your account? I'm guessing not. They're automatons over there. But I think it's time to kick the sleeping giant a bit and take some ACTION: has some great ideas.

onlinereputations profile image

onlinereputations 4 years ago from Dumaguete City

Very informative Hub. I shared it on my Facebook and Twitter. I just did a very good Hub also. I hope you will stop by. Awesome and voted your Hub up. I have a question for you. How do you get your Hubpage noticed by other Hubbers? I would hate to have my adsense account disabled. Thanks

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 4 years ago from Texas Author

Jenny Calender- You are welcome, best of luck to you :)

Jenny Calender profile image

Jenny Calender 4 years ago

Thanks for the heads up!

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 4 years ago from Texas Author

Akarime- You are so welcome and thank you for reading about my experience. I am sorry you were having such trouble with AdSense.. I know it can be frustrating sometimes. Hopefully you will have better luck next time you deal with Google. Thanks again for stopping by!

Akarime31 profile image

Akarime31 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for your hub! I'm still new and I tried the whole google AdSense and it was really frustrating because I was logged into google but I couldn't get to my Adsense account. I had to reactivate and change my password like three times, I hated it! So finally I cancelled my google account and decided to just focus on my hubs. Google and I need a break from each other, I'm hoping for a reconciliation very soon.

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 4 years ago from Texas Author

sklein- Hello, I see what you are saying and you are so right.. some people will do that but I highly doubt that was the case in this situation. I only share my hubs with 4 people that I know personally and they all know not to click on the ads and they are not the type who would do that to me.. I trust them entirely. I still don't know what happened with it but I'm glad that AdSense saw I was not at fault and gave my account back. Thank you for stopping by and reading about my experience.

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