"...And If I Claim To Be A Wiseman..."

I think no truer words could have been written or sang.

 I have been the wayward son, the prodical son, and the some how ended up the good son. I have learned to be a thief, and I have been stolen from...I have been guilty of doing the wrong thing for all the right reasons. In turn I have done the right thing with all the wrong intentions. I have learned life skills that may never serve me well, but I have also been fortunate enough to realize the power of a proper education. I am thankful for all that I have learned, done, and said. For all these things are the reasons, that have made me who I am. All this has brought me here and has planted my footsteps.

I now walk with a purpose and my head held up. I don't live in the shadows or pray for the night to come anymore. I leave my blinds open now, and greet people with a smile instead of wondering what it is they really want. I live for today, and still believe in the hope that is tomorrow. I no longer dread what I had done yesterday. I don't have to worry about the knock at the door, nor am I afraid of the ring of the telephone...I can face each day.

Looking each day straight in the eye, without fear, regret, or guilt. Without worrying what is over the next horizon. I no longer have to think about whom I have hurt today, or how much destruction I have layed waste too in the wake of my path in the past. My world no longer shakes at its very core, and my foundation has grown stronger today and will everyday that I tend to it first. Even when I am growing and building my "house."

Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas

The Lyrics



Carry on my wayward son

There'll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest Don't you cry no more

Once I rose above the noise and confusion

Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion

I was soaring ever higher

But I flew too high

Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man

Though my mind could think I still was a mad man

I hear the voices when I'm dreaming I can hear them say


Masquerading as a man with a reason

My charade is the event of the season

And if I claim to be a wise man,

well It surely means that I don't know

On a stormy sea of moving emotion

Tossed about I'm like a ship on the ocean

I set a course for winds of fortune

But I hear the voices say



Carry on, you will always remember

Carry on, nothing equals the splendor

 Now your life's no longer empty

Surely heaven waits for you

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indica 6 years ago

Thank you for sharing these words, your experiences! They're deep and they touch many. Took courage to do this, takes courage to see, and courage to face it. Again, thank You.

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