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When You Write

When you write online you want not just views, you want comments. Responses. You want to know that someone read you and felt impelled to take the time to post a comment.

An article might be perfect in style, grammar, images, but without comments, you can't know if people are reading, why they are reading, what they think of what they have read.

It isn't just the traffic, although of course that is of vital importance, it is the interaction.

The Basic Comment

Under any article that has received attention one will find the basic; "I liked/didn't like" response. There will also been those who share ideas, writing paragraphs focused on their experience or attitude towards what you have written.

These comments deserve, nay, require a response from you. You should make it your duty to answer every single comment that is posted; primary the honest comment.

The Debate Comment

Some readers disagree with you. It is not the attack or insult, they have a whole different set of criterion which they bring to the item. They care enough to write their opinion.

Yes, it is not an agreement, it is a debate. You can argue your point, you can accept the critique, but you should respond.

These debates often create a lot of interest and may wind up in a forum after garnering you dozens of views, not just of the article but the comments beneaath.

In General

Comments bring revenue into your pocket. The more comments, the more views, the more debates, the more interest. You need to encourage comments, you need to respond to comments. You need to want comments.


However there are other kinds of comments you need to deal with; 'differently' because they have secret, or not so secret, agendas.

The Comment Troll

This is creature who needs a lot of attention. He/She/It has nothing to say for themselves. They only exist to attack. Whatever you write, they attack. They can be abusive, obscene, slimey. They want a flame war.

If you answer them, they keep going and get the war that gives their lives meaning.

One has to understand the decrepit mentality of the Troll. All attention is good.

You will always have as many of them as there are weeds in a neglected garden. You want them to post a million times, because you get $ for comments. But you need to develope a strategy which protects you and your Hub while filling your pocket.

Here is how you do it.

1. Respond politely to the Troll, or at least do not descend to their level.

2. By their Fourth response go back and delete their first or second.

3. Keep them posting

4. Where there are other responses answer them, skipping a Troll post.

5. This should make the Troll believe that you 'didn't see' it's post, so it will post again.

6. Respond with something which furthers your point but doesn't exactly respond to the Troll.

7. Keep going to the top and deleting some of the earlier Troll posts until the Troll stops posting. As long as it posts, keep it coming.

In this way, you ring up your coin and the Troll will, at the end of the day, have made 15 posts, of which perhaps 3 remain.

The Pompous Fool

One will always meet some clown who thinks he knows everything. His attitude is disdainful, his posts are pretend intellectual. He is above the Troll because he thinks he is. He will attack whatever you write, even the tiniest detail, trying to show the world how bright he is.

You respond to him, because you want the comments, in a 'provocative' manner. You border insult, but don't cross the line. You repeat your point without reference. He will continue to respond.

You may find that of ten responses he has done six. He's a very lucrative commentator. He will never stop, he needs the last word.

If there are many comments you might want to skip his, but one has to keep the carrot near enough his mouth so that he takes another bite.

The Tricks Used by Comment Trolls and Pompous Fools

The reason why people make comments of the provocative kind is because they want to lure you to their Hubs and have you play their role.

You, annoyed that Troll or Pompous have vomited all over the comment section of your Hub are supposed to dive onto theirs making comment after comment until your fingers bleed.

If you have ever done this, hang your head in shame. You've been played.

You have been tricked into going to view something written by someone you despise, and allowing your need for 'revenge' to take over.

The Troll or Pompous claps his hands in joy!

He will make $$ out of your comments, knowing better than you do, how to 'pull your tongue' and keep you going.

Do Not Fall for this.

Never go to a Hub written by a Troll or Pompous jerk. You have nothing to prove, nothing to gain. Concentrate on your own Hubs.

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somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 13 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

I have never typed until my fingers bleed, I'm just not that fast.

Although one might consider me an intellectual snob of the first order I assure you, I have risen above the first order and have attained Intellectual Omnipotence, only God is my competition and The Creator Of All is losing ground quickly.

I really like your idea of deleting previous comments but maintaining the conversation and am quite sure I have already thought of it but probably discarded it for a grander thought or idea.

Now that I think of it, nothing you have written here has enhanced my supreme intelligence but I enjoyed reading it regardless . . . must be a slow day.

I often find myself stooping to a trolls level, if only to flex my verbal dexterity and linguistic agility and to sling a few insults, which I find to be mildly amusing.

Good article, forward and to the point.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 13 months ago Author

I started laughing from your first sentence. You did a great job, trust me. I loved your comment.

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 13 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Oh no, I've learned to never trust anyone that uses the phrase "Trust Me", are you trying to get me to comment endlessly?

I've found that those in our society that are not to be trusted will use every argument in the book to convince you of their sincerity.

While those that are truly sincere care not what another accepts as the truth and choose to allow others to wallow in their own self imposed ignorance.

Of course I consider myself one of the latter and feel no need for the quaint concepts of proof or evidence to acquiring true knowledge and wisdom.

After all, omnipotence requires a certain aloof disdain of the intellectual challenged dreck of our society, as I'm sure you would agree?

qeyler profile image

qeyler 13 months ago Author

I would tell you I like your humour, but you would mistrust that.

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 13 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

I would hate to disagree with you again, as it could become habit forming but all superior intellects enjoy being being complimented, if not worshipped, so by all means if you insist on pointing out my better qualities don't let me hold you back.

Now I'm not suggesting that you bow down and grovel or anything so pedestrian but if you must adore me, so be it. I will endeavor to remain my humble virtuous self and merely thank you!

qeyler profile image

qeyler 13 months ago Author

Yes, it is good to be humble.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 13 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Oh......MY........God. No, not you, other god. Got yourself another admirer? Those checks you send out are finally paying off.

Love you...................................Paula

qeyler profile image

qeyler 13 months ago Author

Yes, I paid my light bill.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 13 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

geyler.....Really great hub. I love it! Accurate as good humor always is. The troll, the fool and their tricks. We got a million of 'em here. Obviously you know this.

About blue.....gotta love him. I'm never sure what else to do with the likes of him. He's just too damned special. LOL

Nice to meet you.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 13 months ago Author

Thanks. Blue has a wicked sense of humour. Sorry he lives how many thousands of miles away.

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 13 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

You mean I paid your enlightened bill and I am more than happy to do so.

I felt sure I could bring Paula out by sharing my effortless wit and remonstrating my intellectual input.

The Earth is currently my home but my soul belongs to the Universe!

qeyler profile image

qeyler 13 months ago Author

Yes you have. But why did you make it snow so much? Blizzard conditions...etc? Was it to prove that Global Warming is a hoax?

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 13 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Not at all, the snow is merely a little known symptom of the ever increasing Earth Wobble due to the 'Death Star'/Mother Ship commonly referred to as Nibiru Planet X in our solar system.

This incredibly dense and highly magnetic Mother Ship has been used in Earth's past to create 'natural disasters and Biblical floods', such as Polar Shifts to extinguish (reduce the population) or as it is referred to sometimes as 'Kulling'.

Right now this Mother Ship is being held in check by benevolent Aliens (Sphere Beings/Blue Avians) to protect the planet and to prevent a cataclysmic type world event of global destruction. However it still exerts a certain amount of magnetic influence on the planet, hence the increase in the Earth's Wobble, large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The flooding on the East Coast, the unnatural direction in which this snowstorm moved East to West and the increasing erratic weather is merely a symptom of this Mother Ships influence on our planet and the ever increasing vibrational frequency the Earth is exhibiting as we move closer to the Ascension Event.

Global Warming isn't a hoax, the reason for it is however! Man is not responsible for our planet increase in temperature, the increase in rotation of the Earth's inner core is. As our core heats up the heat dissipates outwards, flowing into the oceans, which in turn flow into our atmosphere.

A pot of water doesn't heat up from the outside/in but from the inside/out, its common sense, which seems to be a lacking quality on this planet.

This is the very reason for my incarnation here at this time, to share my knowledge with those that prefer others to do their thinking for them.

Your Welcome.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 13 months ago Author

I have always believed that the 'Global Warming' terror was created to explain why America shifts away from oil to renewables. It is not that they are sick of the Saudis and other Opec nations which held the world to ransom in 1970 but that they have to. It is on the same level of getting rid of an obnoxious character by making his job redundant so that he goes away, and then a new job with a new name is implemented to hire someone else.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 13 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Guys......As I sit here freezing my butt off in 14 degree temps, I'm FOR any kind of warming whatsoever!

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 13 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

The Global Warming or Climate Change scenario if you prefer is what I call fear porn, a reason for society to point its collective finger and assign blame. This is a distraction method all good magicians use to keep their audience from recognizing the truth.

Our society has been conditioned to blame others for their problems to prevent them from seeking the answers within or tapping into the Source Field, God Consciousness or Higher Power which ever you prefer.

Renewable energy technology has existed since the 30s but since its kind of difficult to reap billions in profits from energy sources that are free and continue to enslave society into the Money Magic System, we are not allowed the benefits of this technology.

However hopefully that is about to change . . . yo Heffer put a sweater on!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 13 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

I am wearing sweats, wool socks, an additional jacket & gloves...AND I'M IN THE HOUSE. Mr. blue! You PROMISED not to use the bovine reference again! Now you've hurt my feelings you beast!

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 13 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

You know, your my sweet little moo-baby, don't get your sweats in a twist.

I love it when you call me a beast, it makes me start grunting, snarling and growling like a savage. It also raises the coarse hair on back like a razorback.


somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 13 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

You know your my sweet little moo-baby, I just love it when you call me and a beast.

I start snarling, grunting and growling, the thick coarse hair on my back rises up as I cavort like a savage. I do so love to cavort.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 13 months ago Author

I live in Jamaica, that is tropics. For the past two years from Nov to about May I have to wear socks to bed. Socks, a track suit. Right now it is so cold here I have to wear a jacket..inside. We don't have heating obviously.

I just spoke to someone in Snow York who has been locked inside as drifts are 5 feet high.

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