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What is Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarks online (i.e to a website) to access them for future use. Users can also recommend their bookmarks to other users.

The whole idea behind social bookmarking is sharing useful webpages with your network. Imagine you are browsing when you come across a website which you find useful. You think about your friend and thought that he might find it useful too. So you email him the website. In this way, you participate in Social bookmarking.

Bookmarks are saved with tags to make findability easier. Users can also add short descriptions to describe their bookmarks to other users.

Using Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are great tools for website promotion. Social bookmarking services provide quick traffic and great exposure. The traffic may be short lived but if used properly can do wonders.

All in all there are many factors responsible for your website’s success in social bookmarking.

The quality of content on the web pages is one of the most important ones. Without good quality of content, your website is almost certain to fail.

Social bookmarking sites are increasingly popular with hundreds of thousand of bookmarks saved everyday. To standout in this vast crowd, you should have something of substance under your belt.

Internet users are more influenced by content today than ever before. A majority of the visitors will never visit the website again if they do not find it useful. The content on your website plays an important role in determining its value for the visitors. Quality content becomes viral. If people like your content, they may also recommend your website to their friends which means that more traffic and exposure for you.

The one thing which makes social bookmarking so wonderful to readers is that it provides fresh content and news. Social bookmarking sites are like newspapers which tend to provide fresh content to their visitors. Its great for blogs which update regularly. Fresh and interesting content is what people want and that is what social bookmarking services wanna provide. Its a win-win situation for both (you and social bookmarking service).

If you want to know more about social bookmarking, check out: 5 things you should know social bookmarking.

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