Work from Home Not For Me and Why?

I thought it was easy to make money online by working from home, with so many promises I read online from how I could make quick money in just 7 days by investing nothing but buying just some money making system. With this I knew I would be making a living from the internet by doing simple tasks like reading emails and getting paid, filling survey forms and making huge profit online

The journey to making money online sometimes is very exciting from the beginning, carrying all the promises you read from money making gurus who sells their crap systems and after buying the system you are left stranded while they walk to the bank to get their referral commission

Why this is not for me?

No convincing power

After joining the work from home programs I realized that it all has to do with convincing people to buy my product and I realized that am poor at convincing

Delayed gratification

This is the only place I came across something called delayed gratification, all along I have known that I have to be paid once am done with the work, oh no here things are so different, work today and expect payment in some years to come and who knows if I will be paid or I will live all those years just waiting to be paid

Meeting new people

With poor convincing power I realized that I would not meet new people to sell my ideas and products and for this reason my business will not take off. Without meeting new people means that am not adding new stock and without new stock my old stock would not move my business and that means I will not be earning

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Chachafance profile image

Chachafance 7 years ago from Eufaula, AL

No offense but I work from home as a blogger/freelance writer so I know quite a bit about the topic. I feel this Hub is lacking vital information and is not very helpful to those looking to make money writing from home. Just wanted to be honest.

fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 7 years ago from Southern California

Oderog, I feel I missed something, the last paragraph left me hanging. Did you mean to give us references and just forgot to add them. I do however, appreciate your writing. Looking forward to reading more.

oderog profile image

oderog 7 years ago from Nairobi Author

@Chachafance - Thanks, for your feedback, as you may know give too much is also dangerous, I would at least expect the newbie to do some little of work, still they can get something out of this hub, I do believe. Anyway thanks for reading how to work writing from home

fastfreta - Thanks, the last paragraph is paid writers, where you source for writing jobs and get paid directly for that, places like elance and odesk does this, you submit your credential to people and in turn you may get some writing work, otherwise thanks for stopping by

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