Enjoy being violated on hubpages.com

Violated by my own Hubpages violation

I'm seriously mortified.

As a writer I had been recommended to HUBPAGES so got started yesterday and decided to use some of my own material that has gone down well with others before. Using one of my most popular articles this year I set about getting in on to my hub hoping to share insight and perspective with others interested enough to read it.

Shock..horror I awoke today to a very polite but firm email basically letting me know I had committed a violation. Well, for me, this was awful - still in my PJs and here I was being accused of being a violator!

OMG - What had I done? Who had I done it to?

When I quickly realised I had violated myself I wasn't too phased and actually I was really delighted because what had been a simple sharing of thoughts and experience with others had become a well read document which could easily be found.

I am getting there in terms of exposure and I know that what I had written was, indeed, a worthwhile read, even if I say so myself ! I was suddenly delighted by my hubpages.com message of violation. Not that I want to be committing any more violations on my hubpages activity however it demonstrated I'm not half bad at doing what I do and, in a seriously swamped writers world, this type of feedback can be hard to get!

Confidence in your writing is one thing but its quite a different thing building your confidence when your audience often remains silent, as mine does.

To know people have read and digested my publications and maybe even slightly adjusted their own mindset or approach to success in their business or personal endeavours is enough to keep me smiling all day long! This is the name of my game.

I thank you most sincerely Hubpages.com for the violation warning. You have got my day off to a flying start!

No matter what life throws at you, turn every negative (or constructive) experience into a positive one.

I just did and it feels sooo good.

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Noble One profile image

Noble One 5 years ago from Milpitas, CA

LOL I got one of those violations too! I think they know when someone's not used to it yet and they give you a chance so don't trip! This is still all a fairly new game to me as well. And look, You got one more comment than I do, and I've been here for a little over two years..

Nexusx2 profile image

Nexusx2 5 years ago

Hubpages needs unique content that isn't already on the net :)

Noble One profile image

Noble One 5 years ago from Milpitas, CA

Perhaps. Got any ideas? Hah

gcm0904 profile image

gcm0904 5 years ago Author

thanks for taking time to comment - yes it was a freak out moment but only momentarily - especially when it was all my own stuff- but hey i learned something plus it sparked my first comments so yet another great outcome from being here - much appreciated :)

Noble One profile image

Noble One 5 years ago from Milpitas, CA

No problemo!

The Simple Guide profile image

The Simple Guide 5 years ago from Eastbourne East Sussex. UK

I too am new to the Hub and had a violation email on my second post. Agreed that this is not the net however the subject matter is so niche that I feel that it doesn't matter how I word it I will come up against the same issue.

Any ideas ?

Kevin Horne of http://www.simpleguidetomortgagesandprotection.org

gcm0904 profile image

gcm0904 5 years ago Author

Kevin, I had to just forget the other stuff i publish elsewhere and treat this as fresh blank canvas for my new stuff. I'm not 100% sure but can you include a link to the original material from your new hub? Maybe that's an option for you. Personally I'm going to keep it fresh and new. Good luck with it all and thanks for your comment...much appreciated.

The Simple Guide profile image

The Simple Guide 5 years ago from Eastbourne East Sussex. UK

Excellent idea, I'm going to do that. Thank you

MsDora profile image

MsDora 5 years ago from The Caribbean

Glad you took it so well. Thanks for sharing! All the best going forward!

profile image

vishnu01 5 years ago

Since this hub is about violations, could I just take the time to ask you guys a question: "Would searching and reading your own hubs online be considered a violation?"

thank you...

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