Why I recommend Hubpages

I have started a number of blogs in the past and I didn't get any visitors in the first couple of weeks, so I stopped. Than I joined a couple of content publishing sites, and I almost instantly got visitors. Now, they weren't much, but at least got some. As I continued publishing more articles at them, the traffic continuously grew, including organic search engine traffic, of course most notable Google. I now have articles for a number of keywords that rank # 1, or within the first 5 results of the search results for the search engine. Another great thing about these content publishing sites is that you don't have to stick to a specific niche. Also since their is no post date on them, you do not have to stick to a specific posting schedule (although it greatly helps if you do), so you can have brakes and some time of from creating new content. One other thing: these content publishing sites are free, so it it ideal for the newbie online publishers.


My favorite is publishing site (the one I have the most success with) currently is hubpages.com.


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