Xomba.com Is No Longer Allowing The BookMark/Backlinking Feature

If you have backlinked or bookmarked on Xomba

 You should check your accounts to see if you have any backlinks on xomba.com. Just recently I received an email stating as of February 7, 2011, authors may not use Xomba to promote their own articles, blogs, and web sites.  The official rules are accessible through the posting rules link.  You can find this link at the bottom of every page on  the website. Xomba credits googles new structure as one of the reasons for this poor decision made in part. Apparently, xomba feels that googles algorithmic shift has sent all writing for content sites into a tailspin. Apparently Xomba, has a desire to be free from google and all of its rules. I can surely see how that wish will be greatly fulfilled. As I learned first hand early this morning  when I was emailed abruptly to be informed that most of my articles had been snatched from the bookmarking site.  Just felt the liberty to inform my fellow hubbers, as Xomba was one of the greatly mentioned sites accredited for great ranking with google.  This is not an attempt to bash Xomba; just a reminder if you have hubs that mention Xomba as a backlinking source you should refresh your hub and delete them as a backlinking site.  Xomba is still a great publishing site for articles where in the author writes an publishes original content. Through the publication of your article it is possible to backlink, but be careful you don't want your article snatched.

Backlinking Is A Important Part Of The SEO Equation

Backlinking is a very important part of the search engine organization equation. An whats more important than backlinking is various sites that make backlinking possible. You should utilize all web directories, online articles, related sites, press releases, your personal website, social sites directories, social bookmarking sites, blog sites, and social bookmarking profiles. You should also use affiliate sites to promote your niche. Some great sites for backlinking are www.redgage.com,stumbleupon.com,bestreviewer.com, facebook.com, twitter.com., squidoo.com, shetoldme.com, goarticles.com,ezine.com,ehow.com.

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Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 5 years ago from USA

I'm on Xomba, but I never received this notice. I'm going to have to check the site. I know you need to add a 100 word description now.

Hmm. I just checked it. It says you can't bookmark solely to point to your content on other sites. I wonder what they mean by solely. I think I might have broken their rules already

shaekelly profile image

shaekelly 5 years ago from Alabama Author

@Barbara Kay, I figured many people didnt know, that why I decided to write this hub. Thanks for reading it.

Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 5 years ago from USA

I haven't received any notice from them or had anything taken off, but I have linked to a lot of other sites. It must be they just did this to everyone that just used it to link to their own sites only. I hope so anyways.

PS You can make good money at Xomba linking to the sites of others. I'm making more money there than with my hubs.

shaekelly profile image

shaekelly 5 years ago from Alabama Author

@Barbara Kay thats great. I only backlink there however, if you need further assurance there is a news article posted on my page that explains. Thank you for the info, I will write articles there for now on

forlan profile image

forlan 5 years ago

I don't use xomba anymore because it is useless

shaekelly profile image

shaekelly 5 years ago from Alabama Author

@forlan I wish u well with the rest of your endeavor.

How to - Answers profile image

How to - Answers 5 years ago from Ireland

Yes I only use Xomba to backlink to my hubs. I have recieved no email from them either. I will go over now to them and see what my situation is. Thanks for the hub shaekelly.

Also Barbara Kay's comment is interesting. I might give that a go.

shaekelly profile image

shaekelly 5 years ago from Alabama Author

@How To-Answers, no one seems to have gotten the email except me. However there is a news article in mh news section thar further explains. Thanks you for reading my hub.

Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 5 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks Shaekelly, I have just started out hubbing and trying to make an income online and unfortunately my bookmarks were rejected immediately for exactly the reason you mentioned. Pity as I heard they were great for backlinking.

Useful Hub, thank you again.


profile image

divaroktz 5 years ago

Hi friends. Xomba is no longer the user friendly site it used to be. It has indulged into seroius mistrust and stealing of authors income by hoodwinking them. Please read the articles below to know more:



profile image

kamstew 5 years ago

thanks for this, I did not know either. I am most appreciative of the list of other sites you gave to put backlinks on.

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