7 Important Tips to Prevent You From Getting Banned from Adsense

7 Important Tips

I know that reading long program policies may be boring. Don't worry, BloggerDollar is here to let you skip the boring part and dive in to earning cash.

However there are some facts you need the know about your most reliable source Adsense. If you don't want to get banned from Adsense and spend rest of your life looking for a subsitute, keep some important facts about Adsense in your mind:

1. Invalid Clicks

Google has a strong policy to prevent invalid clicks to keep their advertisers pleased. Don't forget that Google guys are propably smarter then you so don't even bother creating artificial traffic/clicks.

2. Own Clicks

Don't ever click your own ads. Even if the ad actually interests you or you just wanna check out if the ads work. Google has the magical powers to sense you clicking your own ads so be careful. If you click your own ads by mistake inform Adsense about the situation. 1 or 2 clicks won't get you rich so it isn't worth the risk.

3. Encouraging Clicks

Don't ever use terms like "click my ads, visit my sponsors, make me rich, i will die if you don't click those links". (However you may use the term "Sponsored Links")

Don't try to trick users by hiding ads, showing as part of text etc..

Don't point out ads by arrows, images etc..

In this situation Google magic works again and you will be caught.

4. Contextual Ads

This one is a little confusing. Google allows other ads and PayPerClick programs to be placed on your website but other ads shouldn't be resembling google ads. So placing an ad linking to dirty sites is damaging google's reputation so that is prohibited (That's understandable).

Google also doesn't want competition so ads resembling Google Ads isn't allowed. That one is a little confusing. This term may be to prevent Yahoo's affiliate service (which looks like Google ads in a sense). So be cautious before placing other ads to your site.

5. Illegal Content

I think I don't have to mention mature content, hacks/cracks are illegal. You have to be careful with the material you publish because sharing a mp3 you like with your community may seem innocent to you but that is illegal.

6. Site Behaviour

If you have got a free hosting you should check if your service is no pop-up. Many free hosting companies force their pop-up ads with your site and this will ban you from Adsense.

7. Ad Placement

You can't place more than 3 ad units and 2 search boxes. Even if you do place more than 3 ads they won't be displayed. There is no penalty for that but broken links in your website is a bad impression for your community.

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teeray profile image

teeray 9 years ago from Canada

Thanks for the tips, Bloggerdollar! Your 3rd and 4th points hit home - I have wondered about that before - now I know. I had refused to place anything on my webpages or blogs that contained the words 'click.' Just to be safe. Now I know, I can describe things and have some freedom of word use on my pages - I just can not ask directly for someone to click on anything on my pages where I have google ads present...and I can use some of the banners for programs I use to earn money. Thanks again for explaining some specifics.

shivraj profile image

shivraj 9 years ago

These tips are amazing! Thanks a lot.

Don 8 years ago


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While no solution can safeguard your account 100%, using AdsenseClickLock will help to deter many types of click fraud. Again, even if it’s your Mom, spouse or friend trying to “help” you make money.

I appreciate this opportunity to share this product with your readers and enjoyed your blog.



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weishen 8 years ago

Great hub.

You could also find more tips at http://internetidiot .co.cc

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Vinayak 7 years ago

free-web-host.me puts their google ads in a popunder for their free hosting plans on their free hosting customers.

Why aren't they banned yet by adsense ?

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