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Are you having any success with Infographics?

I created my first ever Infographic the other day and used it to update one of my idled hubs: After uploading the new infographic, I then Pinned it on Pinterest then Tweeted the new Pin. Even as the the hub was still in idle and supposedly de-indexed (it was, I checked) I started to get some traffic from Pinterest. I also did a search to see if the hub was indexed yet again, it hadn't been but the Pin was along with the keywords I used. What has been your experience with Infographics

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TheKatsMeow says

4 years ago
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    Richard Bivins (livewithrichard) 4 years ago

    Thanks, I've been having some success with that as well. I'm concerned about how Google is going to treat infographics and if they are being overused.