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Amazon Earnings?

I have a big confusion & I require your help. I do not have a google adsense account right now, but my Amazon account is active & I have amazon capsules in all my articles. From last month I am seeing that whenever I open my Amazon account, it shows 0 clicks. Although I know few of my friends have clicked those amazon links in my articles, so I should be earning with that. But it is showing 0 clicks & 0 earnings. Why? Do I have to do anything extra to start my earning with Amazon. Please tell?

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Best Answer Marissa (ThePracticalMommy) says

4 years ago
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    GAGANPREET SINGH BHATIA (gaganbhatia) 4 years ago

    Ya I have told my friends not to do it again. So, as you say, I will wait for sometime & then check. Maybe then it will be fully updated. Thx.

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Lisa McKnight (ElizaDoole) says

4 years ago
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