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How can I improve a hub that ticks all the boxes and still won't be featured?

My hub http://lenisands.hubpages.com/hub/A-long-walk-home-continued is still apparently not of the right quality to be a featured item. It is a photographic hub - so wasn't meant to have an essay with it but does have well over 700 words...it is a photographic walk along with me type hub...any ideas on why it is not able to be a featured hub - any suggestions - help would be appreciated because I am now scratching my poor old head to bits....

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sheilamyers says

3 years ago
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    Leni Sands 3 years ago

    Yes, I think you are right. Hopefully Hubpages will come up with photographic hubs. The snag with writing a comment for each photograph is that ech photograph would have to be added separately and they are currently loaded in two bulk loads.No time