Best way to drive external and internal traffic to your hubs

Twenty steps for increasing good quality traffic to your hubs

1. First of all, follow all the sites via the SHARE IT button on the hubs you have written.

2. Join some forums outside of hubpages like if bodybuilding is your specialty, then go and share your ideas on other forums related to the same and write some useful posts with links to your hubs in the signing line.

3. Send regular e-mails to your friends when you publish some hubs but do not annoy them.

4. Write hubs on topics, which are rare and useful. Check the keywords for them on search engines like "google". Keywords with search results below 200000 will go up very fast rather than keywords, which are already used by many people.

5. Immediately after publishing a new hub, create a skeleton blog or article on blog sites like blogger.

6. Don't think only of making money. Write as if you want to help someone. How to hubs work very well. The money will roll in with more visitors.

7. Write useful comments on other hubber's hubs and attract visitors from there. This will help both of you, the other hubber and yourself.

8. Remember to ping your hub manually on pingoat or pingomatic after publishing.

9. Join new social bookmarking and social networking sites and write a good profile of yours with links to your hubs.

10. I have noted that many visitors come up to my hubs to look at pics and videos so definitely do that, though I have not got so much time to do that on my own in my most recent hubs, but I have done that in my previous hubs which are ranking very well in the search engines.

11. Use google analytics to check for keywords which are getting a good number of visitors and earning a decent amount of adsense revenue. You can do this by connecting adsense and analytics together. Now go ahead and write hubs on best performing keywords but remember do not write hubs, which are of no use.

12. Leave fan mails to other hubber's profile for more internal exposure to your profile and hubs.

13. Do not leave a link on any outside or inside web page without writing anything. Think and write and then paste a link because sometimes leaving a link without any use is really annoying for other site owners.

14. Try to write one good quality hub daily.

15. Sometimes writing on controversial topics gets many more visitors than you would have expected.

16. I have noticed that when we write hubs answering questions asked by other hubbers, it helps much more than publishing a hub directly.

17. Take time to read your hub after writing and before publishing.

18. Minimize grammatical errors to get good quality traffic on your hubs.

19. Sometimes you will see the traffic decreasing on your hubs. Do not worry and do not lose hope, it will increase when the search engine spiders will index your hubs next.

20. I have noticed that traffic to my hubs increases on Wednesdays as I think Tuesday is the day in the week when google spiders search the net and index new content from web sites.

These were some of the useful tips, which have helped me in increasing my adsense revenue from 10 dollars to 55 dollars per month in the last six months without knowing any SEO. Hope these will also assist you in increasing the traffic to your hub and adding up to your adsense earnings. Best of luck. Always remember hard work pays. I say that because it has paid me.

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Kmadhav profile image

Kmadhav 7 years ago from New delhi

fantastic tips .....after many ghost and horror stories you came back to hubpages topic...LOL ...It is very good...

Soni you know or don't know the SEO "last six months with knowing any SEO".

very good tips soni........

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi kmadhav thanks. I think you read my hubs carefully and that's why you are able to figure out some corrections. Yes I do not know SEO and I am going to correct that. Thanks for the feedback and being my guest.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

You are welcome badcompany. Good luck to you also for all your future endeavors.

aulakhgps profile image

aulakhgps 7 years ago from Victoria, Australia

good tips, but plz help me that how i get google adsense revenue through this

quicksand profile image

quicksand 7 years ago

Thanks for the tips, Raj. :)

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

thanks quicksand...

hafeezrm profile image

hafeezrm 7 years ago from Pakistan

I have taken a print-out of your article and would follow it in letter and spirit. If no traffic, I would revert to you.  I am looking for something like "money back guarantee".

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks for taking the print-out of my article. I can give you guarantee that your traffic will improve day by day when you will work on these tips. These are the basic things I follow and I have sen the . There are more things also involved which I will publish in my upcoming hubs. Thanks for visiting sir.

Useful Knowledge 7 years ago

Very good tips. I did not know about the pinging. I am going to try that. Thanks for the great advice.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen

Nice tips ....We are looking for some internal trafiic we understand how to get internal traffic

agusfanani profile image

agusfanani 7 years ago from Indonesia

Thank you for the information Soni, very useful tips.

FREEWORKING profile image

FREEWORKING 7 years ago from rohtak

good there is no subsitute of experience. thanks

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you very much Useful Knowledge, Kevin Peter, agusfanani, and freeworking for your appreciation. I am grateful that you all came my way.

charanjeet kaur profile image

charanjeet kaur 7 years ago from Delhi

Wow soni this is like a gold mine when it comes to external bookmarking, all of it takes time just hope to master it soon. Really interesting info..thumbs up from me.

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

Thank you for the great tips.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you very much Ms. Kaur and Mackey for your comments and appreciation. I hope that we all will learn as we grow together.

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago

Hey this is great. Hope I can do all this! Thanks! =)

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes Charia anyone can do that and you can too. By the way, thanks for joining my fan club.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 7 years ago

I've been following your money-making tips and this is another useful one. I've yet to learn all the tricks but I intend to try to put some of your suggestions to work. Can u enlighten me about adsense? I notice I just signed up for content and there is a bunch of other sign-ups like domain, search and feeds. Do I sign up for those too? Or do I've to do something special to sign up for those?


Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago

You're welcome; thanks as well! Btw I've tried "pinging" (is it the right term?!) one of my hub and the traffic rises so I better ping all of them. I don't have much hub as yours anyway so not so much work to =)

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 7 years ago

I'm shamelessly clueless--how do you "ping"? Help!

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Charia and anglnwu, first of all, thank you very much for visiting this hub and appreciating it.

Secondly, for pinging just visit this site,, the home page will load up, now copy and paste your hub's title as it is in the BLOG NAME field, then copy and paste your hub's url into the BLOG URL field, now press general and special services and leave non-english services as our hubs are written in English no need to select non-english ones. Now press GO PINGOAT. A page will apear as showing pinging services, pinging technorati, pinging icerocket, etc. and now you are done with the pinging of your hub. Your hub will be displayed on the home page of all these sites. For checking if the pinging is accurate immediately after pinging, visit again the home page and you will see these buttons

Adsense Arbitrage Report The GoatLog Pingoat tools Link! Recently updated blogs Click on recently updated blogs and you will able to see your hub updated on pingoat's system. Best of luck for pinging. Thirdly for anglnwu query for adsense related stuff, yes you can signup for domains if you have a domain or your own website, you can sign up for search and include the search button in your blogs and not at hubpages, you can also sign up for feeds, and even you can sign up for adsense for mobiles if you want to display google adsense ads on mobile phones. I hope this comment answers your query. If you are facing any problems, you can let me know via a comment on this hub.

LRobbins profile image

LRobbins 7 years ago from Germany

Great advice, thanks. As a new hugger I'm excited to try your tips and get more involved.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 7 years ago

Soni2006, i can always count on u for good and generous advice--thank you so much for the information. I'm going to try to work on "pinging" and will also upgrade my adsense to include all your suggestions. I'm still working on setting up a website--we last talked about it on one of your hubs. Also, I've linked one of your useful hub to my hub "Cliches--to use or not to use?"--won 2nd place in hubnugget selection.

Once, again, thank you so very much.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes LRobbins try these steps, think positive, and apply them on a daily basis to your hubs and your traffic and earnings will improve.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi anglnwu thanks for the really appreciative comment and for linking my hub to your hub which has won second place in hubnuggets selection. Great.

dawei888 profile image

dawei888 7 years ago

To my 200th Fan! Wow - This was a great list. Thanks, Soni. I did not know about Google indexing new pages on Wednesday - That's excellent info. Since I'm in asia i often work during the day here so my content appears on the web when it's day time in North America. How has blogspot worked for you for getting traffic? I've been lazy about that one. thanks, dawei888

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi dawei first of all thanks for visiting my hub. Yes I have observed it several times in my life as a content writer that google spiders index new fresh content on Tuesday night and we can see the major update on Wednesday here in India. Regarding blogspot, yes it is working good for me for driving traffic towards my newly published and also old hubs. You are welcome if you have more queries for the same.

futurenetads profile image

futurenetads 7 years ago from india

very nice tips ........i will follw 2 day onwards

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Best of luck for your success futurenetads

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 7 years ago

Soni2006, I tried to ping--followed all your instructions and when I went to check, my page wouldn't load--it's says Error.  Any idea? Also, do I have to ping it each time I publish something?


soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

anglnwu, pingoat and all the pinging stuff is working fine for me. You just have to ping it one time and not twice, that might be the reason you are recieving error. You can also try if pingoat is not working in your area.

You can also try

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 7 years ago

Thanks--I found out I can ping for articles on hubpages but not those on bloggerspot. Will try your suggestions. Thanks again!

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

It's my pleasure friend.

Mountain Blossoms profile image

Mountain Blossoms 7 years ago from SE Thailand

Thank you for the information on pinging. I'm really new to all this and am slowly finding my way around. It's great fun and so good to have such helpful people as yourself.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Don't worry mountain blossoms. I am here to help you out when in need. Pinging is really helpful and do it once after publishing your blog or whenever adding some valuable content in your blog. Best of luck.

aoiffe379 profile image

aoiffe379 7 years ago

Thanks. I will make notes and apply what information I can to see if my hubs will improve.Please explain pinging. I am not sure I understand it.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi aoiffe379 thanks for taking notes of this hub. For pinging visit, and when the page will open, insert the title of your hub and url in the required fields, select sites to ping and hit submit. You are done..

hubbybucks profile image

hubbybucks 7 years ago

hi soni, nice tips as usual.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks hubbybucks.

hinazille profile image

hinazille 5 years ago from Dominica (West Indies, The Caribbean) :D

hey great tips...i didnt know about the Google spiders thing regarding Tuesdays but il be sure to watch out for that...

any advice on implementing links in the articles?

wayne125 profile image

wayne125 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Hey there i like your hub, so very informative especially on to how dot the i's and cross the t's.Leave no stone unturned.Will be coming back for more knowledge.Nice one.

OanaBoteanu 4 years ago

Great info, thanks for sharing this. I am getting very poor traffic so far, but I only use Twitter, Facebook and Pineterest. There is so much more to do and you hub gives great directions.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 3 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Nice to see your comment here and I am glad you learned few things from me. Yes there are a lot more things to do. Keep the spirits high and you will definitely achieve your goals. Enjoy.

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