A Discovery Statement

Some of the Great Ones Before Me

What I Want

What I want from my education is the knowledge to expand my horizon so that I can open huge doors in my young life. I want to accomplish things that my mom and grandma could not accomplish when they were younger. I want to set a positive example for my two daughters. I want to show people that I do not want to be just another statistic. I want to do something with my life and I want to be somebody. I want to leave a mark in this world. When I am deceased I want people to still remember who I was and what I accomplished. I want to be the woman that I know I can be. I have two little girls that are counting on me.

When I complete my education, I want to be able to help other young girls further their education. I want to be a public speaker that goes around and tell people why they should continue their education. I want to make a difference in my community by letting people know everything that I have been through and letting them know that they can also rise above their barriers.

I also want to give my children everything that they need and want. I want to give my little girls the world. I want to have a steady place where they can live and play. I want them to have to never worry about anything.

My purpose for furthering my education is so that I can gain the knowledge to expand my horizon so that I can open huge doors in my young life, for me, my family, and those less fortunate.


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