To All The Dreamers Who Have Given Up On Dreams

What lies beyond?
What lies beyond?

Open door by saavem,


God here. Just thought I'd drop by and surprise you. You never thought I'd really write this letter, did you?

I could almost hear your racing heart and see the look of shock on your face, and if I were to read your thoughts, you would be thinking about all the naughty things you did and frantically trying to figure out whether to apologize profusely for them, or make up excuses and see if you can get away with it. And then, almost immediately, you will feel genuinely repentant, and think of whether a sinner such as you, who would even think of lying to God, deserves a place in heaven.

Don't look so surprised. I made you, remember? I know you better than you know yourself. I know how you feel, I know what you think about, and I know your deepest fears and desires. I know how bad you can be, and have been, but I also know the good in you and what you have done.

I know you have a ton of questions but now is not the time. But I will give you this little morsel: "All is not as it seems. And on your earthly plane, you can see and know just a tiny fraction of what really is."

And now, on to the real purpose of this letter.

Remember the dream you had when you were 9? You wanted to be a doctor so that you could discover a cure for aging and everybody could live forever. When you were 10, you wanted to write. At 12, you wanted to be a world class long distance runner. By the time you were in your early thirties, I counted a total of 14 dreams,

Not so long ago, you dreamt of one day standing at the top of the Matterhorn in the Alps. And you pursued that dream with a passion uncharacteristic of your other dreams. You started exercising seriously, you took up classes in mountaineering and you started going on expeditions to the nearby peaks.

But the training expeditions took up a lot of your time, and I know that the traveling expenses didn't help with your finances. Along with the kids, the wife, your job, your friends and family, your time and money are being stretched to the limit. I know that you are running yourself ragged and you know that something's got to give.

I heard the silent whisper from you that night last week when things didn't go very well with your wife. It was then that you realized that you have got to give up on that dream. Of all the dreams you had, you really want this one. But some things are not meant to be...perhaps not yet.

You were at the end of your rope that night. You tried so hard, and you really thought you could juggle all your responsibilities and your dream. But you gave up on more than your dream of conquering a mountain that night. You gave up on dreams altogether.

I know life is not easy. And dreams bring with them added commitment and responsibilities. In many cases, it just becomes too much and the day to day living takes over, leaving dreams just a fond memory and not something a sensible and practical person indulges in.

I created you special. In fact, I created each and every one of you special. I gave every one of you the ability to go beyond your limits, beyond what I envision you can. I gave you something that your rational mind can never give, I gave you the ability to dream. And it is through dreams that you can achieve the impossible. Over all of my creations, over all of the universes, and over all of the other realms that your science has yet to discover, it is those creatures with dreams that have achieved wonders that surprised even me.

So, I am doing what you might call an intervention. Right now, you are just feeling really disappointed that you are not going to be able to climb the Matterhorn, and you don't yet realize that something have died inside of you. I'm telling you that it has. And I'm telling you not to give up on dreams.

I know you have one last question on your mind. Search your heart, you know it's me.


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quicksand profile image

quicksand 6 years ago

Cheese! Thank GOD you are here! Now that you're here I have some unfinished business ... I WANNA COME TO HEAVEN ... BAAAW! LEMME IN THERE FAST! ... BAAW! IT'S HOT IN HERE ... BAAW! BAAW! :)

quicksand profile image

quicksand 6 years ago

Oops! Sorry! I didn't mean to make fun. Would appreciate if you could kindly delete that comment. :)

wandererh profile image

wandererh 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi quicksand, but I have already crafted a reply as follows:


Sorry quicksand but God has already left, he's kinda busy these days as I think you'd appreciate. But he did say that you would be dropping by and left you this letter:

Hi quicksand,

First and foremost, can you please stop sending requests for installation of air conditioning at your location? It is meant to be hot and having air conditioning would sorta defeat the purpose, don't you think?

I've checked your record and it's not exactly exemplary, if you know what I mean. But I know that you have put in the effort in your own way, and I like that. Why don't you check back with me in the next million years or so, and if I'm in a good mood, I might just issue you a temporary pass.

Chat with you real soon.



I have no problems with your comment but if still you want me to delete it, let me know.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago

Nicely done. Communing with God is a great way to help us work through problems. Like your letter:)

wandererh profile image

wandererh 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Thanks anglnwu! :) Although I hope that impersonating God is not a sin and that there are no lightning bolts headed my way.

quicksand profile image

quicksand 6 years ago

Whew! Thanks wandererh, I thought I would have offended someone. :)


My A/C only needs to be replaced. If you could arrange that I would thank GOD for it!

wandererh profile image

wandererh 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Getting a whole A/C into your location would require some doing. But I might know someone who knows someone who can get you some spare parts, for the right price, of course. :)

InTheNameOf profile image

InTheNameOf 6 years ago

Which God? Apollo, Thor, Zesus, Allah? There is only 1 true God. If you do not believe in MY GOD, you will burn in Hell forever!

Or shall we just say that God works in mysterious ways and we cannot question him? It's as good as saying the flying spagetti monster exists and we cannot question his existence. Sadly, God has been a man made creation that was meant to control primitive humans for thousands of years.

Just because Science is unable to explain everything, does not mean that God did it. And we did not evolve from apes. Humans, apes and all living creatures evolve from 1 common ancestor millions of years ago..and we did not come from Adam and Eve 6,000 years old. Eve was created from Adam's rib.. but of coz. Let's not even mention about the talking snake.

It is amazing to note that the Bible is full of inconsistencies and contradictions, yet humans chose to turn a blind eye and cherry pick verses to suit their agendas.

"There is nothing but emptiness and darkness… If there be God — please forgive me.” - Mother Teresa

wandererh profile image

wandererh 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi InTheNameOf, in just that few sentences you have the beginnings of many hubs and many interesting discussions. Looking forward to your hubs. :)

quicksand profile image

quicksand 6 years ago

Yeah, that wuz pretty good! :)

wandererh profile image

wandererh 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Thanks, quicksand! :)

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