A Little Bit of Madness

We are all a little bit crazy

I am an 'ex' nurse. I trained in the years between 1964 and 1966, in a country hospital in South Australia. I did continue nursing for quite a while, interrupted by having children, and moving interstate as I followed by then husband as he was promoted.

Nursing seems to get in your blood - it is hard to really walk away from, and though I have not been registered for nearly 30 years I have a deep interest. These days I am more interested in Aged Care, as I am ageing, and I have a demented mother in a nursing care unit. I wonder if that is the destination for me.

In the meantime I keep active, albeit alone these days (I disposed of a husband - no, didn't kill him, but I moved on!)

In my latter days of nursing I was very interested in psychiatry - and indeed worked full time for a number of years in one institution, and later for 6 months in another which specialised in psycho-geratrics. I did apply to do my psychiatric nursing training, but was rejected. I was second in charge of the unit, and it was not my nursing qualifications/expertise but the fact that I refused to have sex with the guy in charge of the selection process. (He was later dealt with, but at the time I said nothing as he was so highly ranked I didn't expect anyone to believe my side of the story. I left nursing!)

I have an abiding interest in this area of medicine and nursing, and somehow manage to keep close links with it - perhaps I have too many crazy friends!

One of my friends has just written a book about her experience as a patient with bipolar. I have known her for a few years, and knew a little of her story, but she exposes her craziness in a memoir called "Me and Her". She attended our writers group the other day (she and I are both members of several groups) and I bought the book - I felt lucky as I was unable to attend her official launch.

OK, so I haven't read it ALL - but in a few days I am a third the way through, and loving the way she writes. I can see parts of myself in some of the nurses she encounters, and though not mentioned by name, I know the hospital in which she was incarcerated.

It is a fantastic read. Awesome really. I am annoyed I have so many things on that is slowing down my reading rate, but I will finish in a couple of days. She has recorded some good reviews.

I certainly recommend it.

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