ANOVA, analysis of varience, how I hate thee

ANOVA, how I hate thee, let me describe the ways:
Is it the one way randomized analysis that dulls my mind?
Or maybe the one way repeated that proves unkind....
How about the factorial ANOVA done by hand,
that causes my mind to turn into quicksand.
Could it be the formulas associated with these designs,
that causes me to retreat or want to resign?
All the Greek symbols that allude to specifics,
I might as well be reading Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Don’t get me wrong, ANOVA has its place,
to compare the means between 3 or more groups if that’s the case.
SPSS is my hero and savior indeed,
it will slay the ANOVA dragon and help me succeed!

© 2010 Augustine A. Zavala

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

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