Adaptation of Animals for Protection

Adaptation of Animals for Protection

1.    Camouflage

Camouflage is a method used by animals to blend its color with their environment so that they cannot easily be seen..

a.     Praying Mantis is about the same color green as the plants on which
it stays.

b.     Grasshopper blend with the green color of leaves and grass.

c.     Caterpillar assume the green color on trees and leaves where they

2.   Warning Coloration

Insects that are brightly colored are often poisonous. After one taste of such insects, predators learn to avoid them.

a.    Caterpillar

The bright colors of caterpillars act as a warning to predators.

b.    Ladybird beetle

Ladybird beetle is inedible. They are usually brightly colored and spotted

3.     Poisonous Liquid

g.    Bugs and Beetles

They produce poisonous liquid hat repels attackers.

b.   Toads and Frogs

They produce alkaloid. Alkaloid is a poisonous substance that can seriously injure a predator such as a coyote or a dog.

4.     Mimicry

Mimicry is the copying of the shape, color and habits of other animals.

a.    Spiders

They construct their abdomen to look like ants. Enemies think they are ants that can bite and so they move away from them.

b.    Green Herons

They attempt to look straight like tree branches. Blending themselves with the environment protect them from enemies.

5.     Body Structure

a.    Sharp Spines

Porcupines have arsenal for their protection. Their sharp spines ward off enemies from attacking them.

b.    Hard Shells

Turtles hide in their hard shells when attacked by enemies.

c.    Slippery Skin

Hito and eel protect themselves with slippery skin. Frogs also use their slippery skin to get rid of attackers.

d.    Pincers

Scorpions and centipedes have harmful pincers. They use these pincers when predator attack them.

e.    Horns

Cows, carabaos and tamaraws use their horn to protect themselves from enemies.

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Isabelle Sanchez 5 years ago

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