Archery: A visit to the Osthofentor-Museum, Soest, Germany

Photo-log by Nils Visser

A pictorial record of members of the Dutch Warbow Society Research Team visiting the Osthofentor-Museum in Soest, Germany, on the 15th of January 2012.

The Osthofentor-Museum has 26,000 crossbow quarrels on display (out of 37,000 found in the cellars of a church), dating from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. Besides admiring the display, we were also allowed to examine a number of the quarrels and ate a Bratwurst in town.

Today's intrepid explorers consisted of Magen Klomp, Frank Bruggemann, Nils Visser, Marcel Vankan and Erik Mesdag.

Please note, most these are my private pictures, not the offficial shots taken by Erik Mesdag.

So this is what 26,000 quarrels look like:

P.S. Main pictures of the crossbow bolts only? Scroll to bottom.


Inside the Museum

Inside the Tower

Wrong type of crossbow, this one is from a much later period.
Wrong type of crossbow, this one is from a much later period.

Bolts, bolts, bolts everywhere.

In Conclusion


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douggie 5 years ago

Excellent and very informative . Thank you..

phdast7 profile image

phdast7 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Terrific pictures. Next time maybe throw in a text capsule every 5-7 pictures and tell us a little about what we are seeing. Then it will be a Terrific Hub.

This is meant to be a friendly, helpful comment, because having seen one of your other Hubs, I know you are an incredible historical researcher.

Mj√∂llnir 5 years ago

Like it!! I wonder how it's possible these bolts are kept while iron was such a valueable material. And wood knows how to keep us warm.

Marcelleken 5 years ago

Nice pictures with tts of Detail...I canot wait until the full report is finished...

Nils Visser profile image

Nils Visser 5 years ago from The Low Countries Author

Mjollnir: It appears the munitions depot (for that was what it was) sort of disappeared into the crypt of a church when guns and gunpowder became the main militia armaments. After that, it was just plain forgotten.

Giovanni Albers 5 years ago

Started reading the english translation of Saracen Archery. A few things just amazes me everytime. Arrow heads with a triangular or square shaped form have been used everywhere where armour penetration was preferred. European or (near middle or far) eastern armourers knew so much alike. Sokething similar can be seen with sword/sabre/fencing tecniques... so many miles apart yet so close in similarity.... makes you wonder, doesn't it? Back to bolts, this hub etc... for a first impression and knowing you a little better than just this one article: ok this was the teaser...can't wait for the info shared with your storytelling abilities :-)

bobthewarbow 5 years ago

Awsome pics Nils. Never seen such a truckload of bolts together. Incredible find.

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