Basic Thai Conversation for Traveler

When you can speak Thai even just a little bit, you will see how Thai’s will be impressed by you (more than you think ^_^). Even though many Thai people in Bangkok can speak English, you might still want to speak Thai in many cities out of town. Learning Thai language will make you have more fun trip and be closer with Thai people. I hope this article will make you enjoy your life when you travel in my country.

Personal pronouns: basics

 Thai has many more personal pronouns than English; age, social status, gender, the relationship between the speakers, the formailty of the situation and individual personality all play a part in helping a Thai to decide the most appropriate way to refer to him/herself and address and refer to others in any situation.

As a startin g point for learners, the personal pronoun system can be simplified to the following:

Phom = I/me (Male)

Chan = I/me (female; informal)

Dichan= I/me (female;formal)

Rw = we/us

Khun = you (sing. and plur.)

Khaw = he/him; she/her; they/them

Man = it

Basic Expressions

Hello = Sa-wat-dee

Goodbye = La-gorn

Excuse me! = Kor-toet

Thank you = Korp-kunh

Your're welcome = Mai-pen-rai

Where's the restroom = Hohng-nam-pi-tarng-ni

I don't understand = Mi-kou-jai

Do you speak English? = Kuhn-poot-par-sar-ahang-griht-die-mi

Making Friends

How are you? = Sa-bai-dee-mai?

Fine = Sah-bie dee

Thanks = Korp-kuhn

What's your name? = Kuhn-chuee ah-rai

My name is....= Pom (Chan) Chuee.....

Nice to meet you = Yin-dee-tee-dai-roo-jahk

Where are you from? = Kuhn-mar-jark-ni

I come from Canada (etc.) = Pom (Chan) mar-jark Kaa-na-da

Eating out

A menu, please.= Kor me-noo nohy

What do you recommend?= Mee ah-ri na-nahm barng

I’d like a local beer.= Pom (m)/Chan (F) kor bea ti 

A coffee, please. = Kor gar-fae nueng tee

A tea, please.= Kor char nueng tee

The check (bill), please. = Chehk bihn doary

Is service included? = Roarm kar bor-rih-garn lawe rue yahng


Where’s the market?= Dtah-lart yoo tee-ni 

Where’s the mall (shopping centre)?=Soon-garn-kar yoo tee-ni 

 I’m just looking.= Pom(M)/Chan(F) kae doo choey-choey

Can you help me?=Choary Pom(M)/Chan(F) noi di mi

How much? = Tou-ri

That’s all. =Kae nee la

Where can I pay?=Jie Tang die tee-ni

A receipt, please. Kor bi-seht doary

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Joey Rozaldo 6 years ago

sawadee.... i like the video, but it's so faint.... but i like it.... haha.... now i have a thai word here....

Ladda Boonmee profile image

Ladda Boonmee 6 years ago from Thailand Author

Sawasdee ka! Thank you for your comment ka. I will make it better when I have a chance ^_^

ica paz 5 years ago

sawadee kha...!thanks for this helped me a lot in my homework...>>

Ladda Boonmee profile image

Ladda Boonmee 5 years ago from Thailand Author

Sawasdee ka ica paz,

Thank you for your comment ka and I'm glad to know it can help you for your homework :)

gean 5 years ago

wow...thanks for teach us your idiom...I like to much o thai... and I'll learn thai for visit your country....brazilll..

Ladda Boonmee profile image

Ladda Boonmee 5 years ago from Thailand Author

Hi gean,

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad to know it is helping you. Hope you enjoy Thailand :)

pb 4 years ago

I like this that you give all more. thank you

Tiger 4 years ago

Thanks for the easy yet simple conversation lesson.

Ladda Boonmee profile image

Ladda Boonmee 3 years ago from Thailand Author

Thank you for reading my hub! Hope you have a great time in Thailand :)

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