Buying land in the Philippines

Buyer Beware

      Buying land in the Philippines at the right price is not as easy as it seems.In all likely-hood you will be severely over-charged for a worthless piece of dirt while making someone a small fortune. Is it possible to avoid all the pitfalls when buying your dream lot? Yes it is and I will show you how.

       Firstly, if you want the perfect piece of land on a beach surrounded by swaying palms, remember this-- Filipinos don't want to live at the beach, they want to live in a town or the city. But they know you want to so they are going to come at you hard and heavy. Really they are trying to sell you something they don't really want to build on so don't be afraid to knock their intial price by at least 50%.

        Secondly the land behind the beach is usually farmland and about 80% cheaper. So by forgoing the view and for the sake of a five minute walk you can save a fortune. The walk wont kill you or your wallet. My wife and I took this option and still cant believe how cheap we bought our lot. Initially we looked at a 2000 sq metre lot with ocean views in southern Cebu for 5 million pesos. We ended up with a 3600 sq metre lot 5 minutes away for 70,000 pesos.

          Mind you it took about one year and a lot of patience but we saved an absolute fortune. Our secret was that my wife and her family looked at every piece of land for sale and let it be known that we were in the market but also that we weren't prepared to pay a lot for it. About eleven months after our search began we were approached by a man who was in financial troubles and desperate for cash. He needed 70,000 pesos and 2 days later the land was ours.

          Today our land is a small product farm providing a good income for my in-laws and after we finish building them a new house we will begin on our dream home. We are 10 minutes from town and 5 minutes from the beach.

            I hope this foray into Phiippines real estate will give you some insight and if i can help you just drop me a line. 

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Marc 5 years ago

This is very interesting because I have been looking at the price of land and have not been able to figure out why land is almost as expensive as in Australia considering the difference in the 2 economies and the affordability factor of the average person in the Phils. What you say in this article makes a lot of sense. How would I then find cheap land in Cebu and where would I start looking?


kim 4 years ago

my husband wants to buy a piece of land in phil,hopefully we can get as cheap like u mention.thanks for in info,atleast we hav idea..;)

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Ozpete1960 4 years ago

My wife's family are in Aloguinsan. We are thinking we would like to build a house on land near there for them to live in and us to stay when we visit. Are you in Barili, or did you build in Barili? We went through there about 3 weeks ago. We are now back in Australia.

Michael Alliman profile image

Michael Alliman 4 years ago

looking for property in cebu but live in the usa now and married to filipina, any advice for where to search from here

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DessH 3 years ago

if you ever come up with 1+ hectares With beach front & farm land within 5-10m jeepnie ride to city Please let me know.

cebu, cagayan de oro, iligan city or bohol. Might consider other places also.

Provinces are fine. Would love to be able to fish & have farm.

Adam Taj Hassam profile image

Adam Taj Hassam 2 years ago from North Vancouver, British Columbia

Hello all :) please drop me a line, as i am in the market of preparing something along the lines of finding land for affordable price .. I'm open to other good areas of options :)

Leroy Fodor profile image

Leroy Fodor 2 years ago from Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte

Ok I live in the Philippines and have Land for sale at the present, Let me help you.

First NEVER and I mean NEVER use a broker to purchase land. The brokers here add whatever they feel onto the owners asking price to fill their pocket with as much money as the seller does. So if it has a broker, tell the broker you want to negotiate directly with the land owner.

Second do not let them know a foreigner is involved unless you have no choice. Once Filipinos know a foreigner is involved, they triple the price of the land.

When buying agriculture land MAKE SURE there is no tenant, if they say no tenant but we have a care taker WALK AWAY, tenants and caretakers have more rights to the agriculture land they work than the owners do, and to have them stop working is a task that must go thru the government and you will have to pay them for them to leave your new land.

Titles are far and few where the best deals are, having a title is not always important, the important thing is a deed of sale, affidavit of sale and one thing you must absolutely make sure of is the taxes are paid. Taxes being paid is way more important than a title.

We have land for sale at a great price where we are if anyone is really intersted in a true deal, you can deal with me directly on our land.

Grace Carmen 2 years ago

hi looking for a buyer, beachfront 17hectares..400 per sqm in quezon..plz message me if you are

roy 2 years ago

..attention buyer:

if you plan of buying farm lands in philippines

we have what you are looking for..


we are located in a peaceful community in

central mindanao philippines

province of bukidnon

Municipality of Don carlos

9 hectares of farm land

good for sugar canes

banana plantation

pineapple plantation

or any

price per hectare is around 300,000.00(negotiable)

contact number:09086747124

Dave 2 years ago

Great advice!

ross 2 months ago

enjoyed reading all

iulian 2 months ago

Thx for the advice, very insightful.


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