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Kawasan falls
Kawasan falls
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Baywalk Manila Sunset

Christmas season is fast approaching. In fact, I could already hear Christmas carols and lively Christmas songs being played in the malls. The atmosphere, too, has now started to have the ambience of Christmas.

With the holidays coming, I am sure there would be many of you who would again want to travel and spend some time for vacation in other countries, including the Philippines. For those of you who are planning to visit the Philippines, I would like to share with you some helpful words which you could use while you're here and enjoying your stay.

There are a lot of beautiful tourist spots in the Philippines. You could go to beaches, go mountain climbing, or just see beautiful sceneries that are refreshing to the eyes and minds. It would also help greatly for you to enjoy and have more fun if you know some of the basics of the Filipino language and one of its major dialects.

English words translated to Filipino and Cebuano

Here are some English words and their translation in Filipino and Cebuano.

English --------------------------- Filipino-----------------------------Cebuano

No -----------------------------------Huwag ------------------------------Ayaw

Yes ----------------------------------Oo ----------------------------------Oo



Eye/eyes--------------------- Mata/mga mata---------------------------Mata/mga mata




Hand/hands-------------------------Kamay-------------------------------Kamot/mga kamot

Foot/Feet----------------------------Paa/mga paa-----------------------tiil/mga tiil












Thank you----------------------------Salamat------------------------------Salamat

Thank you very much------------Maraming salamat--------------daghang salamat



















These are only a handful of the words commonly used in the Visayas and some other regions in the Philippines. If you want to learn more, you can get hold of a dictionary. But I do hope this list of words will help you a little bit to learn some common words of Filipinos in some regions of the Philippines.

English phrases translated to Filipino and Cebuano

Here are some English phrases translated into Filipino and Cebuano.

1. English: black shoes

Filipino: itim na sapatos

Cebuano: itom nga sapatos

2. English: white color

Filipino: putting kulay/ kulay puti

Cebuano: puti ug kolor/kolor puti

3. English: big coconut

Filipino: malaking niyog

Cebuano: dakong lubi

4. English: happy girl

Filipino: masayang babae

Cebuano: malipayong babaye

5. English: sometimes happy sometimes sad

Filipino: minsan masaya minsan malungkot

Cebuano: usahay malipayon usahay magul-anon

English sentences translated to Filipino and Cebuano

1. English: Don't be sad. Be happy.

Filipino: Huwag kang malungkot. Maging masaya ka.

Cebuano: Ayaw kaguol. Magmalipayon ka.

2. English: I will buy coconut tomorrow.

Filipino: Bibili ako bukas ng niyog.

Cebuano: Palit ko ugma ug lubi.

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Comments 43 comments

yuri 7 years ago

you said "black shoes"

dapat "itim na sapatos"

rohankiss profile image

rohankiss 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Yuri,

Yeah. You're right. That was a mistake. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

ressa 6 years ago

guys please wat is the bisaya translation of confession?hrep:(

rohankiss profile image

rohankiss 6 years ago from Philippines Author

confession is "kumpisal" in bisaya

Alex 6 years ago

What is 'pitumpu't pitong putting tupa' in bisaya?

dha 6 years ago

pwde b add k p ng ibang sentences,,,, nid lng...tnx

rejean 6 years ago

..please add more..

..because students usually used it..


Bisdaktionary 6 years ago

Our website has a growing list of Bisaya words translated to English. Please visit for your daily dose of Bisaya words.

jamesallan 6 years ago

pare dili ka balo kong unsa ang bisaya hahhahahha

Bernard Moses 6 years ago

I have a question. Is there any resource for translating the shorthand language used by cell phoners and emailers?

I am an American and I cannot read some messages and mail which I receive from Philipinas. Is there a website which I may go to for help?

Thank you for your help.

Bernard Moses

choymcs 6 years ago

setentay syeteng putting tupa...seventy-seven white sheeps.

jing 6 years ago

can i ask what is the cebuano translation of the sentence below:

sana mahanap ko na ang tamang lalaki na magmamahal sa akin ng tapat.

daghan salamat

rosita 6 years ago

eow powhz

JOPZ 6 years ago

What is 'pitumpu't pitong putting tupa' in bisaya?


setentay siete ka puti na karnero.. i guess.. hehe

JOPZ 6 years ago


can i ask what is the cebuano translation of the sentence below:

"sana mahanap ko na ang tamang lalaki na magmamahal sa akin ng tapat."


Unta or Hina-ut makit-an na nako ang lalake na tinuoray na maghigugma kanako.

che 5 years ago

what is "wala kay buot" in english

zara 5 years ago

kabayo :pp

Jay nezkie 5 years ago

anu ang mother sa hiligaynon

tatz 5 years ago

please add more words.... like the translation of places... where to go,what to do.....moremoremore pls.

zechariah 5 years ago

pakidagdagan naman po sa that i can be able to learn cebuano language online..thank you.

unknown person :)) 5 years ago

what does this mean? please translate.. thanks :)

jason 5 years ago

enge nmn ng site para sa translator kung meron

Yarhi 4 years ago

can you tell me what these words mean? Tawn and Mahuman

dad 4 years ago

indot jud lage kung kabalo mo mobisaya.hehehe

ylrek08cer 4 years ago

i think you mean was a TAAWUN AND MAHUMAN

TAAWUN - watching

MAHUMAN - finish

that's the meaning of the two words.


francis 4 years ago

can you please translate this sentence or words to tagalog or english.. tnx

Gisapot ko!

ugsa ayaw pg sinamok.

bisaya man ko! 4 years ago

Maka bisaya mo tanan? hehehe

john 4 years ago

wara iyam pagawas ako pakilaong na sa mandaluyong pls translate

kat 4 years ago

sge manka pa cute nako ndhay...patobel ka dhay?

-pakitranslate naman po.thanks

profile image

ignugent17 4 years ago

Thanks rohankiss! This is a very good hub for those who are starting to learn the language.

anonymous 4 years ago

unsa'y bisaya sa running by (river)

profile image

soncen 4 years ago

ito ang sagot nu'ng nagtatanong!!!

sana mahanap ko na ang tamang lalake na magmamahal sa akin ng tapat!

hinaut unta nga hikaplagan ko na ang tukma'ng lalake nga mahigugma kanako sa tinud-anay!

profile image

soncen 4 years ago

pitumpu't pitong puti'ng tupa

the translation in Bisaya is

kapito-an ug pito ka bo-ok buluk-puti'ng cordero

conscern 2months ago 4 years ago

kung sawa kana sa paligid mung sobrang ingay,bakit dimo subukan sa puso ko at manahimik habang buhay,kim perez

dennis bigonia 3 years ago

daghang salamat sa imong lahat tma poh b? kx cebuana misis qoh?

RAIN 2 years ago

ano po yung translation nito sa cebuano:

mahal na mahal kita sana magtagal pa tayo at hindi magsawa sa isat isa mahal ko..

ganda ko 2 years ago

please ung matino pero thanks nakatulong konti

Johne845 2 years ago

Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful information specially the last part ddddebbdkgge

lyka 2 years ago

2ruan nyo ako mgcebuano

darren espant 2 years ago


jhun 2 years ago

Helo po

mc 21 months ago

anu po tagalog ng " TAK AN NAGID KO SIMO"?

soncen 17 months ago

Color in Bisaya dialect is Bulok

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