Did We Already Dodge The Bullet of 12/21/2010?

Mayan Calendar
Mayan Calendar | Source

I have been preaching about the inaccuracy of history for years now, claiming that our history—or anyone’s history—is only as accurate as the people writing it down or translating it. History is often the product of someone’s idea of what they thought they were experiencing, or a blatant lie to protect the guilty and not necessarily what actually took place.

The same can be said of today’s true date. Our date is based upon the Gregorian calendar, which has been altered so many times by so many people that it’s a wonder anyone knows where they truly are in time and space. We have as guides, the Mayan Calendar, the Julian Calendar, the Farmer’s Almanac Calendar, the Astrological Calendar, the Gregorian Calendar, The Jewish Calendar etc… which one is correct? What Day is it, really?

Some scholars believe that our current calendar is based on calculations surrounding Christian beliefs – year one being the year Christ was born; therefore it has been 2011 years since the birth of Christ. However, others insist that Christ was actually born in -4 BC indicating that Christ was really born 2015 years ago. According to the Jewish calendar the current year is 5771.

As long as we all agree on a date, there shouldn’t be a problem, right? Not unless one wanted to calculate the exact date of the “BIG UNKNOWN EVENT,” more commonly known as 12/21/2012.

According to astrologer, Victoria Peltz the world calendar might be off two years based on the shifting from the use of the Julian Calendar to our present Gregorian Calendar, making December 21, 2010 the date of reckoning. I don’t know about all of you, but I didn’t feel or hear of the world coming an end a few days ago.

But this is what did happen on the Winter Solstice, 12/21/2010: A powerful lunar eclipse took place that lasted over an hour, which won’t happen again for another 36 years. (When I woke up that morning at 7:15 am I noticed that it was still very dark—much darker than normal for this time of the year.) At the Tropic of Cancer, which runs through the town of Todo Santos in Baja California, the moon was at its zenith (straight up) during the total eclipse. This is a once in a thousand year event. The sunrise on that day was also perfectly aligned with our Galactic Center, which is a very rare event, as well. Not only was the sunrise aligned with the Galactic Center, but so were the moon, sun, and the Earth. This was the forecasted line up that was to take place on 12/21/2012, which was predicted to cause havoc on our planet. Oh, and one more thing that happened on this date, my cousin Debbie had her birthday!

So stop worrying about December 21, 2012. We just went through what the Mayans predicted would happen, and we’re still here to talk about it, so it wasn’t such a big deal—much like the predicted world collapse of our computer systems at 2000.

The next time someone asks you what the date is, be truthful and answer, “I have no idea!”

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OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago

No one knows where is the gallactic center

I also think that it is very interesting that in history we can go back and change BC which never esixted as BC, and thne it was inserted to become AD.

And if you are going to count from the beginning of time, there are many places that can be the start.

The time to start in reality is when we first attempted to record history in realtime.

Christine B. profile image

Christine B. 6 years ago from Medina, Ohio Author

Well, none of these calculations are mine, Duck so I'm not offended. I'm just passing along a thought. Regarding your last sentence, so what year is it?

DzyMsLizzy profile image

DzyMsLizzy 6 years ago from Oakley, CA

Ah--so THAT's why we lost a day this week, thinking yesterday was Tuesday, and now today is Thursday! ;-)

We thought maybe the Interantional Date Line got moved. LOL

Yes, the full moon and total eclipse both occurring on the Winter Solstice is a once every 5 centuries event.

So it's not once in a lifetime--it's once in about every 20 generations (using the geneaology protocol of considering a generation as being 25 years--the average time period for the following generation to be born).

I never put much stock into ANY kind of doomsday predictions. Various belief systems have been predicting the end of the world for centuries. When will they learn? It hasn't happened yet, they've been wrong every time, and they will continue to be wrong because it's an un-knowable (is that a word??) parameter.

It will happen when it happens, and there won't be a doggoned thing anyone can do to either ward it off or "prepare" for it. Just live your life, and ignore such prognostications!

Carpe Diem!

Christine B. profile image

Christine B. 6 years ago from Medina, Ohio Author

I agree 100%--Worrying about it won't change it, so WHY WORRY? :o)

Christine B. profile image

Christine B. 6 years ago from Medina, Ohio Author

I agree 100%--Worrying about it won't change it, so WHY WORRY? :o)

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago


That is the problem, no one really knows when time was recorded for history.

I guess that the practical answer is anything before AD really doesn't matter. Although, I don't think that it was really necessary to create the AD timeline.

Because in using the AD it would only be meaningful if we could trace the time back to Adam and Eve. without that direct and precise time, AD is not relevant.

I do apologize for going off on a tangent from the topic of your hub, I agree with you on your conclusion.


David 6 years ago

Remember that history is written by the victors. It is very rare to find anything from the other side.

Christine B. profile image

Christine B. 6 years ago from Medina, Ohio Author

That's correct, so naturally all history has been elaborated upon in one way or the other. It just can't be trusted! :o)

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