Dravidian Architecture

Introduction to Dravidian Architecture

Dravidian Architecture is an Architectural style of South India, which evolved around 6th century A.D. and developed for about 10 centuries. This style has produced number of magnificient buildings. This growth had been patronised by various dynasties, that ruled this region. Architectural Historian sub divide the period of Dravidian Architectural growth into 1. Pallava Period, 2. Chola Period, 3. Pandava Period, 4. Vijayanagara Period and 5. Nayakkar Period.

Pallava period provided us with several buildings to earky stage of the development of this style. Earliest ones are rock-cut temples. Later tha temples carved in one stone and in the later stages, the construted temples. Pallavas introduced the technique of building in stone into Tamilnadu.

An Internal View of the Kancheepuram Kailasanathar Temple
An Internal View of the Kancheepuram Kailasanathar Temple
An early Dravidian Column from Mamallapuram
An early Dravidian Column from Mamallapuram

Chola Period

Period of Chola domination was the golden age for Dravidian Architecture. Under the rule of great kings Rajaraja and his son Rajendra Chola, arhitectural activities got unprecedented royal patronage and the temples built during this period include large ones such as Grate Temple of Thanjavur.

A View of the Great Tower on the sanctuary of the Thajavur Temple
A View of the Great Tower on the sanctuary of the Thajavur Temple

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