Dream Interpretations - Aggressive Dreams

Sometimes dreams can teach us more about ourselves, and you will find in 99% of dreams that there is some kind of reason to why you might be dreaming about a particular subject or topic. Dreams vary from person to person, and we all remember different amounts of our dreams and have different ideas to what they might mean and why we dreamt them. Agressive dreams are usually the worst type of dream, and the majority of people who suffer from them do not know why it is that they are having aggressive dreams. You could be the most subdude person in reality but a crazy monster who is always agressive in your dreams.

Agressive Dreams

In many cases aggressive dreams are dreamt almost as a compensation for inner feelings of inferiority or sometimes weaknesses. Someone who feels that they are less fortunate for a certain reason, e.g. - they suffer from spots, they are being bullied, disabled etc.... this would possibly cause to suffer from these types of dreams. However the majority of us do feel hard done by in one way or another throughout life and therefore it can be considered as normal to have aggressive dreams. Another thing that pays a big contribution to these types of dreams is how ambitious a person might be. People that want to be the best in everything that they do, who are very competitive and must never fail are also likely to have agressive dreams. By setting personal standards that are too high, a person may be aiming to achieve the impossible. Sometimes this is a case that they feel frustration in real life, and through dreaming is a way to let the aggression out in private. . Paranoia can also play a big part. People who suffer from paranoia report more aggressive dreams than those that do not.

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